Writer’s Log #14

Finished two books. 

Got new books for the library 

And hot chocolate…

To mix with coffee 

Actually sat down and wrote some letters today. 

No one ever tells you about the part of writing, where you hate it. Because you have to sit down and be away from your family. It’s very isolating. And some days you have to, have to make yourself do it. 

You still love it. I do anyway. But you have to make yourself write. Because even bad writing is better than a blank page. 

Zoom zoom 

Write on. 


Writer’s Log #13

Bought two new cardigans for a dollar. That’s a really cool sweater. And perfect, since my hot roommate, I mean she’s cool for a friend and all. But she keeps the apartment on 65 – year round. The other day she bumped it up to 68 just to be nice. But now I’m used to these ice caps, I can’t deal with a heat rush. So I changed it back. It’s just easier to wear kickin’ sweaters all the time. 

New glasses means I can see during these late night writing sessions. Also, I don’t miss while pouring water for fresh coffee. It’s really a win win.

The X Files is creeping me and Simon out. We had to take a break. 

Which means, shelter dog. AKA, Sleeping Beauty is asleep on the couch. 

Went to see my doctor today. It was ok. Everything is fine. And they’re fine. I always like to check on them annually, make sure I’m not going to have to be sent back out into the world looking for a new doctor. 

I had a sinus infection for a week and finally broke down and went to a rapid health clinic after work. There were about 75 people in front of me. A small herd. I was sitting there paranoid and certain I would leave with some unknown virus. If not from a person,from a chair or the check in board. And then I remembered I have my very own personal doctor. So I called them and asked them if they could call me in something. And they did. So I left and felt a great deal better.

Doctor visits are the perfect time to write, because, you know how quickly they get around to seeing you. But I really can’t complain. This ten hour visit was really a four hour visit. I only waited an hour. 

And now back to writing other things…

Writer’s Log #12

Adjusting to new work schedules 

Which isn’t a bad thing 

But I haven’t been writing a lot 


I have been reading 

They took The X Files off Netflix 

Stupid contracts from 2009

Probably won’t get it back….

Soooo I took it upon myself

Bought the whole damn thing 

Complete set with The Event Series 

From last year.

Then I felt guilt 

Why should I have all the entertainment?

And bought my wife The Golden Girls complete series. 

But I love that show too 

So really it’s a win win.

All this really is to say, that I’m going to be writing some fantastic material soon. I’ve been working on it for three months. 

As soon as I get used to my new sleep schedule and getting up at 3 am for work…(I used to write at 3am now I get up at 3am and go to bed by 7pm )

Get ready. 

Writer’s Log #11

New Lit

Several short story ideas. 

I really need a coffee pot with a timer. This making it yourself at 4am is for the birds. Sometimes I even do exceptionally well and forget to put the filter in. If it were tea, that would be like forgetting to put the tea bag…just drink hot water. But it’s worse because you have all of these grains-stuck in your beard…disgusting. 

If we ever adopt a brother or sister for Simon…I think I would like to get him a rabbit. With big feet and ears. I feel like that would be awesome. Especially since he’s a beagle. It could offer him carrots. And he could slant his eyes and say, ” I don’t like carrots, Thomas.” Or ” Still not  a stick, Elma. Try again.”

It would just be really cool. 

Writer’s Log #10

Still trying to write more. I really suck. I’ve come to an understanding that I crave order. A – if you will – routine…I work better if I know in advance what I should be doing today. It’s weird. 

I need to excercise,period. Work my core…it’s healthier for my crohn’s and my body. And it can’t be bad for the sex. 

I’m sleeping more which is better. And reading more. I finished three books this month. Just need to get a rhythm in writing and submitting. 

L got me a shirt and cook book. I really have the best wife. I need to do more to let her know. 

Routine is good for everything except marriage.  Don’t fall into it. 

Found some new podcasts 

Timesuck with Dan Cummins 

And the NY Times Book Review  

Got some new books also…(slow down on the amazing amazon spending) 

Writer’s Log #9

I’m trying to write more 

And read more 

And work out again 


Some people listen to AC/DC etc  

Stephen King does…


Workout playlist

NIN: Discipline, The Hand That Feeds, Closer, Sunspots. 

Gaga: Just Dance, Poker Face. 

Marilyn Manson: Leave A Scar.

Writing Playlist

Always subject to change. Who knows. . . 

Writer’s Log #8

You know, sometimes, when you get older you understand things better. Especially the cartoons you used to watch as a child. 

Donald Duck for example,he wasn’t just moody. He was unstable. He cooked fellow birds in his kitchen and then ate them. This is Hannibal levels of unstable. 

No wonder you’re having mood swings Donald, you’re a cannibal.

We now know this leads to mental issues. But maybe our parents didn’t know that. They were just like, “hey kids go watch this duck eat other birds in the kitchen.” 

And then we grew up 

And that’s how you get Hannibal. 

Or why we are drawn to shows like this. 

That’s just my hypothesis though.