Thank you 

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. For all your support and everything you do. Every time you like or share a post, you are doing far more than you realize. And it makes all the difference. So thank you. This may be the stats from my FB page. But you are involved in all of it. And every little part counts. 

You are all amazing. Thanks again. 

New Look

Hey everyone. I’ve given this site a facelift…however…it remains easy to navigate. And should adapt easily to any mobile devices. 

You still have the menu in the header and categories for poetry,essays,shorts, at the bottom of the page-As well as a month by month archive and search bar. 

Remember, you can like my page on FB  (regarding samuel)

and Instagram @esbethune

Thanks again. I hope you have a great weekend. 

From the captains chair

My add campaign
On FB has just finished !!
Thank you for all your support

My book
‘Bleeding Ink’
Will be ready
By the first of the year
And available
For purchase
I’m self publishing
This baby

Which means

I need you guys !!
To write things
In notebooks
And on hands
Hell,plagiarise even

It’s all marketing
Help me push this thing
Through social media
It’s nothing without
You-the reader.

So thanks for all you do
And have done
You are awesome.

And one other
I’m starting
‘Haunted October’
(I’m sure you’ve noticed)

This is short stories
Fit for the season
Enjoy ….