Bleeding Ink #1057

Maybe I’m a fool 

To surrender in your wake 

We all get what we deserve 

Does it matter anyway?

Do you remember how we got here?

This house where we loved 

Where we touched 

Where we discovered what we hate-

Now it’s just as empty as my thoughts-

-Your eyes when you look away

Echo coming 

Or is it morning rain?

How many days passed while I

stared into this screen

Internet to the palm 

Power in the pocket 

Do we surrender in the wake

Old ghosts 


Listen to what they say…

We’ve all been here 

We’ve all been here 

We’ve all been this empty before

Remember when we knew how much we could take? 

Give me enough to stand


Enough to wait

Maybe I’m a fool to surrender in your wake 


We’re still here

We are living among ghosts

Standing shoulder to shoulder 

Touched by their light 

At the far reaches of the universe 

There are stars sending us light 

By the time this light reaches us 

Their stars have long since, died

But their light goes before them

And there are galaxies 

That have lived for billions of years 

Watching as we evolve 

If you measure the expanse of their light…by 6500 years…it doesn’t add up…you would extinguish space…

You are light 

You are love 

Don’t let someone’s small mind 

Extinguish who-what-you are.

Don’t let them shut the windows and the light out of your house.

This weekend 

Seven continents marched 

Hold your head up high 

Hundreds of thousands of women and men 

Stand with you 

You are on the right side of history 

And laugh it off 

If you can 

A lot of these 

Who don’t understand 

Are all about going back to an original intent 

The 50s 

But hell 

They still believe the earth is flat so why stop there

Just go all the way to the 1650s 

And they might not be able to tell a lie

But they have blank binders full of alternative facts…

And they are here to protect you from hoaxes 

Such as the EPA and Climate Change and The Globe Earth

Cry it off if you can 

Why are we marching ? 

Because you’ve only been able to vote for half a century 

And you are not protected by our constitution 

One executive order 

One mandate 

And you would lose your right to vote 

You would become once again 


Because ten white men shouldn’t be able to alter your health care 

Because women’s rights are human rights 

And they can believe whatever they want 

But to look at someone else 

And pass laws against them 

Because they don’t believe the same 

That’s why we march 

keep walking forward
You are not 

An item on an agenda 

A helpmate 

Or less

You are a woman 

You are your own 

Seven continents stand with you 

History stands with you 

I stand with you. 

And we’re still here. 

The Margins 

I had this feeling

That I would write

Everyday about you

I got this feeling

That I had never lived

All the shit that happened

Before didn’t matter now


Yes,I know,

Past the scholarship

The star north

The heart break

The shit we take

Dust off the shoulder

A little bit older

Strong enough 

To be colder

You can’t take what you can’t break

And you can’t break when you try 

To please – appease – the user – abuser
I knew that would be a good way to lose her
When all you want is to loose her 

And to be alone 

She tops herself 

On her own 

Walking on the surface of the sun 

She’ll bring a light to the night 

The gravity 

Moving her energy 

From her lips 


The pockets of her jeans

Everything else 

Is shit so forget about it 

Dust off the shoulder

Everyone’s older

So just get over it 

I knew I would write about you 

Every day 

How could I live without you 

Love without you 


It’s all notes in the margins. 

Her secrets are behind her shades of lipstick 

And it would be a shame if you can’t read. 

The Quiet Heart 




Of my heartbeat 

My eyes struggle 

To find anchor 

This is what we – I -was

Afraid of 

Out of sight 

The night 

That held  the moment 

The double breathing 


In my 


And I 

Remember it 

The phone in my hand 

Your voice on the  end 

And I can’t get to you 

But I feel it 
You had your seizure 

Before I could call 

Before I could hold you 

It was a moment 

And now it’s gone 

But I feel it strong 

You right there 


– Regarding 

This house we build 

How many lists

Against myself

Will I create

With these hands?

This body

Every 12 months


Shows itself

How much it got wrong

How much does anyone really live 

Inside the number 12?

I will not hate

I will not punish

I will not compare

I have too too much

To live for

And too few days

Inside the hours

Inside the minutes

Circling the seconds

Waiting for the sun set

This year

I will create lists 

Of what I love 

I will grow forward

For me 

And for you 

I will mark every part 

Of your body 

That you’ve been told to hate 

With kisses 

And name it my favorite 

Until you understand 

We only have this 

Right now 

We will never be this young again 

Before we know it 

The sun will be setting 

Over another year 

Anther room 

Another list 

Of things we’d change 

But I love all of you 

And I carry you with me 

Everywhere I go 

Even into that sunrise

Where fantasy is better than reality

I don’t want want anything other than the house we build 

Walking together 

Naming our favorite spaces

Our favorite secret places 

And what we did there. 


Image origin unknown

What is it you see in a woman?

Maybe it’s her curves 

These lines we’ve been trying 

To iron out 

Through culture 

For centuries 

Equal Means Equal

But we’re not equal image origin unknown 

This isn’t a poem about why I’m a feminist 

Or how great it is that I’m a guy 

Or what it’s like in my experience 


This is a poem 

About my wife …

The fact that even after all this time …

She’s not equal to me 

She starts out getting paid less than me for the same job

How can she ever get ahead?

She is not protected by our Constitution

Her freedom and equality 

Can be altered or repealed 

In a day

Women’s rights are human rights 

I read a story about a woman in another country fighting for her right to know her own body to know how to orgasm 

Men didn’t learn about their wives bodies and they really didn’t care whether they ever had pleasure or not. 

It’s not too far different here 

We’ve come all this way 

And we think we know a lot 

But we really only know 

A lot about what our culture 

Believes about things 

Just in the 90s we recognized marital rape as rape 

And yes- we don’t consider women as property on our papers anymore 

But we still want them to be homemakers 

Or daughters and mothers 

Trophy wives 

Making our sons look good 

A child has to be raped before it can have control of its own body 

This is decided by business men in Washington 

Contraceptives shouldn’t be covered by insurance because women shouldn’t enjoy sex

If they do have sex they should get pregnant

Forced birth 

This is decided by men in Washington 

When she is raped 

They get off free 

Because boys will be boys 

And they can run with a football 

And they still have a whole life to live-let’s not ruin it

Forget that her body was violated 

Her safe space 

Her mind 

Her temple 

The years of nightmares 

I can sue over spilled coffee 

But women can be raped and no one bats an eye….

We have a problem 

When we condemn women for reading works of fiction 

That have fake content 

And put men in power who are real 

And damaging 

And can alter their lives,safety and experience in society

I will say again 

I want a world 

Where my wife can live 

With peace of mind 

I want her to be safe 

I want her to be as free as me 

To be able to reach for whatever she dreams 

Women’s rights are human rights 

Why are we still fighting this battle? 

Maybe we’re just trying to iron out the curves

I think I want to write about you

I think I can forget all the rest 

I’m sorry 

I’m sorry we didn’t fight harder 

I’m sorry we’re still fighting for this 

We’ve come too far to go backwards 

I want – when I’m gone – for you to be able to live well. 

And if we should have a daughter 

I want her to be able to do all the same things our son would do. Without question. Even in her mothers high heels.