Night Shift #1

– you’re driving me crazy!

– oh yeah! Well I’ve got news for you, that’s no drive, that’s a short putt!

– I’ll show you a putt!

You could hear the door slam upstairs. The familiar stomping of feet, The wife storming out, again.

The car alarm protesting the golf clubs bashing against it.

Then silence – like the eye of a storm…

– Are they back from their honeymoon already? Three weeks doesn’t last long at all.

I said, while pouring another beer.

– Marriage and cohabitation, You know, sometimes it takes some breaking in.

Leon said. Looking up, listening for more sounds from outside…

– breaking in. Not breaking and entering.

More screaming erupted.

– That relationship does have a fault-line.

– but when does it flat line? It’s running off customers .

– ask your wife. I’m not a medical professional