Beagle in the City #186

Simon: Dad! Wake up! Happy Birthday!! 

Ethan: What? It’s 5am! 

Simon: Hey, are you two now?

Ethan: No…I’m a minute older than two. 

Simon: Wow. That’s amazing. We are friends for life. Right?

Ethan: Yeah I think so?

Simon: Today, I have a schedule for  Your birthday. Let’s play Plates! 

Ethan: it’s not plates. It’s frisbee. 

Simon: That’s a stupid name for a plate. And Why can’t I catch the other plates? Why can’t we put food in it. I have too many questions. 

Ethan: It’s frisbee. 

Simon: Plates. 

Ethan: I need coffee…


Beagle in the City #185

Simon: Your Birthday is Wednesday dad. How do you feel? Can you feel it coming? You’re going to age seven years. Anything getting harder? How’s the stairs treating you? Should we start taking the ramp? 

Ethan: Simon, I thought you had a present for me?

Simon: Oh yeah! It’s under the covers, let me under…its down here somewhere…(lays down)

Ethan: Liar. 

Beagle in the City #182

Hey guys, it’s me and Simon again. 

I realize I’m really lucky. I have this great rescue dog and he’s a real bonehead. And a part of my family. 

I can’t imagine not having him.

But right now, as you know,  countless people are displaced because of hurricane Harvey. 

And a lot of them left their pets behind.

Some were even chained outside…

To donate here’s what you want to know. You can donate directly allowing local shelters to purchase exactly what they need. 

And you can donate to relief organizations like the humane society …

And you can even adopt or foster some of these rescued…

Anything, even the smallest thing, helps so greatly. 

Thank you. 

The humane society
Houston SPCA
SPCA of Texas
For more info 

On how to volunteer 

And more Go here

Beagle in the City #181

Simon: Hey dad. So, how was the work? 

Ethan: you know, it was good. It wasn’t bad at all. How was your day?

Simon: I’m glad you asked that. You know what would be good for this story? A peanut butter and strawberry banana sandwich.

Ethan: I thought we had that for lunch, I came home, we shared a sandwich…

Simon: Then we should have another!

Beagle in the City #180

Ethan : Simon,we’re  back from vacation! Did you have a good time at grandmas? 

Simon: What? Who are you? 

Ethan: It’s ME your best friend. Come on man don’t be like this. 

Simon: Grandmother, I don’t know these peasants, remove them from my presence immediately. 

Ethan: Dude, I saw a dolphin. A real dolphin. 

Simon: I don’t care about fishes. . . So what’s the big bath like anyway. 

Ethan: That’s the ocean.  See, I knew you would come around. 

Simon: Well, let me remind you of a little film called Homeward Bound. I thought I was going to have to go into the forest and find you. 

Ethan: That’s just a movie.

Simon: The greatest documentary ever made, dad.