Dog walking 

We’ve been walking Simon for the past week or so. It’s not so bad. He likes it. I’m sure since my body is only getting older it’s  good for me too, Right?. 

There’s a thing called “leading the pack.” And it’s great. Because you don’t want your dog bossing you around when you get old. 

You can thank Cesar Millan for this. 

Everything is about calm energy.

You lead your dog. 

Which is really great. And helpful. Especially if you struggle with anxiety…it just helps you be more aware of the energy you are walking in. And then you can change it. 

Or at least it does with me. 
We have this one favorite spot. 

A frame shop. They have cats. Lots of cats. Black ones. White ones. And one that is colored just like Simon!.

And they like to wait for us every morning and watch us walk by. And so we stop and say hello. And they pat the window. And look at us like “what a curious dog” 

And then we go on.

Day 1 

Saw cats today. Simon flipped out when he noticed they were following us around the windows.  

Day 2

Stopped to see cats. But they weren’t there. Simon kept looking though.

Day 3

Simon stopped to take a dump in front of the mechanic shop again. How do you scoop up the runs?

Just a black cat today.

Day 4

All the cats came to the window and made Simons day. 


Walk your dog. Get some vitamin D