Beagle in the City #232

Ethan: I’m just saying resolutions are made to be broken and everyone initially fails and mid year falls into a depression…

Simon: I’m going to relax more and take it easy.

Ethan: From what? You don’t do anything…

Simon: That’s because I have the same resolution every year.

Ethan: you’re only three years old!

(Fireworks explode)

Garf: Ruuuun, hide, it’s the end of the world! (Cough!) I’m too old for this! Not again!

Ethan: it’s just fireworks guys

Simon: Come on dad we can hide in the dryer. I saw this in a dogumentary!

Ethan: This happens every year guys, since when do you care about fireworks!

Garf: We’re all gonna die!!!

Ethan: come on guys, how about pizza and movies instead?

Simon: Cheesy garlic knots?