Dear you


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I know you feel like nothing

I know you feel like you’re overwhelmed

On your own

Feel it

You’re doing better than you think you are

Alnitak, is the brightest class 0 star in the sky ….found in Orion’s Belt…

1,262 light years from earth

Your light

Even overwhelmed

Even isolated

Is like this blue super giant

I know you think there are thousands just like you….

But this is you

Keep going

You’re doing better than you think you are

You’re unique

You matter

And when I look across the city

When I look across the room

When I look…

I always see you

I don’t know how not to…



“I miss my dad. He kind of died on this day.”
“From what you’ve told me, he was shitty. You pick your family. They’re not blood.”

I probably should’ve left then…
We were just incompatible
And it’s not anyone’s fault….
It’s just how things go. We were so young.

You’re going to lose,
You already know how this ends.
It’s not you against the world,
It’s you against you,
Against your ideals,
Your ego.

Beauty fades
Sex fades
You’re going to lose,
Each other
Mental health
It’s hospitals
NG tubes
It’s more than
Netflix and chill
More than
More thank vacations
More than weekends
You will win too
You will have weddings
And children
And birthdays
Sunday breakfasts
Hours and hours of the best sex
But it’s so, so important that
You find someone
Who understands
What it is to lose
And how to just be there
When you do not feel
Your best self
Because you will lose
You already know
How this ends
We all do
And I hope you are fortunate
To find someone
You can grow with
And grow old with
One of you may take growing old
Harder than the other
That you may look
And say it’s like you’ve
Fell in love fifty different times
With every new version
Of each other
That love
Is evolving
It’s an empty home
That you fill
And you both have furniture and ideas ….
I hope you understand
You get what you already have
And multiply it….
May it always be peace
And a place you can call home.
But most of all

These mountains

We’re wide awake
Keeping it too close to the heart, babe
There’s no way to know
How long we will be around
It sticks in the sides
Hot steel
Like fire and suicide
Acid rain and fog
Behind the eyes
It shows in the fracking
To the gut
The scars never heal
The stapled flesh
Let the world run through you
Open highway
It’s just the words in front of your eyes
Textured rooms
Broken vessels
Hearts that try to change
Struggle with the strain
So against
A greatest hits
For broken souls
Declaring this is not our end
Let’s keep it close to the heart
Keep it taken care of
Everyday there’s some kind of pain
But what else is ever going to change
Some days I can’t eat
And some days I can’t see
Some days I drink just to numb the noise
And stop writing things down
And damn
Oh my girl
She’s got starship eyes
She says she knows
How things burn down
She knows how things end

In shutdown towns

Let’s keep it close
To the heart
Keep it close to the start
Keep it real
Acid rain and fog behind my eyes
And cracking hands
Fracking gut
Sea of dreams
Riding the river
Riding across this mountain
Born out of shutdown towns
We’re wide awake
Keep it close
To the heart
to the start
Keep it real


Moons (2019)

Let go of all of your weights

You’re free

To forgive yourself

You’re free to

Live with yourself

You’re free

And this heart

Still beating on the butchers floor

And these lungs

Are still breathing

Under water

And you numbered all of my scars

But in case they didn’t tell you…

Too much perfection

Is just a mistake

(What would we do with it?)

(If we caught it)

Like the lines in the palms of her hands

Did you trace them?

The breaths she takes

Did you notice them?

The air

The light

Just as you break the surface of the water

The way she parts her lips

That first kiss

Did you taste it…

(The moon is down

I’m dissolving into her skin…)

Too much perfection …

What would we even do with it…

Don’t make lists against yourself …

Go gently

Like the moonlight over water…


Lane closures

I don’t understand the world today

I don’t understand anything I see

Sometimes I can’t breathe

Sometimes I feel like a mystery

Sometimes I wonder at night

If it’s me to blame


I’m just tired

I want a bitter standard

Anything can happen

Anything at all ….

Look at how they break her

The butchers floor

Her bed became her misery

And we just keep it on repeat

And call it history

And she’s in love

What ever happen to

Have and to hold


Full Americana

He’s got the radio jack

Your hearts on fire

He’s got his six string reigned in

You’ll be the grit

He’s got the fire

To keep you runnin’ these roads

trailer park cities

Cemetery towns


Three jobs and a heart on the sleeve

Your Heartbreakers

The waters always rise

But he’ll keep you believing someone can see a light and the end of the road

Full Americana

The hook

The pistol

The alcohol

The words

The dream

Full rock n roll

Nothing to believe

Just the music

The music and what you’re working for


“Well, you know who I am
So don’t treat me like I’m someone else
Well, you know what I am
So don’t act like I’m something else
You know where I am
So don’t act like I’m somewhere else…”
-Tom Petty – We Grew up Fast

More than

I know you


When your body was


Your heart was lighter



You will be more

But right now ….

And I know

Believe me I know

Things don’t always work out

I’m still pulling scales

Out of this flesh and bone

Anger and stone

Setting down my knives

But I still feel somehow

The shadows of those wounds

Dreams die


We continue


But you

You’re more than a woman

To me

Right here

In this cemetery town

More than a woman

Right now

As you are

More than you know

More than you’ve been

More than you know ….