Beagle in the City #209

Ethan: Hey Simon. I didn’t know you were sitting there.

Simon: Hey dad! Of course I’m sitting here.

Ethan: you’re a good writing buddy. You always show up.

Garf: Are you writing about breaking your golf club? That was a funny story.

Simon: Quiet old man. Dad has to concentrate…

Garf: Golf is hard!

Ethan: Thank you…but no…I was trying to forget about that.

Simon: Hey dad. So. Are you going to share those cookies or what…

Ethan: you bonehead…why would I share these with you?

Simon: Because we are buddies and also, I licked three. Those right there.



Hey everyone. I know I haven’t been on here in a minute. But I’m going to try anyway.

I’ve started messing around with golf…I’m sure it’s going to be a costly addiction.

And I’ve updated this site. I’ve just changed some cosmetics.

I hope it’s easier for you to find some good things to read.



Beagle in the City #208

Simon: What are we doing? What’s that?

Ethan: It’s a golf club. I’m practicing my grip…

Simon: Grip? Well I can do that. If you want to grip it, just grab it like this, and pin it to the ground, and shaaaake it.

Ethan: Give me that. Not that kind of grip. Now. I’m going to hit this ball.

Simon: BALL!

Ethan: Stay. No, stay, do you want me to knock your brains out by accident? Stay – right there.

Simon: I’m a good boy. I’ll stay right here, and then I’ll go get the – BALL!!

Simon: where did it go?

Ethan: It’s out there. Go get it.

Simon: Where?

Ethan: use your nose.

Simon: Oh yeah!

Simon: I godt it. Bleh. It’s kind of wet. Let’s do it again.

Writer’s Log #20

There is something about records…

No streaming.

No alerts

No ads

No bings

No whistles

It’s slower.

Like coffee percolating…

You have to turn it over.

It’s enough to make you slow down and dance in the kitchen with your wife.

No ads no alerts

Just you

Granted, marriage isn’t perfect you know.

You have the nights where you have to get up and sleep on the couch. Because the love of your life keeps kicking you. Or they’re a sauna that just keeps burning.

The dog comes and checks on you, just to make sure you’re ok. But then he goes back to his three blankets and a pillow top.

You’re out here on a stiff couch and a pre war blanket that barely covers your ankles.

But you love them. You chose them after all. And records have a way of reminding you of those choices. If

you let them.

Everyone talks about life being so hard. About writing being so hard. About work being so hard.

Just get up and do something.

It’s good to work.

And it feels great to have made something.

Marriage, it’s live rounds and fox holes. It’s hot summer nights. But what did you expect? You expected one person to be absolutely every anchor and every little thing… to seduce you and keep you and entertain you…

It’s good to have a friend

It’s good to dance in the kitchen

It’s good to slow down

It’s good to wake up next to the one person who knows your middle personality

And loves you anyway.

No bings

No whistles

No alerts

No ads

Just you

And it’s good to be there for someone else.

It’s good to be selfish

And unplug from Netflix

And everything else

It’s good to just be alone in a world


Where things percolate

And take their time

I think maybe some people find it difficult to be that quiet and together. They are afraid of what they might say or see.

But there it is…

like the side B of a relationship

waiting to be turned over….

Beagle in the City #207

Garf: Uh oh, I think strange nice lady is having a seizure.

Simon: Mom! Is this a game? Mom!

Garf: I’m telling you, I’ve seen this before. Except it was a garbage cat. But it was the same…yeah…you’re going to want to call someone.

Simon: What do I do!?! What do I do?!? What do I do?!? Garf, you’ve lived a hard life, you know, in the street…what’s the number for 911??

Garf: I think strange nice man is home…maybe he can help.

Simon: Dad!

Ethan: Calm down, everything is going to be fine. You did a great job.

Simon: That’s not contagious is it? I think mom caught it from Garf. He was coughing you know…