Beagle in the City #175

Ethan: Hey! We walked almost three miles  in the rain,weighted down with a vest and ankle weights.  You  are a great encourager. 

Simon: You are a terrible listener! I was trying to tell you it was raining! I could have drowned! 

Ethan: Well, I did have these blisters on my ankles. Look at all that blood. 

Simon: You should just lick that and put some dirt on it. You’ll walk again.  Hey what’s that smell? Is that soup? 

Ethan: Greens minestrone. It’s pretty amazing. You want some broccoli?

Simon: I don’t eat green th- this is delicious! Just put some in my bowl dad. It’s ok, mom never has to know. 

Beagle in the City #174

(Power flickers…goes off)

Simon: Dad. Dad. Daaaaaaad.

Ethan: This is becoming a regular event. They should sell tickets. 

Simon: What happened to my show! It went away. 

Ethan: Don’t look now, you won’t see anything, but the power went out. 

Simon: I don’t see anything. 

Ethan: I know, I just said…

Simon: It’s dark. 

Ethan: That’s because the power went out.

Simon: Well make it come back. What is power anyway. 

Ethan: It’s probably those creatures from that movie we watched last night…what was it? What was it?

Simon: (under the table) Hey if it’s ok. I’ll wait here and you go ask about the power.

Ethan: The Great Wall! Man that was driving me crazy. 

Ethan: Hey we can just read IT instead. 

Simon: I want to go to grandmas. 

Beagle in the City #173

Simon: Dear doggie journal. Today, was the best day. I got a new collar. A blue collar. It doesn’t hold dirt, smells, or sweat. Which was beginning to be a problem.

Ethan: Ok let’s put your name tag back so I know your name …(snaps fingers) …what’s your name?

Simon: It’s Simon,dad! It says it right there on my clothes. See? SIMON. 

Beagle in the City #172

Simon: I just don’t understand why they like staring at colours blowing up in the sky…are they on drugs?

Ethan: No no…well…most of them aren’t but they are probably drunk. Especially the guy that shot one at us while we were walking.

Simon: what are we eating? Hot dogs!

Ethan: Even better. Chicken, with mashed sweet potatoes and honey glazed peaches with spinach.

Simon: Do you even BBQ, dad?

Beagle in the City #170

Simon: (on phone) Hey dad! How is the work?

Ethan: Hey man. It’s ok.

Simon: What are we going to do today?

Ethan: I- I don’t know, I guess walk? What’s wrong?

Simon: Nothing. I was just checking on my best friend. You’ve been at the work for days. 

Ethan: It’s only been three hours. What are you doing?

Simon: I’m waiting on the mailman. I’m expecting a very important parcel. 

Ethan: Well, I’ll be home soon. 

Simon: and then we can play stick! 

Ethan: but you have to help me clean and cook. Promise?

Simon: Sure dad. 

Simon: Hey dad?

Ethan: Yeah?

Simon: How important were those nachos on top of the counter, behind the coffee pot?

Ethan: Pretty important.

Simon: Oh, you probably should bring some more home then.