So great a salvation

Go with me to a dark place
Draped with burden
Where Jesus is praying
So stressed that his sweat becomes blood
We are no more like Jesus
Then when we pray for others

The cross
Borrowed from the Persians
Inflicted by the Romans
To prolong death
The torture
The pain
The isolation
And suffering
This was the cross
He knew what it was

He came for the lost
The hopeless
Not the misplaced and almost perfect
There’s nothing we can ever do to be enough
Because we are enough
He sees us as we are
And chooses us

It’s about depth
And compassion

We read through the bible in a year?
Who cares
Are you better than when you began?
Are you growing?
Is it changing your life?
How different is your faith today
Than when you first began ?
Are you trusting?
Are you loving?
Where’s compassion
Do you love yourself?

We have this image of God knocking at our hearts door
And waiting forever but he’s a jealous God and he will not wait forever
It’s not about escaping hell
It’s not about fireproof it’s about a relationship
Surrendering all
Not pointing a finger
Not demanding people get it right
Before we help them
“If you had known what this means, ‘I desire compassion and not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the guiltless.”

He wants us all
It’s personal
With nations falling apart
“I surrender all”
With our families falling apart
“I surrender all”
With our soul falling apart
“I surrender all”
This is the essence
Of the gospel
Not profiles
He’s about restoring your soul
Freeing us from isolation
Walking with us
The lost
The hopeless cases
Not misplaced
Almost perfect
We were chosen
So we live and we live
If we fly off the handle at people without understanding
And compassion ?
Then what are we
We must live like Christ
Because we know
What we have been
And what great salvation
This truly is.


Faithful unfaithful

Life is a process .
We are in process .

The minute you hit her
The minute you cut off affection
The minute manipulation begins
The using
The minute you see her as an object.
That is unfaithfulness.

Unfaithfulness is more than what we’ve been taught to believe
I’ve heard many, many women say they can handle anything but silence …
You won her heart
That’s great
Are you still fighting for it ?

People evolve daily,personalities change – We change
Are you still trying to learn about her, grow with her ?

This life
It’s about what we say
And what we mean
It’s about who we invest our love and time in

It’s not so much about who we are becoming
As how we treat those along the way.Love, it’s difficult, it’s compromise,it’s honest.
It’s two people with their own things
Two lives
raw and open.
But it is worth it

I have no assumptions or  answers
I’m not going to pretend .  I’ve seen so many people hurt
I’ve heard so many people talk . Life isn’t about what we know
Or who’s right . It’s about healing and living
And being what each other need in the required moments. Life is about being real .
Be real .

Faithful,is about being real with one another
Learning and growing
And living together
When you start withholding portions of yourself
You cripple a vein in the relationship.

Life is a process .
We are in process .

Lights In The Sky



a little  of God inside each of us


scattered  like stars in the night

the beating power of eternity  thunders inside  each of our chest

the creative life force of  heaven wrapped within  the confines of the imagination

the seedbed of destiny

what if we are stronger than we think?

what if there is no danger in the night?

no stalkers in the dark

what if this chaos , this empty – black pitch

is a canvas for the creative life force within each of us

a backdrop

to paint our destiny

what if we were made with a little bit of God inside of us

What a difference

I would like to…

I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please. Not enough to explode my soul or disturb my sleep, but just enough of Him to equal a cup of warm milk or a snooze in the sunshine. I don’t want enough of Him to make me love a black man or pick beets with a migrant. I want ecstasy, not transformation. I want the warmth of the womb, not a new birth. I want a pound of the Eternal in a paper sack, please. I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please.

Wilbur Reese

Seasons change

484365_570712316280781_257309613_n (1)

You breathe life  into a world so weary

Speak to the heart and lift the eyes

You bring light into a world of shadows

All nations bound by such affliction

Here is  hope for our condition crucified

What love is this?

What grace  is this my eyes cannot perceive

Broken and bruised

Bearing the weight of all darkness and shame

All heaven and earth are  changed

The scars  remain…Jesus

You cleanse our hearts

Jesus, you lift our souls

We are free from these chains

Is this serenity or something else?

Sometimes I wonder what leadership is

Sometimes I wonder what holiness is

Sometimes I wonder….

Is it enough to pull at all the loose ends?

is getting myself together all that salvation demands?

a managed  life in the end?

Does God forgive, no matter what, because that’s just what he does?

– wait a minute ? isn’t that legalism –  salvation by works? as in ” God loves you because you have pulled yourself together and are trying to live a good and disciplined life”

when we see things that make us uncomfortable but see no need to sacrifice our safety  to stand up to them…..I wonder just what our narcotic is.

Or is is it just Formalism?

Sometimes I wonder about ethics , character , courage ,  leadership, compassion, conviction and passion ….

I just wonder…what  America was like and what we were  intended to BE .

America was intended to BE a shining city on a hill . Unlike anything before .

What a calling and opportunity for us to step up for the hour ….but this isn’t the I wonder .

“The complexity of our times hinders the rise of leadership.

Perhaps we have become too analytical to take decisive action . 
We are being pulled in so many different directions that it’s almost impossible to unite behind a leader .” 

– John Maxwell

cheap grace ” – a non – costly love from a non-holy God who just loves and accepts us as we are . That will never change anyone’s life . 

-Timothy J. Keller

is there another way to go?

One where we fight for right and speak out against evil

one where salvation comes in like spring fresh and new , and men are changed

one where we live in the light  with courage and  a boldness which is not our own…

“We are saved by faith alone – but not a faith which is alone” 

– Luther

” Silence in the face of evil is itself  evil ; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak . Not to act is to act. ” 

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the defense of my life;
Whom shall I dread?
When evildoers came upon me to devour my flesh,
My adversaries and my enemies, they stumbled and fell.
Though a host encamp against me,
My heart will not fear;
Though war arise against me,
In spite of this I shall be confident.”

Psalm 27

The psalmist says ” In spite of this I shall be confident ”

and I believe

I believe that we all don’t see things the way a “majority elite ” would have us to

I believe that even when voices tell us to let policies and procedure go unquestioned

That detail and information is none of our concern

I believe that when these voices tell us to be afraid of these things

We will question …without fear

Because these voices don’t speak for the rest of us

I believe

We will pray with conviction

We will hear the call and meet the hour – with a standard

as long as there is a sunrise over America …I believe as  Jonathan in the Bible when  he took the philistine camp  …

“perhaps the LORD will work for us, for the LORD is not restrained to save by many or by few.”

– 1 Samuel 14:6

I still believe in us , you and I .

in the words of  President Reagan in his first inaugural address ;

I believe we, the Americans of today, are ready to act worthy of ourselves, ready to do what must be done to ensure happiness and liberty for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.And as we renew ourselves here in our own land, we will be seen as having greater strength throughout the world. We will again be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not now have freedom. The crisis we are facing today requires  our best effort, and our willingness to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds; to believe that together, with God’s help, we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us. And, after all, why shouldn’t we believe that? We are Americans. God bless you, and thank you .