Bleeding Ink #1196


Bleeding Ink #1,180

There in the Christmas lights

Under that cold night

He understood

How rare a thing

like Love was .

He understood,

How brief

Life truly was…

Maybe it was as fast as an autumn in Alabama

And maybe most people’s lives were like a leaf in the wind

There and then cast away somewhere

Who knows where?



Yet most people

It seemed

Lived a quiet torture

A held breath

And they carried so much weight

Like someone

Who really wanted a cigarette after sex

And another who couldn’t even remember much less care

When the last time

They didn’t sleep alone was

People seemed to live



And get replaced

By another body –

And he understood

How rare

It was –

To be happy

And to be healthy


In love

Black Weather Sunshine

Tie your caution up

Hand it over to your nightmare

The one where they

never hear you scream

you can always find

The full moon

Behind her eyes

Like the black weather sunshine

daughter of the devil

The mark on the inside of her thigh

And you could leave

Leave this world

While you were inside

Should I be here?

We would’ve found

Each other

Even if we reached

From the outside

Escape, the sameness,

Even on the coldest nights

She’s blue flame

In my veins

Tongue tied

between her thighs

Bleeding Ink #1,178

Tongue tied

It’s always something

We did

The earth shakes

It’s always something

They did

Life is fleeting

Is this worth it

In the end

Big checks

With numbers

To the zip codes

Run as deep as the roots

As deep as belief

Who controls the increase

When I walked you home

We kissed as the train passed

Now it’s stalled on the tracks

Whatever they say

Whatever they say

Let the storm pass

It’s their last breath

Hold your breath

It’s getting harder to breathe

Whatever they say

Whatever they do

Whatever we are

We are here