Bleeding Ink #1,107

I love that 

I get to come home 


pile up 


take naps 


Watch  the Golden Girls 

With the woman I love 


Bleeding Ink #1067

It’s national poetry month 

Everyone gets so nervous about it being the first of April

Don’t make jokes about suicide 





And all of that is very true 


I get excited about poetry …

About writing 30 for 30 

A poem a day 

About looking again

At the past 

And what inspires me 

To make this a safe space 

An encouraging space 

An escape 

And opening the door for literature 

And excitement 

And poetry

I honestly do not know 

How much fun was made today 

Reality lately has been so much weirder than fiction 

And what we see is not what we heard 

And everyone is speaking in subtitles written with Rose Art by Klingons…

And you know that shit crumbles right off the page 

It is unreliable 


I want to encourage you 

To keep your voice 


When you remain calm 

Even a sentence or a gesture 

Is a hurricane. 

Knowledge is power. 

We used to burn people for looking to the stars. 

Now we measure their distance.

Their light. 

And we study  gravitational waves. 

When turbulence was an issue 

We found a way to fly above the weather


To move forward this month

And this year


We can’t look back 

We are not going that way. 

This first poem in the 30 for 30 

Is for you. 

Bleeding Ink #1063

He was already against the next war 

He had his signs drying in the sun 

“No more war”

They said, in red and black 

No more war…

He walked out into the street 

The sun was hot 

Burning his hands 

He had his gas mask 

His sunglasses 

And his face wrapped 

The dust 

Covered everything

It hadn’t rained for months 

And there was no one left 

To read his sign 

He was already against the next war…

one war too late 

Bleeding Ink #1057

Maybe I’m a fool 

To surrender in your wake 

We all get what we deserve 

Does it matter anyway?

Do you remember how we got here?

This house where we loved 

Where we touched 

Where we discovered what we hate-

Now it’s just as empty as my thoughts-

-Your eyes when you look away

Echo coming 

Or is it morning rain?

How many days passed while I

stared into this screen

Internet to the palm 

Power in the pocket 

Do we surrender in the wake

Old ghosts 


Listen to what they say…

We’ve all been here 

We’ve all been here 

We’ve all been this empty before

Remember when we knew how much we could take? 

Give me enough to stand


Enough to wait

Maybe I’m a fool to surrender in your wake 

Bleeding Ink #1053

Watch the water 

Fill these rooms 

The cities 

The sunrise 

Pass the past 

The years gone by 

The words I’ve written 

Laid out to die 

Life and death 
Come hand in hand 

Mixed with all the other sands

You will find 

the extraordinary 

With the familiar 

A few feet from your room 

There she lies 

The erotic 

The unseen 

The new 


The familiar 

The illusion 
Of what we have here 

Folded between 

The lie of certainty 

Life and death 

Come hand in hand 

With all the other sands 

We didn’t die suddenly 

We died slowly 

Breakfast to lunch-

Day by day-

Little by little-

Until the hours turned to minutes-

And we were left with the check-

Try to leave it all behind 

All the less 

All the truth 

All the shadows 

All we leave behind 

The rooms filling with water 

Let it be enough 

What kind of writer 

Am I?

What kind of lover?

What kind of human ?

Cover to cover 

Change will come to you 

It’s just outside the room