Stranger Things

I woke up  

Staring at

The darkness




Inside this page

I felt the future

Falling like

An endangered species

Will we finish this race?

I don’t want

To be the one

That hurts you

With words


And unsaid

They say the

most dangerous poison

is the secrets we keep


We leave it all out to bleed

On the butchers floor

How many prayers

How many lives

How much time

In this witch hunt

There’s a parting in us

The smoke inside the ashes

From those we burned

I woke knowing
The future was yours

And we’ll go down


The blood from

Our own tongues



The stains 

This floor

This blank page

This black room

The echo of stars

Filling this empty space

The bitter tomorrow 

Coming in like blood in the tide 

It can’t wash out 

We’ve opened the door

We won’t escape what we’ve become 

And we can’t wash out 

What we’ve shown the world 

We can’t go back.



Image origin (unknown)

that’s what they made
From star dust
To the earth’s crust
no ocean
with its depth
Can ever save you
From what is coming
And all the prayers
That come to you
Could ever lift you
From the gravity
Of what we have done

the Devils tongue
sweat it out

I need some space
To myself
I need just a little more time
I like to keep my own
Just before I come undone

Legions against you
But you were made
With star dust
And earth’s crust
And you have vision
soar with the Eagles
And swim the depth
You see things
You feel things
You carry them
In your bones
But your hands
They are gentle
And you
You are able

Legions against you
We carry on

The universe will catch you

We saw cities fall
We saw marriages fail
We saw Mother Nature take back what’s hers
We saw governments rise
We felt empty and void
We didn’t know what to do
Or how to do it
We just felt it calling us
Shot to pieces

We take these empty places
And we pack them with light
Hoping they stick together
Keep us warm in the night

We stare on into the morning
With blood shot eyes
Caring very little what it brings us
We’ve seen the stars fall from the sky

We stumble in against the current
We try to live the best we can
Ignoring the the thing at the back of our neck

We take people
use them
Or ignore them
We take what they offer us and
We pack these empty places
with their light
Knowing soon it will make no difference
How it began
How well we played
We can’t escape our end
We will give in to the thing
That takes up so much
Energy so much life

Maybe this is why the stars fall…
Maybe we carry the universe inside us
And it’s void
Maybe we pack it with hearts and
Jazz, language and sex
2 am conversations and drunken emptiness .
Maybe we pack it with light …until we give in …
Maybe it falls from the heavens then …
Maybe that’s what that is .
Whatever it is
I hope the universe catches us …


I’m sorry
I’m just a churning mess inside right now
And I have no idea what to do

I’ve been here before
It’ll get better
If I run
Run like crazy
And work out
It starts inside
And works it’s way to the surface
needles picking
And then I get sick
And I can’t breathe
I wish I could sleep
But I can’t do that either
So I write
And I pray
Which isn’t really praying
It’s just me walking and talking
I’ve never been able to pray
Like I did when I was little
And super religious
Now I just
And listen
And write
But more often than not
I find myself crying these days

I feel completely
Completely useless
I’m tired
And I’m afraid I’ll never catch up

Depression is not new to me
Anxiety is not new to me
Sickness and hospitals are not new

I’ve grown up around it
With it

The long nights
Everything I’ve just described
But there’s this dream of an older me
I’m so afraid I’ll never catch you
Reach you
The dream
The light
The promise of a life ….
Where I make you happy .
And that’s when I realize it
I just want to be happy
And if I can help someone else be happy …. Breathe easier …
It gets better

it gets better
It does
It comes and it goes
It scary
You start crying after you wake up from a dream …
A dream …
And you can’t stop .

The images flash across your eyes
The voices from the past …
And you’re froze

I’m not the best at this
I try to hide this
But then I thought
Maybe you could use this
Even this
Because it gets better
I have to believe that



Dreams die quick in our sleep

Survival isn’t cheap


I’m going down

I’ve watched my castles burn to the ground

I’d fuck you in the ashes for a point of view

pour my dark blood on your positive cliché’s

God is dead

he died sometime ago

We get one shot at this

And I blew it

I failed

…if you want to pine away begging from your keepers store house

than go right ahead

but as for me

I’d rather be a thief in the night

than sell my soul like a whore just to have a bed to fuck in

That’s the difference

I see your misery

the cold hollow in your eyes

it doesn’t matter where we’re from

everyone clings to something

for fear of dying and being alone

but we all die

in the end

we’re all alone

the pain never leaves

no matter what we believe

Our time on the floor

your positive words

with friction come to a stop

As demons at night

Take you back where you belong