New beginnings

When I feel the sadness crashing around my soul like waters

I just tell myself I don’t have control – I have to be ok in times of trouble, in times of sadness, in times of gladness, in time…

Time is shifting sand

It is never stable

I remind myself

Of spring and goodness

And new beginnings

And when the storm clouds rise

As they do in spring

And the lightning is flashing

I will remind myself again

Of all the goodness

And I will breathe

Things that don’t suck

When you’re Stuck inside

You can feel lonely

But you’re not alone

Here’s a list of things that don’t suck

When the universe is calling us to unplug and slow down

Reminding us what is important

Things that don’t suck

Hand written letters







Making out



Reading together


Sitting in the sun with your cat


You and I


Sharing space

Walking together

2020 Graffiti

Floating in the water

Snow falls against the skin

The dogs run along the river


The earth, the sky

Can you make it ?

The machines have been here for

As long as time

Can you find yourself

Silence your mind

Find your heart beat

Find the earth

What do you hear?

Pull from that

What darkness

Have we seen

They said he drowned in the river

They said he overdosed

They said the demons came back

They said

I feel my soul being ripped in half

I can’t sleep

I find myself there in the river

Ice cold water

I see the stars

I hear your name

I am grateful

Feel Free

Maybe the ocean runs out of breath and that’s why it keeps crashing against the shore


Maybe we were meant to be free,

Maybe it’s a look that lasts longer than it should

All the champagne

All the lights

Pack my bags

The streets in this town

They all are leading out

She feels free

It was just her lips

A kiss

Couldn’t turn around

The universe in her eyes

Feel the ocean in her skin

Crashing against the shore

Anchored together

Forget the night

Everything is

Everything is new in the morning …

Dear you

Dear you

Take a moment

To celebrate your wins

You’ve made it this far

Be proud of yourself

And your success

The goals you’ve crushed

This is your life…

You’re living it

Right here, in the now

And if you’re wondering

You’ve been heard

You’re not alone

Your feeling are valid

Even the earth is overwhelmed

at times

And drops a storm for 72 hours


Just to wipe the slate clean

And start again

You’re not alone

Even stars burn out

They have to die

To be born again

These do not quietly fade away

The do not sit alone in the dark night

They must be heard

They must be seen

They shake the heavens

With a supernova

Giving birth to other stars


You matter

You have more atoms in your eye

Than all the stars in the known universe ….

Maybe this is why we feel so young

Maybe this is why

We feel so old ….

We’ve been here before

But this love

This life

This heart

The fire in your eyes

Has burned with the sun

You matter

This is what legacy’s are made of

These victories

I want to celebrate with you

I want to guard your dreams

Dear you

Keep moving forward

That’s how progress is made

Three steps forward

Two back



New Tide

Looks a lot like giving up

Feels a lot like

You’ve had enough

Try to turn away

Like it’s no longer good enough

Take these hands that feel the earth

The breath I hold

Couldn’t hold the curse

Feet grounded in this clay

The water rises at the end of the day

This house still burned down

And it’s been swept clean

But the stain on my soul

And there’s ash in my throat

Her eyes like smoke

And her voice like rain

We’re knee deep in the pain

Still strutting

Getting hung up on lesser things

And I release

All the things

That never served me

I give them back to you

Photo origin unknown

Iced Down

I could

Write you

A thousand lines

About the times

Tell you everything is changing

Better step up to

Plate your change

State your claim


To the new reality


Coming out

Waving their banner

mind your manner


Soul’s escaping

I’ve been working everyday

Since I was 6

Tell me what you know

All I know is it goes on

You take the good with the bad

And you make what you’ve got

You’re living and breathing social media hype

Tell me how many likes you get

For waking up to the sound of termites eating your window seal

Tell me again

How hot you’re not

You can do whatever you want

Don’t let them get to you

Push back

I write to kill

I kill to write

Tell you what I’m not



You cannot burn a flame

Hotter than the soul in my eyes

It’s back

You cannot take that

I might put a lot

On the plate

But I’m not

Emptying myself like this again

She’s a hit

A hot star

She’s red

Full lips

Sex in heels

She’ll take your heart

Eat it in front of you

While riding you

Take your bad backseat

Tell me again about how hot you got it

Shoulda shoulda woulda


Your dream is collapsing

You’ve got to roll the dice


Wake up

Hit the ground running

Times are what they are

Your cards on the table

Play what you’ve been dealt

Like it’s

The cards

You wanted

Tell me again how it’s going to end

Three steps forward one step back

Sounds like progress in the end

All this pain

All of this fight

You stay in it all night

Blow for blow


In the end

Text your frequent flyover miles

And Monday morning quarter backs

The play by play

You’re in the ring

This isn’t newsfeed

This isn’t story

This isn’t updates

This is reality

This is your life

It is what you make it

It goes on

Good with the bad

Everything passes

So be present

Be real


Make yourself proud

Just be here now


Feel this rain

Here in

The in-between

Shed these clothes

All of these


These expectations

Taste your skin

Your lips again

Legs over my shoulders

Memorize your body

I can still taste your lips


Her eyes

Burn right through me

Her lips

Pull me

Back to her bed

I went down

To her alter

She’s the only God I’ll ever need

Burn right through these expectations

We have all night

Here in these storms

This lightning

This rain

This sweat

Our flame

I’ll stay here

memorize your body

Until you come apart

Until you come

Bleeding ink #1382

It feels like everything is interstate madness


Not entirely out of control

But fast,

Fast decisions

Fast returns

While the construction is going on


I think about the lives we live

My divorce

Other people’s lives

The impeachment

The loss of Kobe Bryant

Everything is sudden

And all at once

Cycles are finishing


New beginnings


What is the dream?

How are you going to reach it?

What are you doing to get there?

Do you know how long it will take?

Time is an illusion anyway

Work on the dream

Love your people

Leave a legacy


a Legend

Nothing is guaranteed.

Leave people

And places

Better than you found them.