Writer’s Log #19

I’ve realized 

I work better when I have a schedule and I’m working on my time management.

So I kind of wrote out a schedule…

I usually make a list every night  anyway…

4am gym.

6am work.

11am lunch with Simon, walk Simon. Make coffee for Lindz. 

5pm home.

Make lunch for Lindz. 

Read,write,tv, clean.

It’s not that big of a deal. 

But looking at it makes a difference. Hearing the alarm go off 

Makes a bigger difference. 


Writer’s Log #18

I have a scar across my stomach.

It turns 10 this month. 

When I was 18 I had to have an emergency resection. 

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease…

Long story short for a few years I was in and out of the hospital. 

I really believed that that was going to be my life. 

Then I met Lindz. Again. 

People ask me how I got  so lucky. 

I don’t know…

I’m glad we reconnected 

And I’m glad she’s my wife.

I’m the luckiest man on the face of the earth. 

With her awesome  support and two doctors. Some lifestyle changes. 

And walking every day with Simon plus the gym…

I haven’t been admitted because of any flare ups. For almost three years. 

I don’t know what you’re going through. 

But don’t let it ruin you. 

Don’t let it push you back. 

Ruin it. 

Push it to its limits.

Make it question why it messed with you. 

I know I’m very fortunate. 

Not everyone can stay out of the hospital. 

I do have to see my doctors annually and have preventive scopes.

But it’s worth it.

Progress isn’t made in a leap.

It’s every day. Consistently. Making a step forward and three back sometimes. But it’s never giving up. You’ll have good years and you’ll have years that make you question everything…

But the important thing is your ability to believe in YOURSELF. You can change your world by getting up every day and making that step. 



Writer’s Log #17

Finished Go set a Watchman while we were on vacation. It was like walking slowly, chapter by chapter, into the ocean.  In a good way, and even as old as it is, almost half a century, forgotten and unpublished until 2013. I wish it had been published earlier so my younger self could have read it and learned something. However, I’m glad we have it today. 

I also have some other books I need to read. 

It’s raining and I’m able to work on my reading list to prepare  for my annual short stories for Haunted October granted some are simply bought because I want to read them. You can’t have too many books right? 

Writer’s Log #16

Walked Simon today. He was really excited because it had just rained. 

We walked past a gas station the city is trying to close, due to it not being safe and way behind on maintenance….

A girl was filling up her car when the pole mount windshield cleaner and squeegee – randomly fell off the pole! 

It splashed all over her. 

She just stood there staring at it in disbelief. 

It was priceless. 

Took Simon to 3rd Saturday. 

Almost as good as Boom Days 

There were a lot of concerts and Alabama was doing something in town also. 

Simon ate a hot dog. 

And thought, once again, that it was all for him. 

Writer’s Log #15

So I took my wife to see David Sedaris for her birthday. 

She had mentioned him years ago and asked me to get his autograph since she had to work. 

I couldn’t get it back then. 

But he was at Alabama Booksmith in Birmingham. 

They’re a little bookstore with nothing but  signed first editions. 

Awesome place. 

And I thought, hey why not surprise her with this book signing…

I was originally going to just ask her to dress up and then drive her the 87 miles or so…and surprise!

But then my air went out in my car…

After I had done 600 dollars worth of work to it. 

So I thought again…

I better tell her WHY we’re driving so far. 

Or just take her car. 

But then there are all the people that will be there. 

When you work with people everyday- people other than your own people- are the last people you want to be peopling with. 

So I kind of mentioned we were going to see him. 

But she didn’t realise we were getting copies of his new book- along with Ariel Levy’s book.

And he did a reading. For about an hour I guess…it was great. 

And hilarious. 

But no pictures. 

Which is fine. Selfie nation get over it. We got to meet the man. 

I’ll never forget it. 

I always celebrate through the entire month of June.

That way she gets a lot of presents all month, broken up over weeks. 


I got her a cake. 

A Mad Hatter cake. 

I drew it and Simon made it. 

He even wore a little apron…

Not really. 

I thought of it and asked a bakery type person to craft it out of the fires of Mordor for me. 

Now we have cake. 

But I’m afraid to cut it….

Maybe I can get Simon to cut it. 

Writer’s Log #14

Finished two books. 

Got new books for the library 

And hot chocolate…

To mix with coffee 

Actually sat down and wrote some letters today. 

No one ever tells you about the part of writing, where you hate it. Because you have to sit down and be away from your family. It’s very isolating. And some days you have to, have to make yourself do it. 

You still love it. I do anyway. But you have to make yourself write. Because even bad writing is better than a blank page. 

Zoom zoom 

Write on. 


Writer’s Log #13

Bought two new cardigans for a dollar. That’s a really cool sweater. And perfect, since my hot roommate, I mean she’s cool for a friend and all. But she keeps the apartment on 65 – year round. The other day she bumped it up to 68 just to be nice. But now I’m used to these ice caps, I can’t deal with a heat rush. So I changed it back. It’s just easier to wear kickin’ sweaters all the time. 

New glasses means I can see during these late night writing sessions. Also, I don’t miss while pouring water for fresh coffee. It’s really a win win.

The X Files is creeping me and Simon out. We had to take a break. 

Which means, shelter dog. AKA, Sleeping Beauty is asleep on the couch. 

Went to see my doctor today. It was ok. Everything is fine. And they’re fine. I always like to check on them annually, make sure I’m not going to have to be sent back out into the world looking for a new doctor. 

I had a sinus infection for a week and finally broke down and went to a rapid health clinic after work. There were about 75 people in front of me. A small herd. I was sitting there paranoid and certain I would leave with some unknown virus. If not from a person,from a chair or the check in board. And then I remembered I have my very own personal doctor. So I called them and asked them if they could call me in something. And they did. So I left and felt a great deal better.

Doctor visits are the perfect time to write, because, you know how quickly they get around to seeing you. But I really can’t complain. This ten hour visit was really a four hour visit. I only waited an hour. 

And now back to writing other things…