Log # 4

Maybe the earth writes poetry

In its ruins

I wonder if it keeps memory

In the darkness

Like pockets


Remember when we were young?

How naive we were?

We thought love would burn long and hot

But it was the cold mornings

It was the long nights

Of holding so tightly

To memory

That keeps it going ….

It’s choosing


Space is cold

Space is dark

And I’m trying to remember

I’m trying to remember


We are here

And then we are gone ….

Like so many stars….

I’m writing this letter


Try to remember

The good in me ….

And if there is bad….

Let it be the darkness behind the light ….


May the light shine brighter for it …



all my lights

I see only you

Log # 3

I think I’m looking for softer words , for the likeness of you…

Softer light


Like mornings with you…

Everything pales in comparison

I tell the sunrise coming around every 90 minutes…

It keeps trying

But it’s still not got it right ….


Log 2

Do you remember the house

On the mountain?

I’ve explored a planet

It reminds me of that solitude


Look at how many apps we have

To distract us

To keep us busy


I was never there

Not really

I was never with you


If I were with you



If, huh, I know that sounds like it’s too late ….


You’re like these stars and these moons

You’re my moon and all my stars

I couldn’t take my eyes off you….



Log 1

Space is cold

Its vastness overwhelms the humanity in us …

It doesn’t know how to be gentle

It doesn’t know how to be soft

All of our sins

All of our restlessness

Finds us here


We are, so, so very alone ….

It makes you wonder why we fight among ourselves

I think about how much I’ve failed myself ….

The ways I could have been better…

Probably should’ve been better….


I’m sorry I can’t be with you

I miss you

Your skin

Your lips

The softness of you

The sound of your voice

I know we have recordings

But these don’t replace

Our secret moments

Find me in the dark

I dream of you

And your heartbeat

My head resting against you

That’s you

Your perfume

Your hair



Your hand in my hair

You laughing about something I said


I wish you could see the stars from here

They look so much like your eyes…..

– E