Bleeding Ink 1,517

What’s in a name? Why are words important?

Look at us here in this time?

Why do I fight so hard for what I believe in?

Born a preemie. They did not think I was going to make it. I’ve been fighting just to be here. Ever since I was born.

I know life seems dark.
And confused right now.
But let me just say.
We can reach across these walls
We can look across our town
We can breathe
I can still see you
Oh I still see you
I think what it must be just to kiss you.
Just to pull you close and feel you breathe
What a revelation
Caught in the revolution
We didn’t think about anything else
But maybe two hearts are better than one
And we can still reach across these walls
We can try
And what a revelation
A heart can still break
And we can still be selfish
We can still be naive
We can still grow up
We have to keep the faith
We have to keep living
We’ve lived and died for degrees
War and peace
Isn’t it time
We picked ourselves ?
We give art
And passion
A chance?
I think my eyes would find you
Across any room
They say the days are dark
But they just haven’t reached across those walls

It’s time we know how it feels

Wrap your arms around me

You can rest in me tonight

Bleeding Ink #1,499

Coming in hot


It’s about to get even hotter

Fuck depression

I’m done with those sessions

Sitting around whining about the times

And your exes

Try to resuscitate the past

Brings you in last

Mars enters Aries

Shot the Kennedy’s

Feel the energy


Iran Contra

This is OUR time your time

History in the making

You can try to deny it

But trust me

You won’t write it

You make the rhyme

You think I care what you think?

My family is proud of me


Blood on the steps

I’ve been climbing for centuries

I’m not stopping now

It’s a long way down

I’m not backing down

You’ve got issues

That’s not news

We all have blues

Shake them awake

If they’re still alive

You can’t break my stride

I’m here to win

Fire in my eyes

Freestyle and I’m just beginning

Bleeding Ink #1,477

Some years ask questions

Some years ask for sacrifice

Hold on now, the truth is coming in


Like the tide now,

Some water is deeper

Some hearts are stone

Sunlight is easy

When it’s on her face

Sometimes your city

Burns before your eyes


Some years ask questions

There’s a kid with batteries

He’s playing Star Trek

Red on black

Black on gold

He doesn’t know he’s poor

He just knows he’s happy

When the sun goes down


I’ve carried this darkness

Since before my father died

I was there that night

I read his old letters

I cast his demons aside

Some questions get answered

Some you just have to lay down


I still see this darkness

I know it will take me

It’s just a matter of when

Some things I won’t understand

But we all are running out of time

I just keep laying words down


They said they found him

With two shotgun shells

Some things are too too heavy

I stood there asking

Was it the darkness

Or was it his heart?

Sometimes you’re happy

And lady

When you smile….

Half of me is sun

Half of me is moon

I learned to live with this darkness

Some days are nightfall

Some days you just have to look for the light


Some years….

Some years

Lady you’re a free girl now

You just keep walking

You’ll make it

A pocketful of questions

A handful of stones that you lay down….

Bleeding Ink 1,476

There’s a fire
Burning in my soul
Blood in the water
Mountains fall
The year may be ash
There’s a fire in my soul
I’m not tired anymore
I was younger then
I’m older now
You either rise with me
Or you don’t
My life is a compass
I’m pressing on
You either rise with me
Or you don’t.
If the ship won’t come in
I’ll build it.

Bleeding ink #1,448

Talk about

Your doomesday state of mind

All the colour from the sunrise


Worn through

Bleached out

I’m cut open

Like the emptiness inside of this room


She says

Tell me again

How I’m too much

And never enough


The way we landed

From sky high

To these trenches


They said we would always have ….

And they said

Even gods and angels


The hurricane is coming

How hungry will you be

Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew

Jacob wrestled God until morning


It feels like a 100 lb anvil in the center of my chest

I keep looking for truth

Keep looking for you

But all I see

Is these rains

These days

This hurricane

2020 #7


Where to begin

Without looking back?

We’ve all been here before

We just have forgotten

I grow tired

Tired of self help

Tired of whining

Tired of hate. I hear a young college girl complain while taking another selfie, about an article she saw the headline of , and it just is the reason she can’t live here anymore. The headline of the article never read ruins her entire day.

A black man, got up on a Sunday and ate breakfast with his wife, then went to work, getting paid, $3.01 an hr no overtime, to dig the grave of JFK…it was an honor, he said.

Bobby Kennedy

I’m tired of social media

We’ve lost touch

I hope we change

I hope as a collective we remember, community. We rely on each other.

The Kennedy’s were assassinated

Martin Luther King Jr was Assassinated

Malcolm X assassinated

Jackie stood, covered in her husbands blood, refusing to cry, refusing to look away from her husbands face…

This is what the Doctor remembers…

We cry about hating this country

We cry about not getting the love we deserve…

If any family had a reason to hate this country, it was the Kennedy family… assassinated by the people they served…

Or maybe Jesus

Or maybe Martin Luther

Look through history…

You can’t postpone your growth

At some point

You have to get up

And take those chances

Facing yourself

And the risk

We win some

We lose some

It’s always been bad

It’s always been good

You can get stuck in these cycles

But at some point

You have to understand

The greatest seat

Is the citizen

The greatest power

Is love

Getting up every day

The honor to live and love

And be better than you were yesterday …

This is life…

We will step out of this


Having faced ourselves

And having won.

Sketches from the heart of this wasteland

Oh where have

You been?

April your lips I have found

Your whispering voice

Echoes through the emptying streets

Of this town

Your shifting feet

Echoes through these trees


And I saw

I saw it all fall

The world that we built

All that we had invested

Burned right in front of us

Is it enough

To keep us warm

When the winter comes?

How many ?

How many ?


The Joker dances in the streets

The street worker moves to the internet

The trees let go of all that they are holding

The grass grows

And it doesn’t consider us

The ocean crashes in

Whether or not I’m there to perceive it


And I wonder


They build their guns

They build their ships

They scheme their games

Building us up

Just to cut us down


Will our blood flood the empty streets

Whether we hold our breath

And pray for the rain ….

Will you even remember my name


Hurl your banners

Your worst fear


You’re here

Now tell me my worth

Tell me my name

I’ve tasted your lips

Now show me the cards

Tell me your name….

Tell me the prophecy

Tell me

Who sketches the heart of this wasteland


And in the valley

In kitchen

In the mountains

In hospital bed

In the living room

The rich

And the fallen

The guilty

The innocent

April turns her face

And we all hide our tears from this place ….


Watch the sun

As it fades from the sky

This final time

And I keep meaning

To gather these good intentions

Set them to flame

You know your light shines brightest in the night

Do you believe it?

You and me

Are we essential?

Took the rebel stand

The sky is broken

All the people

Once it hits

It’s all of those of us

That you never cared about

Watch us hit the ground

Try to find the face in the crowd

Take what you need

Are we one

We rise we fall

Like it or not

We are in this together