The one about cooking

This is not my greatest work. However. If you have ever read any post about my work-when it comes to food-it’s pretty much Picasso. 

I used to burn water. 

I remember one time throwing a pizza off the front porch (because fire) 

Oatmeal was a mistake. 

Unless your plan was to feed the entire cast of Lord Of The Rings.

I pretty much lived on yogurt and ramen and would drink vodka and then stay up late writing and say things like … 

And then I started really trying to cook again… When I started seeing L. And then we started doing Blue Apron. Which is pretty fantastic. 

And super fun. 

You just get your meals delivered to you. And you cook them yourself. 

Hence,you learn to cook. 

And boy am I learning. 

Pretty much all the ways you can cook salmon and lamb burger. And make a salad out of things a southerner would never look at and say “I bet I could make a salad out of that.” But -great day -is it good. 

I mean good. 

So this is salmon burger. 

Which even if I had burned it and dropped it down the stairs …you’d have to admit…still beats burned water. 

Every day of the year. 

Every day. 

Living with Crohn’s

I’ve gained
15 lbs
In one month
That puts me at
Now I’ve
been at this for three months
It feels like
This working out thing
Isn’t working out
But I feel great
So that’s something
And I’m hungry
All the tiiiime

But I will tell you this
Everyone tells you
‘eat what you want You’re young’
This is a lie
You are what you eat
I almost died
because of what I was eating
The American diet
Will kill you
I had no energy
I was depressed
And no appetite
But I am finally enjoying
I feel great
If I could tell you one thing
It would be
Surround yourself
With people who believe in you
We need human contact
Isolation will not help you
“These are the days that must happen to you” -Whitman
Use them to make memories
Live your life
You only get one

The spot

Recently I wrote about some cool places in Mentone . Well, there is a cool new business here in my home town .

Called The Spot

It’s retro and fresh . Something we need . Every Friday they have live music. Sometimes karaoke ….and you can purchase local art here as well .
So if you’re ever in Fort Payne Alabama , former sock Capitol of the world ….And need a caffeine fix
This is it




The wildflower cafe

If you’re ever in Alabama , preferably Fort Payne Alabama , you should drive up into Mentone just outside of Fort Payne on the mountain . Where you will find anything from Miracle Pottery to The Wild Flower Cafe .

It’s a nice place , with almost a Nicholas Sparks feeling to it .
Prices range from 10 to 30 dollars …
I highly recommend it for a date night . Or a tourist stop for lunch or dinner . With photos and art on the walls for sale it’s definitely a must see for anybody . For anybody will find something they like here .