Thank goodness it’s Friday

It’s a big day today
Everything is marked down
This means everybody with a dollar can buy something

And everybody does

I will be running – non stop – for over 12 hours

I will see countless – thousands of faces

Don’t eat sushi on these days
Don’t , son .
Just don’t

Don’t drink ANYTHING other than water
Water is good

Your legs will cramp sooooo bad if you drink tea – it’s called dehydration .

And if you consume candy , and Caffeine ??
Forget about it
It hits you like a freight train in the chest
You won’t even see it coming

It’s hot outside
You’re moving thousands of cases of water
It’s THE closest thing to farming I’ve done in a long time . Throwing cases of water . Stacking cases of water . Pulling pallets of water .
I think often … How I should work out MORE . On these days . I’m completely out of shape …
I’ve tossed hay bales … Ran from angry bulls … Angry goats … Geese .. The list goes on .
So I don’t mind the running .
It’s just so hot outside .
And sushi ?
Yeah dumbest idea for lunch EVER . Just don’t .

The spot

Recently I wrote about some cool places in Mentone . Well, there is a cool new business here in my home town .

Called The Spot

It’s retro and fresh . Something we need . Every Friday they have live music. Sometimes karaoke ….and you can purchase local art here as well .
So if you’re ever in Fort Payne Alabama , former sock Capitol of the world ….And need a caffeine fix
This is it




The wildflower cafe

If you’re ever in Alabama , preferably Fort Payne Alabama , you should drive up into Mentone just outside of Fort Payne on the mountain . Where you will find anything from Miracle Pottery to The Wild Flower Cafe .

It’s a nice place , with almost a Nicholas Sparks feeling to it .
Prices range from 10 to 30 dollars …
I highly recommend it for a date night . Or a tourist stop for lunch or dinner . With photos and art on the walls for sale it’s definitely a must see for anybody . For anybody will find something they like here .