Black Weather Sunshine

Tie your caution up

Hand it over to your nightmare

The one where they

never hear you scream

you can always find

The full moon

Behind her eyes

Like the black weather sunshine

daughter of the devil

The mark on the inside of her thigh

And you could leave

Leave this world

While you were inside

Should I be here?

We would’ve found

Each other

Even if we reached

From the outside

Escape, the sameness,

Even on the coldest nights

She’s blue flame

In my veins

Tongue tied

between her thighs

Letters to a Nurse #15

Thank you for being the amazing woman you are.

We have a pretty great thing 

A nice family 

A cool dog 

He says hi 

You always keep me calm and grounded 

You’ve helped me write more boldly 

I hope I continue to make you proud  

I don’t know what I would do without you. 

And more

You’re beautiful 

I’ve always thought so 

I don’t know how 

But you grow more 

Beautiful and radiant 

Every day 

I love every part of you 

Every curve 

Thank you for loving me 

And for picking me 

Believing in me 

It is the honour of my life 

To be your man.

Letters to a Nurse #14

I’m a little late, but, My wife is a night shift nurse so most of her life is spent in scrubs. She doesn’t get to dress up a lot. The only problem is she loves shoes. So she buys shoes. Lots of shoes. And then they come in and she puts them on and calls me and is like, “hey I got my shoes. I LOVE them. They are so awesome.” And you need to know this. She is sitting in her pajamas drinking coffee. Wearing her new shoes before she goes to work. 

Happy New Year to my wife. Who works Holidays and didn’t get to dress up to ring it in. I love you. I can’t wait to do 2017 with you. Happy Anniversary. 

Letters to a Nurse #13

On nights like these

The first

And the fifth

I feel you

In every room in this house

When I wake up 

And you’re not here 

I want you to know 

I want to hold you closer

I want to love you longer

All we have is time

Kiss me

Feel me

Live it with me on fire

On nights like these

The first

The fifth

When I can’t hold you

I want to be as close

As my name on your lips

In that space 

Where all we have

Is the air that we share

Forget whatever else is out there

They say it’s the lie

That’s out for the truth

hunting it down

Out in the streets

And it’s harder just to believe

Even when you can see

But when it comes to you and to me…

The truth is…

You’re all that I need.

Letters to a Nurse #12

I like old things Cameras 

Used notebooks 


Hard sole shoes





I used to feel old 

I know this year 

Has not been normal

And I haven’t been able to write

about this week

Or last week 

Or next week

But I am filling notebooks

With letters 

And just having you 

With me 

Holding you 

Makes me believe 

We can rise above this 
And we can keep moving forward

Thank you 


Above everything else 

I love you 

More than all the lines I’ve read 


All the stories in my head

I love you

With just a candle in the room 

Watching you get ready for bed 

Just one more dance 

And one more kiss 

Hold me close 

Remind me 


Had a lot of you 

A lot more good …