Sketches from the heart of this wasteland

Oh where have

You been?

April your lips I have found

Your whispering voice

Echoes through the emptying streets

Of this town

Your shifting feet

Echoes through these trees


And I saw

I saw it all fall

The world that we built

All that we had invested

Burned right in front of us

Is it enough

To keep us warm

When the winter comes?

How many ?

How many ?


The Joker dances in the streets

The street worker moves to the internet

The trees let go of all that they are holding

The grass grows

And it doesn’t consider us

The ocean crashes in

Whether or not I’m there to perceive it


And I wonder


They build their guns

They build their ships

They scheme their games

Building us up

Just to cut us down


Will our blood flood the empty streets

Whether we hold our breath

And pray for the rain ….

Will you even remember my name


Hurl your banners

Your worst fear


You’re here

Now tell me my worth

Tell me my name

I’ve tasted your lips

Now show me the cards

Tell me your name….

Tell me the prophecy

Tell me

Who sketches the heart of this wasteland


And in the valley

In kitchen

In the mountains

In hospital bed

In the living room

The rich

And the fallen

The guilty

The innocent

April turns her face

And we all hide our tears from this place ….


Watch the sun

As it fades from the sky

This final time

And I keep meaning

To gather these good intentions

Set them to flame

You know your light shines brightest in the night

Do you believe it?

You and me

Are we essential?

Took the rebel stand

The sky is broken

All the people

Once it hits

It’s all of those of us

That you never cared about

Watch us hit the ground

Try to find the face in the crowd

Take what you need

Are we one

We rise we fall

Like it or not

We are in this together

Things that don’t suck

When you’re Stuck inside

You can feel lonely

But you’re not alone

Here’s a list of things that don’t suck

When the universe is calling us to unplug and slow down

Reminding us what is important

Things that don’t suck

Hand written letters







Making out



Reading together


Sitting in the sun with your cat


You and I


Sharing space

Walking together


Someone said there are years that make us

And there are years that break us

There are years that ask questions

And there are years that answer


Maybe we are still waiting




I’m simply listening


To the sound your heart makes

When it is happy

When it is at peace

To the sound your thoughts make

The rooms they paint you

When you are at peace


The water looks troubled

But all the dark things

Move in it’s deep

We all have those waters

And if the earth can calm itself

So can I

So must I

So shall I




Feel this rain

Here in

The in-between

Shed these clothes

All of these


These expectations

Taste your skin

Your lips again

Legs over my shoulders

Memorize your body

I can still taste your lips


Her eyes

Burn right through me

Her lips

Pull me

Back to her bed

I went down

To her alter

She’s the only God I’ll ever need

Burn right through these expectations

We have all night

Here in these storms

This lightning

This rain

This sweat

Our flame

I’ll stay here

memorize your body

Until you come apart

Until you come

Bleeding Ink 1,383

I could shake

I could rattle these chains

I could tell you


Is about to change

I shaved my face

I cut my hair

I swore I wouldn’t walk over there


Cut to the grave

No angels

Out here

In the battlefield

And the poets

Say we’re standing tall

Remember when we knew it all


I could shake

I could rattle these chains

I could —

Or we could—

Run all night

Try to remember

How we—

What if we could…



Rattle these chains

Talk about the change

In angels we believe

Cut to our knees in the grave

Poets say we’re standing tall

We could

What if we could

We could

What if we could

Bleeding ink #1382

It feels like everything is interstate madness


Not entirely out of control

But fast,

Fast decisions

Fast returns

While the construction is going on


I think about the lives we live

My divorce

Other people’s lives

The impeachment

The loss of Kobe Bryant

Everything is sudden

And all at once

Cycles are finishing


New beginnings


What is the dream?

How are you going to reach it?

What are you doing to get there?

Do you know how long it will take?

Time is an illusion anyway

Work on the dream

Love your people

Leave a legacy


a Legend

Nothing is guaranteed.

Leave people

And places

Better than you found them.