The Ballad of Anne Hall

Anne Hall

Hear her call

She lives in the RV at the end of it all

5 little ones

Everyone knows she just can’t feed anymore

If houses are homes

Well hers

it’s coming down

And winter it keeps coming

But summer is hell

But they kept saying

Anne you can have it all

If you just clean up a little

Smile a little more

And Anne

She keeps praying

She keeps praying that her kids just won’t wake up to this anymore.

The rain was thundering

The lightning crashing

Like a ship breaking through a shore

A tornado

Like the finger of god

Scorched the earth across town

Everyone’s eyes were blind

The hunger

Was passed off

As crazy

eyes of Anne


One night

The rain thundered down

She came to the Emergency

The blood ran down

Like the rain against the windows of everyone’s white washed streets

Anne prayed don’t let me have another mouth to feed

And everyone met again

At the square

Now Anne

doesn’t have a dollar to pay for her pills or her bills

And Anne couldn’t make the trip

Anne Hall

Hear her call

The day they put Anne in the ground

At the back of the gate

the council met

Behind doors that locked

And children with filled stomachs

Tucked away in their beds

and a hard rain fell

It fell

And in the emergency

A new mother cries …

And even today

Everyone is quiet when they pass by

Where there was an RV at the end of it all…

30 for 30 (She’s going to make me lonesome when she goes)

October 1st

She smokes her cigaret

Stares out the dirty windows

Waiting for someone to come in

She feels paranoid

But when they do come in

She sits with them

Pours them a cup of tea

Makes sarcastic remarks

She gives them books to read

A trail of smoke follows her every where she goes

Her red hair is pulled up under a bandana

Her green eyes carry an age to them …

November 15th

Everyone that comes in leaves

With a story

For the last five years

It’s been me

We all want something

We want to be something

We believe we are making a mark

She has so many opinions

And ideas

She plays the piano

And thinks it’s funny

It being in a library

Dec 12th

I believe she is a muse

Not in the way we use it now

But in the, what is it? The original way

Muses were something that came to an artist

And helped them make art

Dec 24th

I don’t think she knows…

Jan 13th

She’s clouded

And heavy

Maybe she has been around for too long

Or for such a long time

She has forgotten

She is unhappy

Smokes more

Drinks more

Sleeps all day

Doesn’t get up

Or come sit with me like she used to

She just lets me use the library

I cannot write like I used to

I’ve asked her to go away with me

I think she is going away

But alone

she doesn’t laugh

She won’t drink tea anymore

The sunlight doesn’t come in the windows anymore

She’s going to make me lonesome when she goes…

Sept 20th

It’s been a long time since I’ve last written.

But I think I’ve carved out a way.

To just sit and work…

October 31st

I thought I saw her today

In a bookstore

It was just a moment

A flash of red


She looked happy .

Who knows what a muse is?

But maybe

Just maybe

They help us find our way

And our voice…

Who is to say anything is really gone?

Maybe they are there

In ordinary places

Doing ordinary things.

waiting for us to be unexpected



30 for 30 (Highway)

Reality is so much colder

Than imagination

Someone said, if you want to change your partner, change yourself. They will have to adapt eventually.

What is this winter? It’s like walking through broken glass, trying to paint the tornado that wrecked your home town. it’s darker, more frightening, and doesn’t have defining points or lines, its just there, taking up the backdrop….

You can’t tell if it’s night or day.

Everything can be darker, everything has the potential to be overwhelming.

Everyone wants to make their mark…

Here we are

Here we are

Older now

On the wrong side of the highway

The backside of the graveyard

We wanted the world to change

But we forgot

All about ourselves

And it’s a long

Lonely highway

Cold on the ground

Ash in the sky

Pain in the sun

Tomorrow isn’t younger

Like you’re used to…

What’s left of the sand in the jar

How many days

How many desires

How many

How many

I wrote my soul on a napkin

She cleaned her lips

And now

I framed her kiss

I keep it still

And we are older

But her kiss

It is still young


It leads me to believe

Just down the highway

Past the dead leaves

The dreams in the ditch

The overcast sky

The sun still burns hot….

And that’s where stories are made

That’s where the blood runs in your veins

That’s where desire smokes it’s cigaret

30 for 30 (Tides)

Down by the river

Just at the break of dawn

The grass has grown

The water is swamp

My youth is washed



A long time ago

It was clearer still…

And the men go hunting

And time moves through my hands like sand

The physical and torn element

This is time

And I wonder about my place in it

And the women


And used to read

They said there was news shared

But in the world of men and giants and shadows

And ever changing fears


Of cold Mondays

Where do you go

How have you grown?



Kathryn Hepburn

Zelda Fitzgerald

Mae West

Billie Holiday

So many more…

All of their shadows

In the water

Moving by

And by

how easy it would have been

To just sit


And fit in the places made for them

I wonder what they thought

I wonder

What they wrote

I wonder

If you ever see them down by the river


Making tides…

30 for 30 (sand castles)

She tilts her head back

As if to ready a violin

Her hands made into fists

Punching her face

Her mouth foams

Blood runs

From chewing on her tongue and jaw

I have timed


Storms as they pass over

Shop lifters

But this was the longest

Minutes of my life

The seconds carry the weight of hours

After the seizure passes

Like the eye of the storm

It takes half an hour for the cloud mass to break

And clarity to return

I have to repeat answers to questions asked every few minutes

Like fragments

Falling to the earth

Left behind

And she slurs her speech

And I am reminded

How much we take for granted

This idea that everything will be here tomorrow

Exactly as it is today

And I think

How quickly all the lamps expire

And how much of ourselves we put on hold

Betting for tomorrow

How much I didn’t write

Believing I would be

Could be




Tears us apart

And takes away our talents

The people we love

We are so bold

So brass

So full of our youth

We believe

We have time

But the lamps

Are expiring

As I hold my wife

And she is sleeping

I think about

The rain against the window

The dry lightning


The sun is setting

We are not permanent

We are not forever

I think about the orchestra

Playing in rhythm

I think about the shows we’ve seen

The musicals

The theater

I think about

How quickly we are gone

Even stars burn out

Even phoenixes are reborn

Even the air is thin

Between the lightning





Even when denied

Time will prove


As the spring leaves

Are swept away

In the street

This is all we have

All we are

– Ethan Bethune

30 for 30 ( rain )

She’s electric

Traces the space

Between each star

Swears she’s named them all


She’s midnight fire

The eye of the hurricane

I swear, I know nothing at all

She’s here at my door again

I’m lost in her pouring rain

My lips against her skin

Her winds

This breath

This free

And I know

Nothing at all…

30 for 30 #10

(Image origin unknown)

Oh my love 

Feel you dance with me 

Touch you 

In my doorway 


Walk my way 

Show me 

How you walk that way 

I’m done 





Let’s get to the best 

The skin 

The seduction 

Your language 

Undresses me 

I’m not putting you 

On the moon 

We don’t walk that way 

We heat the core of the earth 

Because we move that way 

And now 

The world 

Is burning down 

But I feel you 

I feel you 

And this 

Is what we come here for 

To come 

And come 


30 for 30 #9

His alarm clock blinked 3am 

He had an old clock 

From 1996 

With big red letters 

He had tried an old iPhone 

For a few years 

But he liked having his things prioritised 

Alarm clock 



Everything else was just a fad 


If he lost the damn thing …

He looked in the mirror 

When did he get so old ?

One minute 

He was young 

Getting married

Going to work everyday 

He tried to think …

What was it like?

He didn’t know

The next minute 

They were old

What did they do?

What did they like?

They scrolled on their phones?

For what?


Now everyone used something else 

Fb faded away for snapchat after it had more dead accounts than live ones…and then snapchat went to another thing

What had been so important?

Other people’s lives?

The best he could recall everyone was miserable 

And just trying their best

And now?

Everyone that was left was old 

Who cared what they looked like?

If he logged back in?

It would be memories 

Of what?

An article ? 

On clothes?


A governor?

Who could remember what it was all about?

Who said what 

The shame was seeing how far 

Everyone went to defend an opinion 

Or how much they could swallow 

But what did it matter?

Here he was 

And he couldn’t recall

His own marriage 

His own life 

When was the last time 

He really had done something for his wife

What was the best sex they’d ever had?

The best vacation?

Their favourite sex position ?

The funniest memory?

He couldn’t remember 

What did his wife look like naked

When they were young?

He couldn’t remember 

They spent so much time 

Just scrolling 

And now

He couldn’t get it back  

30 for 30 #7

Today I will relax 

I will read more 

I will clean more 

I will be healthy 

I will want a beer 

But I won’t drink one 

I will 

Rather than get depressed 

laugh at the fact that 


Finally impeached it’s Governor 


The United States has an ‘Alabama Government ‘


I will get out of bed

Walk Simon 

Pine Sol the apartment 

Polish the hardwood 

Clean the kitchen 

Clean the bathrooms 

Good god 

Dump the pine sol in the shower 

(Why are humans so disgusting 

Everyone wants to go back to the past 

Back to bad hygiene? 

Before showers? 

And razors? 

Sounds terrific

Enjoy all of that

This is why we have 

People who can remember 

To put a gun on their hip 

To go to the store at 11am 

But forgets to put deodorant on)

Vacuum the carpets 

Hope I spelled “vacuum” correctly 

Dust the shades over the lights 

Have you seen that dust?

It’s pretty damn bad. 

Today I will consider working out 

But choose to read instead 

Make soup 

Watch pbs 

And listen to podcast while getting ingredients for soup (because I also need sponges and pine sol)

You have to justify getting out some times 

And sponges are a good justification 

I will also remember to put my wife’s scrubs in the dryer 

But only while I’m brushing Simon 

Because he walked past me vacuuming and – dude- he sheds 

He sheds so bad he could do a commercial for doggie baldness 


He’s not bald

Or balding 


I will relax 

I will not worry 

I will read to my dog 

And I will take him with me to the store 

We will see termites eating a tree 

And we will talk about that on the way home. 

Today I will relax.