Beagle in the City #229

Simon: what is it?

Ethan: it’s the new porch Cat.

Simon: I’ve never seen one so close before! I thought you were just make believe tales!

Garf: Cat! Kill it! Bark! Bark! (Cough! Hack ! weez!)

Cat: Hello dumb dumb. Be a good dumb dumb and lie down. Good boy.

Simon: My name is SIMON and I am a shelter dog, this is my parents, they adopted me. That’s mom and that’s dad. I like grass, do you like grass? You’ve probably seen lots of grass and sticks. Do you like to dig? I saw a bird yesterday, it was pretty cool.

Cat: you’re funny, I saw a bird today,

Simon: really! Maybe it was the same

Cat: and then I killed it.

Simon: wha…why .. why…

Garf: Haaack! Cough! I told you, they are evil. We have to kill them all. Before you know it they get moved inside and you’re on the streets!

Simon: Oh that would never happen. I sleep under covers and with a pillow…

Garf: What! I thought you had a cage..

Simon: I mean, I sleep in my crate, because it’s my crate, and no one else’s crate. it’s practically my favorite place to be.

Cat: you’re both prisoners. You get that right?

Garf: We get three meals a day!

Cat: oh, you mean, like a prisoner?

Garf: Kibbles and water! Sounds like Thangs Givings to me!


Beagle in the City #228

Simon: Hey dad. That sure looks good. Is it snack time?

Ethan: Go away, you can’t have cereal.

Simon: But we always share sandwiches.

Ethan: That’s different.

Simon: You have to share dad, because you have to love me, it’s the law!

Ethan: What the crap? Where did you get that? I might have to take care of you. But it’s not the law that I have to love you.

Simon: Yes it is! Because of the day we first met and we became best buds.

Ethan: You are still not getting cereal. But I will make you a sandwich…

Ethan: Hey, have you ever seen The Natural? It’s a baseball movie.

Simon: I love baseball!

Garf: You two would never make it in the streets.

Letters to a Nurse #18

maybe the past has a way of reminding us

We’re not that far from who we used to be

I just wanted to say

Thank you for loving me

You’re a good nurse

A good friend

And when I’m with you

I feel so lucky

And when I’m not with you

I miss you…

I miss you…

The bed is empty without you here

Champagne can only do so much

I miss talking with you

Someone should really

Tell the others

What marriage is really like

How you have to grow

The unspoken rules

What you find yourself carrying

And how we change

no one else will do

Not a soul in a room

There’s only you…

Beagle in the City #225

Garf: FOOD! What do we have today, every day I have something different. Maybe it will be beefs or maybe it will be chickens. Who knows. Nice man, my man, the good man, he’s such a good hunter.

Simon: You think he knows we always eat the same meal. The hard cubes?

Garf: Hold on guys, just a miffin, I have to check your bowl, OH salmon!

Ethan: No. I don’t think he knows. Everyday is a surprise for him.

Simon: you know who I was thinking about today. Our friend the pizza girl.

Ethan: No. that costs money.

Simon: What is money?

Beagle in the City #224

Ethan: Ok boys, you two can be my caddy. Are you ready?

Simon: Oh yes. Swoosh! I can’t wait.

Garf: I hate this. What is this? Why all the excitement?

Simon: swish!! Swoosh! Where’d it go? Someone stole your ball dad! I bet it was a gofer! I’ll dig it up.

Ethan: I hit the ball. Now watch the ball… and then go get it and bring it back.

Garf: I’m lying down in this nice patch of dead grass.

Simon: I’m watching it dad. I’m ready.

Ethan: Simon. Simon. Let go. The club…I have to hit the ball first…give me the club! Knock it off!!

Simon: Hey dad! I got you a better club…

Ethan: That’s a stick.

Simon: It’s real solid. Oak!

Simon: Listen to this SWOOSH!

Ethan: Give me MY club.

Simon: What is this?

Ethan: Callaway

Simon: Like the nut?

Ethan: No that’s pistachio

Garf: The Painter?

Ethan: Thats Picasso

Simon: Who’s painted ?

Ethan: just forget it. You’re all nuts.

Simon: Pistashio! Swoosh! That’s a good club dad.

Simon: Here Garf, your turn.

Garf: Hey! Knock it off! Why’d you hit me for? Don’t throw things…

Ethan: you’re supposed to catch it…

Simon: Swish! Swoosh! Pistashio!