Beagle in the City #216

Simon: What’s for dinner?

Ethan: Cajun Salmon Salad.

Simon: What are you doing with that knife?

Ethan: Oh I have to cut the skin off the salmon. See? I just get in the corner,

Simon: Ugh!!

Ethan: Peel it back, wrap it around my finger and cut and peel.

Simon: ugh! I’m sorry (gags) it’s just so gross (gags)

Ethan: That’s what you get for being curious.

Simon: And you play jazz while you do this. You’re like a cereal murderer.

Ethan: That’s not how you say that but ok.

Simon: Such a dark side…


Beagle in the City #215

Simon: I’m just saying, James Bond should have a dog.

Ethan: I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t see why he would need one.

Simon: 007 1/2

Ethan: What would he be licensed for?

Simon: To steal lunches and sniff butts.

Ethan: I bet Garf has been licensed to kill. He’s a tough guy. This is probably just his retirement.

Simon: What, that’s not true…he was adopted.

Ethan: I don’t know where he even came from, I don’t even know his past. He was probably lost on a mission. He just showed up one day.

Simon: …

Beagle in the City #212

Space, the final walk. These are the trackings of the Pawship Pooper. It’s 77 dog year mission to sniff out strange new bones, and new packs. 

Paw date 759, after a long journey, in our shuttle, we encountered a storm, it sucked us into a time leash, we lost an hour…when we came out of the storm it was 3am…

Crash landing on a new planet, there are strange new creatures…black fur balls… with ferocious bites…and only three teeth

But after wrestling with one of these … I have been been bitten in the jugular.

Seeking shelter, I’m trying to make contact with, my crew…

Ethan: Now, you see, that’s what you get for jumping on Garf. . .

Beagle in the City #211

Simon: Garf! Dad is going to be home soon.

Garf: I don’t care.

Simon: We always have lunch together. He brings the best sandwiches…

Garf: I don’t care.

Simon: You have to hurry because he has to go back the work.

Garf: I’m retired.

Ethan: Hey buddy. What have you been up to?

Simon: Napping mostly. When do we eat the sandwiches?

Ethan: I brought shrimp poboys…

Simon: poboys!