Beagle in the City 258

Francis: Hey,when is supper around here?

Ethan: you already ate.

Francis: what about seconds and snacks and desserts?

Ethan: Francis, I don’t know how to tell you, but you’re fat.

Francis: Lies! But, I am hungry.

Ethan: you’re on a diet

Francis: abuse!

Francis: This is my winter coat. . . It’s to protect me from predators.

Ethan: does it protect you from diabetes?


The lights in this town

Keep fading, flickering


All my dreams

Are buckets of rain

And the neighbours


Kicking and screaming

Forget about the mind numbing

Games that we play

Just to convince ourselves to stay

The sidewalks made of clay

But our hearts are made of Stone

Forget about it

Are we ever changing

Oh are we really changing

Or are we just wore out?

All these new kids in town

Fresh faced

Walking in like they’re Old Gangster

I’m about ready to

She’s about ready to wear it out

The coffee makes you anxious

And the paper mill shut down

And we all know

That we are raging

Our eyes are aging

Here is the change

All of these days

All of these days

All of these days

If I gave them back to you

What would you

Who would you give them to …



When we’re the broken

standing next to the lonely

Are we any better

Than what we came here

To forget ?


I’m just out here

Looking for a shelter

She reminds me

Shelter is also a human touch


Are we getting better ?

Has anything really changed?

Children of poor fathers and broken mothers

Repeating the same routines –

She said she loved a girl –

What is Love anyhow-

She said

Don’t tell me you’ll stay forever

Just tell me when you’re ready to leave

Have we come here to make these things better, how can we come together…


Walk with me

Just a mile


Is my flesh so weak

Am I really so broken down

Can I – I would that I could

The storm keeps on blowing

The waters keep on rising

It’s not the swimming

It’s not the drowning

It’s only the breathing


She pulls me back together

She settles me down

Red hair

Her lips

Her kiss

And she settles all my broken bones


I don’t have to walk these roads


Are we getting better?

Or are we just the same …

You know, I can’t remember what I came here to forget…


For just one moment

Turn off the noise

The ads

The articles

The videos

The echo in the canyons of your mind


Look at what you grew through

Where we – what we- came from

Look into your own eyes

Here today


Post, 9/11

Post, Katrina

Post, the financial crisis

Post, the war on terror

Post, social media



What is anyone reading….


Look at what you came through

Now, don’t let anyone

Or anything

Not even yourself…

Tell you otherwise….


You were built to last

You are a survivor

You matter

And even though the world will never be the same

Those of us who remember

A world before,

We lived through it,

We lived through it,

Cannot be fooled

And we will not abide

Shallow waters

We demand the depths

To wash us clean

And we will rise above it

Into the sunrise

And we will continue to seek out

A better future for ourselves

Because we have lived

A thousand lives

And dreamed a thousand dreams…

And we are still living- still dreaming- still fighting

Yes, even ourselves

But we were built to last…


Through these fires…

We demand the depths…

And I don’t know that our eyes

Look at the world the same

As those who were born, after,

Or even before,

I think everyone carries their own burdens

But this is an old flame

And it changes you…

It can’t help but change you…

It hollows you out

And replaces your thoughts

With echoes of loss

It hollows you out

Bone and marrow

And builds a fire inside you

That only the moon

The ocean

And the stars can understand

I hope you understand

You were built to last

What else is there?


She grew up

Talk of this town

I fell in love

Fell in fast

Before her boots

Hit the ground

And she just said

Nothing’s built to last

She took my love

To the edge of town

Gunning for the city limits


Before the setting sun makes its rounds

My radio

Keeps selling me

The same old broke down songs

For a remedy

My pickup truck

It’s gut broke

Can’t get me outta this town


She took my love

She took me down


She can kill an hour

Kill a year



You’d want

And she knows your need


Shell shake the dust of this town

She can’t be contained

But she’ll set you free…


I hope you found the love

To settle your nerves

Shake the dust

Of this old earth

Of this worn town

He loved a boy

With a smile

From the lost and found

But lately we’ve not seen him around

And I wonder

If we would ever grow past

what we know

And woman

Oh woman

I hope

You know

I love you body

And soul

And all the fires

That fill this winter

Oh woman

Oh woman

I would that I could talk with you tonight

Shake the dust of this earth

From these bones

And make it alright