I have slight arthritis in my hands. I can tell when it’s going to rain. A couple of weeks ago,it hurt so bad I had a hard time writing. I usually write letters to my wife since she works a different schedule than me. So instead I just cleaned and brought her lunch. 

It really scared me though,because I never thought about not being able to write before. Until then. 

I think The Arts are so important. You can create something from nothing. Maybe social media makes that easier than it used to be, or even should be. 

Slam Poets get up and speak with passion in their voices…

But I don’t think it’s safe to relive every creation. You know? I think we have to be strong enough to separate ourselves and deliver our creations…our work…tell the story,without self harming ourselves,walking through old coals and dead fires.  

That’s not good mental health.

Writing and creating,photography, all of it…it’s such a special thing. These are the things we give back…we take care of each other with. It’s the proof we were here. 

Not everyone is going to understand that. And that’s ok. And someone is going to be offended. That’s a given. But speak. Work. Create. Tell your story as only you can. Keep moving forward. No one else is you. And that’s a beautiful thing. We are not meant to be alike. 

Every occasion and every moment. You see things no one else ever will. 

Make your art.

I love you guys. Thank you for all of your support and everything you do. 


The Mexican ( and other stories)


So I’m pretty sure my Dog is a racist. Either that or he has been watching far too much Fox News or Facebook. Gosh dang it, he’s probably a Republican too. 

If you’re new here. Understand. I live in the south. You know, the ones offended by all the things. 

I’m only writing to help you escape. It’s ok to laugh. Anything else gives you cancer. Or something worse,hemorrhoids. And neither of those are good for your sex life…Always feeling like you have to go to the bathroom. Nauseous from your chemo. It’s just really difficult to stay in the moment. Or so I’m told. 

Hey, if you live long enough. You don’t have to have sex anyway. You’re back to just living for Saturday cartoons. But you’re older now, so you call them Fox News and Republicans. Or just those people on Facebook. 

See what I did there?

Anyway, my dog. 

The fierce protector. 

I was letting him use the bathroom and it was late at night. A little bit of rain going on. He always has to go in the tall tall grass where no one can see that he too has to take a dump. He always pops his head up so he can see that I’m still there though. Because, he’s a fierce protector. 

His bark is scary. I’ve learned this from all the barking moments at 2am. And he’s a fierce protector, because he stays under the blankets while barking. Never having actually left the bed. 

But the racism was new to me. 

It was dark and raining. And he was in the grass doing his thing. 

And I looked over and saw this Hispanic walking up with a hoodie (you see where this is going) and he had his ear buds in listening to his tunes. And I thought, oh Crap. 

Simon’s head pops up looking for me. And he sees this guy walk right passed us…and tears out of the grass, razor back fur… Barking and whaling…

The guy just freezes mid walk.

And our fierce protector runs…not towards this guy. But passed him. And straight for the apartment. Screaming like “Mexican. Hoodie!! Run!!! Dad run!!”

I’m standing  there just staring. The guy shrugs his shoulders and actually shakes his head because my dog is too chicken and afraid of the dark to actually do anything. He starts walking again. And Simon looks over his shoulder, realizes I’m not panicking like him. And skids against the door circles around and runs back,still howling. 

I was so mad. I mean thanks for all the protection,bud. 


I’m going to be 27 this year. I actually remember the first time I used the Google. I was so amazed. I just sat there and tried to think of what to search for. So I typed in cars. And then I was at a friend’s house and he accidentally showed me porn hidden in his minimized screen and I never searched for anything else again.


I actually continued thinking of things throughout the week to search for at the library. Because one, I was that kid and two we didn’t have the Internet. 

Yeah, Cell phones  were flip phones with green screens. And Facebook wasn’t here yet. And when it did hit, man, only college kids could use it . And they changed that…and then they had that clever “what’s on your mind or how are you feeling? ” And everyone had some funny status just hanging like a banner at the top of their page.


This showed how smart we were. And China and Japan how comfortable we were with computers. 

But it’s amazing how much it’s grown.Have you seen people’s status’ this year?? 

I wish I could see some more  witty and emboldened “nothing Facebook stop asking.” 

 I’ve always written and even built this site from my phone. 

It was difficult and I was sometimes encouraged by the champagne. 

Tumblr was an event . Before it was cool, whilst it was cool and had its secret code language like wind talkers to tell people you were on there. And then it faded a bit. 

I was homeschooled,man. 

But with social media like that ?

You met cool kids all over the world. 

And even the tamest coolest and lamest got scared and worried or infuriated about the same things as you. 

And everyone all over the world got super horny  and weird every Friday. Everyone. And then tumblr was like, ” we should probably  add some firewalls or something” But the cool thing was , everyone voiced and debated and it was safe. So you learned and you were like “holy shit this rape thing is a big problem. Gays should be able to just get married. We should talk about this.” 

And then you walked outside and remembered you lived in America and we’re still uncomfortable with the fact that women masturbate and enjoy sex …we use it to sell things  but we will not talk about it. Pass laws,yes, take away birth control, hell to the yeah, I mean everyone thought that if it was rape the body just shut that down. Or …that it was ok because you were there. And if you show up?? You had to be ok with it. Or whatever happens in a marriage bed is ok. 

By everyone I mean, all the men. 

No one really said 

Hey, if she isn’t having fun. It’s not ok. 

Or if she isn’t in the mood, it’s not ok. 

Or if she changes her mind, It’s not ok. 

Or hey,it’s actually not supposed to hurt your first time. If it does, they’re going too fast and need to slow down until you’re really turned on. 

We’ve come a long way 

And I feel incredibly old 

And now 

That I’m older and funnier 

And actually cool 

My wife has reminded me…. Another perspective 

We still need to be talking about things. 

About what we like. About our expectations when we get older. About the fact that when I walk our racist hilarious dog. I’m just walking a dog and people wave. 

When she walks him,she has to wear earbuds and music so she doesn’t hear the dumbasses cat calling and blowing their horns. 

And we’re taught to expect this. 

A lot of rapes are happening inside marriages.

and that’s not ok. These are things that are not ok. And we should just keep our hands off women’s rights already. We will never as men understand their walk. Not fully. We should protect and fight for and beside them if anything. But leave their healthcare alone. And their rights alone. 

Moving on 

My dog is still afraid of milk bones. He also loves butterflies…and smelling flowers. Dirty Dancing and Gilmore Girls. 

But he did throw up on a brand new rug…so there’s that.  

And we’re working on the racist thing.


How to find a category 

Hello all.

Someone recently brought it to my attention …

That finding categories on their mobile was difficult.


All you have to do 

Is click on the title of whatever post 

Or any post 

And then scroll to the bottom of said post 

And there you will find categories and a search bar where you can put any name or word that you think may reference a post you can’t find. 

But you have to click on the title of a post. Because I have endless scrolling. 

If you are on a desk top 

Hey…it’s easy … It’s the left panel of the screen. 

I thought that was cool. Because I use my phone. And always have. I don’t even have a computer. Ha ha. 

And now you know. 

I hope this helped. 

Really, I do. 

Have a great weekend. 

And remember 

It’s almost haunted October again 

Thanks guys for your all of your support. 

You all are so awesome. 


Thank you 

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. For all your support and everything you do. Every time you like or share a post, you are doing far more than you realize. And it makes all the difference. So thank you. This may be the stats from my FB page. But you are involved in all of it. And every little part counts. 

You are all amazing. Thanks again. 

New Look

Hey everyone. I’ve given this site a facelift…however…it remains easy to navigate. And should adapt easily to any mobile devices. 

You still have the menu in the header and categories for poetry,essays,shorts, at the bottom of the page-As well as a month by month archive and search bar. 

Remember, you can like my page on FB  (regarding samuel)

and Instagram @esbethune

Thanks again. I hope you have a great weekend. 

From the captains chair

My add campaign
On FB has just finished !!
Thank you for all your support

My book
‘Bleeding Ink’
Will be ready
By the first of the year
And available
For purchase
I’m self publishing
This baby

Which means

I need you guys !!
To write things
In notebooks
And on hands
Hell,plagiarise even

It’s all marketing
Help me push this thing
Through social media
It’s nothing without
You-the reader.

So thanks for all you do
And have done
You are awesome.

And one other
I’m starting
‘Haunted October’
(I’m sure you’ve noticed)

This is short stories
Fit for the season
Enjoy ….