Beagle in the City#214

Ethan: Hey buddy, mom says you’re not doing good? How are you feeling?

Simon: Not so good,dad. I got the IBS.

Ethan: What did you eat?

Simon: What did you feed me?

Ethan: I didn’t feed you dumpster sludge…

Simon: You fed me a kale last month…


Beagle in the City #213

Simon: Hey dad, what is that on your socks?

Ethan: Chili peppers and tacos…

Simon: So you always wear funny socks?

Ethan: I guess so,

Simon: Thats cool I guess

Simon: Hey dad, I think we should have tacos tonight.

Beagle in the City #212

Space, the final walk. These are the trackings of the Pawship Pooper. It’s 77 dog year mission to sniff out strange new bones, and new packs. 

Paw date 759, after a long journey, in our shuttle, we encountered a storm, it sucked us into a time leash, we lost an hour…when we came out of the storm it was 3am…

Crash landing on a new planet, there are strange new creatures…black fur balls… with ferocious bites…and only three teeth

But after wrestling with one of these … I have been been bitten in the jugular.

Seeking shelter, I’m trying to make contact with, my crew…

Ethan: Now, you see, that’s what you get for jumping on Garf. . .

Beagle in the City #211

Simon: Garf! Dad is going to be home soon.

Garf: I don’t care.

Simon: We always have lunch together. He brings the best sandwiches…

Garf: I don’t care.

Simon: You have to hurry because he has to go back the work.

Garf: I’m retired.

Ethan: Hey buddy. What have you been up to?

Simon: Napping mostly. When do we eat the sandwiches?

Ethan: I brought shrimp poboys…

Simon: poboys!

Beagle in the City #209

Ethan: Hey Simon. I didn’t know you were sitting there.

Simon: Hey dad! Of course I’m sitting here.

Ethan: you’re a good writing buddy. You always show up.

Garf: Are you writing about breaking your golf club? That was a funny story.

Simon: Quiet old man. Dad has to concentrate…

Garf: Golf is hard!

Ethan: Thank you…but no…I was trying to forget about that.

Simon: Hey dad. So. Are you going to share those cookies or what…

Ethan: you bonehead…why would I share these with you?

Simon: Because we are buddies and also, I licked three. Those right there.