Beagle in the City #142

Simon: Hey dad! Watcha doing? 

Ethan: Writing.

Simon:  The secret treasure map! 

Ethan: Not quite that. 

Simon: Area 51! 

Ethan:Strike two. It’s National Poetry month. I am trying to write 30 poems. 

Simon: Oh, well you should write about garbage. It’s very powerful. 

Ethan: That’s a good idea. I’ll consider it.

Simon: Dog bones…

Ethan: The struggle of having anal sacks…

Simon: Don’t write that. Are you erasing that? You should erase that. 

Beagle in the City #81

Ethan: What’s up Doc?

Simon: I need your assistance.

Ethan: Sure.

Simon: It is a get well card for my biggest fan.


 “Hey May! 

I’m soRy YooR SIK. I HoPE you get better and  Ketch Sticks real sooN and get too do walks and things. “

How’s that? 

Ethan: I think that’s real good buddy. May will like that. She’s read all of your posts. 

Simon: Maybe one day I’ll meet her?

Ethan: You never know.