Fox and Lola 

  Photo origin (Kai Fagerström)

Part One

Just outside of a city where nothing really happens. On Willow Avenue,there is a Children’s Hospital. A bit of woods, and a playground. An old horrifying playground. 

You can see this playground from the windows of the Hospital.Everyone said it was terrible. Because it was beside the hospital. And the kids had to look at it all of the time. But most of the kids didn’t like looking out of their windows.Except for Lola.

 On the second floor,in the 23rd room. Sitting at her window. There was Lola May who liked old things. And her condition didn’t bother her that much. Though,her Doctors seemed to keep a lot from her. Which led her to believe she was probably a good deal worse than she actually felt. Especially the way her parents carried on, whispering, with concerned faces and tears. 

But the playground.It was always the same. Everything was old. And empty. Lola pretended to see all the kids that must have – at some point in time – there had to be a time when it was used- why have a playground that isn’t used? 

Yes,even though some days she really felt down. She would ask the Book Nurse  (that’s what she called her.Because she always brought her books) to move her to the window…so she could see the kids play.

“But there’s no kids out there,Lola”

“I know,but I can see them in my head,like when I read the books you give me.”

And so she would sit and look out the window. Even though nothing ever happened.

Except for today. 

Today was important. Even though she didn’t know it. Because when her eyes would get too tired to read She was going to get a visitor. 

After 75 years of nothing ever happening,Something was about to happen in the playground.

Lola was about to meet, Fox.


She doesn’t completely see him at first. Just a flash of color between the merry go round and the swings…but she knows he’s there. Because after nothing happening for 302 days outside that window.Not even a bird,you know when you see something.

Dead Sea Soup 

Sometimes we spend the weekend at grandmas. She’s pretty cool.She has a cow. A horse, a boa constrictor And a dog. I still think she should get an elephant though. 

Sometimes she gives us a bath outside With the water hose. But that’s usually after we have covered ourselves with rocks and mud (We were trying to be statues) She used Dead Sea soap. She said “it’s naturally antibacterial.Which means it kills germs.”

But this weekend she wasn’t feeling good. So, I decided, because I’m the oldest.That we should make soup.That’s what the adults always do for us. So we made it out of everything we like …Tomatoes,Noodles,Cheese And then I remembered. Dead Sea soap is all natural! And that means it’s healthy And it fights germs. Because it’s antibiotic!. And so we threw that in there And we gave it to her.

It must have made her feel better. Because she moved really fast when we told her it was Dead Sea soup.