Writer’s Log #14

Finished two books. 

Got new books for the library 

And hot chocolate…

To mix with coffee 

Actually sat down and wrote some letters today. 

No one ever tells you about the part of writing, where you hate it. Because you have to sit down and be away from your family. It’s very isolating. And some days you have to, have to make yourself do it. 

You still love it. I do anyway. But you have to make yourself write. Because even bad writing is better than a blank page. 

Zoom zoom 

Write on. 


Writer’s Log #13

Bought two new cardigans for a dollar. That’s a really cool sweater. And perfect, since my hot roommate, I mean she’s cool for a friend and all. But she keeps the apartment on 65 – year round. The other day she bumped it up to 68 just to be nice. But now I’m used to these ice caps, I can’t deal with a heat rush. So I changed it back. It’s just easier to wear kickin’ sweaters all the time. 

New glasses means I can see during these late night writing sessions. Also, I don’t miss while pouring water for fresh coffee. It’s really a win win.

The X Files is creeping me and Simon out. We had to take a break. 

Which means, shelter dog. AKA, Sleeping Beauty is asleep on the couch. 

Went to see my doctor today. It was ok. Everything is fine. And they’re fine. I always like to check on them annually, make sure I’m not going to have to be sent back out into the world looking for a new doctor. 

I had a sinus infection for a week and finally broke down and went to a rapid health clinic after work. There were about 75 people in front of me. A small herd. I was sitting there paranoid and certain I would leave with some unknown virus. If not from a person,from a chair or the check in board. And then I remembered I have my very own personal doctor. So I called them and asked them if they could call me in something. And they did. So I left and felt a great deal better.

Doctor visits are the perfect time to write, because, you know how quickly they get around to seeing you. But I really can’t complain. This ten hour visit was really a four hour visit. I only waited an hour. 

And now back to writing other things…


The River was still. Bugs swarmed the area. Agent Baldwin slowed his Bronco to a stop. Looking the area over. The dead coyote laying still beside the bank. 

– What’ve we got? 

– Another animal gone rogue. Jumps a local while he’s fishing, in broad daylight. Crashed into his driver’s side window. Lucky it was up. First thing he noticed was all the bugs. 

He shrugged his shoulders and swatted the flies away. Looking over the dead coyote. 

– Strange behaviour. Especially for this time of year. 

He sighed. Checked his phone. Another call. Another local. 

– Bag it up and bring him in. I’ll have Janice look him over. Thanks for calling me, Darryl. 

– Don’t mention it. 

Darryl shook hands and climbed back into his car. 

Baldwin looked over the area one more time before starting his old Bronco and heading to town. 

Beagle in the City #158

That moment you realise you’ve successfully documented your best friends life with over 157 blog posts and countless images….

And they’re not even two yet. 

Simon: are you talking about me?

Ethan: well, yeah man. 

Simon: Well I was looking at that paper on the wall…it has mom’s name on it…so what shelter did you get her from?

Ethan: marriage…it doesn’t work like that… 

Simon: It looks like it says…

Ethan: it doesn’t . 
Adopt don’t shop 

Things that suck 

In case you haven’t felt 

Your age lately 

Grab on to your cane 

There are grandparents who identify as 90s kids 

There are parents who were born in the year 2000 

You may not be able to tell a kid about a time without electricity,but you can tell them about a time before everyone had access to the internet. 

they will consider you old for this 

A kid born in 2000 will never have trouble remembering their age-if they do,punch them for it. 

Any music earlier than 2009 is old to any teenager today. 

Drunk sex.

Writer’s friend Arthur, 

As in  Arthritis.


Running out of sponges 

Wanting bacon but not wanting to clean up the kitchen after 




Rejection letters

Things that don’t suck….

Sober sex.



Writing a pro\con list without involving world news or politics. 







(How to properly take a bath. For anyone born after 2000.  Take shower. Make sure you’re clean. Run hot bath with bath salts and lavender. Light candles. Bring a book, podcast, or your naked wife into bath with you.

P.S. if your phone is plugged into charger do NOT bring it into bath you WILL DIE.)



Random makeout sessions 

My wife in high heels 

My wife in anything 

My wife in nothing 


Post cards 

Ink pens 

Old typewriters 

Hard sole shoes 

Hot chocolate 




Goofie socks 



The Beach 

Handwritten letters 


Book stores 



Sci Fi and other things 

It’s important to note. Blade Runner 2 just dropped it’s trailer. Which is a different film than Blade. This trailer is spine tingling and everything you hoped it would be. For perspective (those of you born in the years 2000-2001)  I have prepared some rare photos made not rare because of the internet.

You know, that thing you’ve never been without. No not your phone. Not Facebook either or snapchat. Or your watch. It is the thing that gives you fb and everything else. Well, it used to be separated from your phone. Kind of like an iPad or a surface. Only you had to dial into it and take a shower waiting for it to connect. Hopefully by coffee, you had checked your email. No that’s not a fashion box add in your newsfeed. That’s Harrison Ford. 

Ridley Scott being Ridley Scott 

We’ve been waiting for so long. Feeding on rumours of a sequel to Blade Runner. Again,different than Blade. 

How long have we been waiting? 

35 years

1982 was a few minutes ago

And Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott were a lot younger then. 

Frankly, I’m just grateful  they’re still with us for this moment. 

I know it’s sci fi but it opened the doors for so many other stories 

And I started writing like crazy after watching this film. 

So I had to write about the sequel 

Even if it’s a let down at least we finally got it. 

And people can say the original sucked and it was confusing like a riddle inside an enigma or an idea that wasn’t finished. Or how did they actually pitch this idea and they didn’t really like it.

To all of that, I raise you, not one or two or three, but five Sharknado.