Moons (30 for 30)

And the sky moves quicker than my breath,

She woke up feeling older

how do you know,

Where the flowers go when the snow falls?

Only that they return in spring…

And the shadows fall

Filling these empty halls

Can we fix these broken things?

She said all her hope was gone

All her heart was wrong

I sat there waiting

maybe it all comes back around

And if it’s not when you feel it should be


Some, things, love

Always the strong things …



in the moonlight

And the daylight won’t know who you are …

But at night

Under the stars

In the quiet

You will feel your heart heal

And your strength grow

30 for 30 (emotion)



How soon I forget

The world I’m in

She walks in

Everything turns

To smoke and shadows

She has everything I could ever want

And then some

She is

Fire and rain

My eyes have always followed her across the room

You should see the way she moves

I knew when she walked in

I would miss her

This house just isn’t the same

I reach out

But she’s long long gone

Now the moon plays the blues

I watch the sky run

Like a formula one engine

Soon it’s going to storm

And she’s just like that kind of energy

Building up in the sun

She’s everything I would ever need

The only thing I believe

All it takes is a touch

And the sky rains


Photo by Ethan Bethune

30 for 30 (sand castles)

She tilts her head back

As if to ready a violin

Her hands made into fists

Punching her face

Her mouth foams

Blood runs

From chewing on her tongue and jaw

I have timed


Storms as they pass over

Shop lifters

But this was the longest

Minutes of my life

The seconds carry the weight of hours

After the seizure passes

Like the eye of the storm

It takes half an hour for the cloud mass to break

And clarity to return

I have to repeat answers to questions asked every few minutes

Like fragments

Falling to the earth

Left behind

And she slurs her speech

And I am reminded

How much we take for granted

This idea that everything will be here tomorrow

Exactly as it is today

And I think

How quickly all the lamps expire

And how much of ourselves we put on hold

Betting for tomorrow

How much I didn’t write

Believing I would be

Could be




Tears us apart

And takes away our talents

The people we love

We are so bold

So brass

So full of our youth

We believe

We have time

But the lamps

Are expiring

As I hold my wife

And she is sleeping

I think about

The rain against the window

The dry lightning


The sun is setting

We are not permanent

We are not forever

I think about the orchestra

Playing in rhythm

I think about the shows we’ve seen

The musicals

The theater

I think about

How quickly we are gone

Even stars burn out

Even phoenixes are reborn

Even the air is thin

Between the lightning





Even when denied

Time will prove


As the spring leaves

Are swept away

In the street

This is all we have

All we are

– Ethan Bethune

Famous Last Words

There are some things we just won’t talk about,

It’s all in the last words

Of famous men

that’s what she would say

We are in the same room

But thousands of miles away

And what do we know

And how am I to know

The things you will never show

You’re always going away…

The papers say we won the war

But I feel as though

I lost her heart today

And all at once

I felt hollowed out

Just a lost soul

But I kept this mind

The things we’ll never know

The things you’ll never show

Can I blame you?

The blood stains the earth

The skies turn to overcast

And it’s all to shame

But one touch from her

Would end the pain

One word from her would

Send the rains

How could know?

I can’t read your mind?

We are worlds apart

I never thought I’d pack these bags

I never thought I’d be on this train

I never saw

The forecast for all the skies

There are some things

We just won’t talk about

And we spend our years

Thinking we are doing

Fine and we forget

We forget

How easy it is

To leave words unsaid

Worlds behind

with only our hearts


All our love

on the line

Dust on Dust

(Bleeding ink )

Dust on dust

Summer starts in June and ends in Jan…

The longer you sit

and hope for a breeze

The more cigarettes you smoke

dehydrate a little more

Everyone loses their voice

eyes dry out

Doesn’t matter anyway

It was a dry county just yesterday

Popping allergy pills

And opioids

Just to get them to the well

The ditches along the railroad dyed from the mills

Now they’re long gone

The trains are stalled

Only the sign is left inside the bar

Where we all gather and talk about how it used to be

Some turned into apartments

Where my dog sits in the window

Looking out for me

It’s difficult for a stranger to remember

But these ghosts

Are all over this place

It took everything from our parents

And they say it will never be the same

They say there used to be standing ground

For 75k people

To play the music

But all of that left some time ago



It feels just like

All of our youth


Spent living

All of our


Spent dying

What’s left

To dream with?

Or are we


To spend the next

Best years


For these answers why…

Don’t let them

Slip you by …

it feels like we all know someone

Who knows someone

Who has a story to tell

About the days gone by

Like a nervous system

Underneath the surface of these streets

We all have something we can finally talk about

But don’t let it get you down


She plans on gettin out

She’s counting the days of the year

Until it gets her right

You can’t sit down and cry about it

You keep moving forward

A little at a time

Working on the change

Staying off the chain gang

That’s how you turn it all around


These are our towns

These are hard times but at least they’re our times

-ethan S bethune

Black Weather Sunshine

Tie your caution up

Hand it over to your nightmare

The one where they

never hear you scream

you can always find

The full moon

Behind her eyes

Like the black weather sunshine

daughter of the devil

The mark on the inside of her thigh

And you could leave

Leave this world

While you were inside

Should I be here?

We would’ve found

Each other

Even if we reached

From the outside

Escape, the sameness,

Even on the coldest nights

She’s blue flame

In my veins

Tongue tied

between her thighs

Haunted October #4

The strangeness 

Of watching 

The towns you grew up in 

Slowly age 

Like dead weather 

Coming up in your lungs 

The colors fade 

Like winter 

Always dragging

The streets down 

No one ever gets ahead 

No one ever gets out 

You wear it 

Like leather 

And you age with it 

Maybe our stories 

Are all tied together 

Maybe this really is the winter of our discontent 

Did you drink it away

Did you kill it away 

Did you find your way 


you find your shelter

You survive another day

Small towns with big hearts 

Big eyes 

Watching the world burn

Living on the ashes 

Calling it welfare 

Believing it can build a future 

Still I sit down

I write anyway 

Bleeding Ink #1057

Maybe I’m a fool 

To surrender in your wake 

We all get what we deserve 

Does it matter anyway?

Do you remember how we got here?

This house where we loved 

Where we touched 

Where we discovered what we hate-

Now it’s just as empty as my thoughts-

-Your eyes when you look away

Echo coming 

Or is it morning rain?

How many days passed while I

stared into this screen

Internet to the palm 

Power in the pocket 

Do we surrender in the wake

Old ghosts 


Listen to what they say…

We’ve all been here 

We’ve all been here 

We’ve all been this empty before

Remember when we knew how much we could take? 

Give me enough to stand


Enough to wait

Maybe I’m a fool to surrender in your wake 

Bleeding Ink #1053

Watch the water 

Fill these rooms 

The cities 

The sunrise 

Pass the past 

The years gone by 

The words I’ve written 

Laid out to die 

Life and death 
Come hand in hand 

Mixed with all the other sands

You will find 

the extraordinary 

With the familiar 

A few feet from your room 

There she lies 

The erotic 

The unseen 

The new 


The familiar 

The illusion 
Of what we have here 

Folded between 

The lie of certainty 

Life and death 

Come hand in hand 

With all the other sands 

We didn’t die suddenly 

We died slowly 

Breakfast to lunch-

Day by day-

Little by little-

Until the hours turned to minutes-

And we were left with the check-

Try to leave it all behind 

All the less 

All the truth 

All the shadows 

All we leave behind 

The rooms filling with water 

Let it be enough 

What kind of writer 

Am I?

What kind of lover?

What kind of human ?

Cover to cover 

Change will come to you 

It’s just outside the room