The Mill

The Bar.

“What’s up stoopid.”

Tara sat down across from me, her brown hair blocking the clock on the church across the street. Fortunately , part of the sun as well.

“What is that brain working on now? Who brings a book to a bar anyway?”

I stared. what do you want Tara?

I had to admit, it felt weird coming back home…the mills closed. Empty buildings, like coffins, waiting for their dead or a hotel with empty floors…just shadows of memory.

Tara smiled, lit a cigarette,

You know, you have to be 21 now.

Hey, we‘re all older.

She laughed.

I closed my book.

Asking myself why I came back home…but I really, already knew.

Maybe that was what bothered me.

Tara hadn’t changed that much. She had a way of moving through the weights and the hard moments. Seemingly unscathed.

I was not so lucky.

I took a breath. Feeling flashes of my childhood walking past me in the street.

While the words remain

Why is there no happiness …

I’ve only found true happiness

While writing.

Take me away

With your x-ray eyes


Don’t look away

Out of the moon

I heard

The devil say


Don’t lock me away tonight

Paths of destruction

We need a revolution

Dylan said a hard rain’s gonna fall

Why is there no happiness

Why is time a sleeper

When our soul’s on fire

Hearts desire

There’s no answer

And the words remain the same

We can walk these streets

All night

The words


The same

Beagle in the City #264

Francis: Did you bring me a snack?

Ethan: Oh shoot, I forgot the snacks.

Francis: So no snacks?

Ethan: I thought you had the snacks…

Francis: I ate all the snacks. Those were last time snacks. This is this time. What about next time?

Ethan: There will definitely be next time snacks.

Francis: Snax

The street you live on

They’ve been spoon fed

A promise

They can not be sure of

But everyone keeps shouting

Which side are you on


Between these newsfeeds

These city streets

The potholes fill the road

It’s just a broken down soul

Can we still live here?


And she says love’s not worth it

But right now

Love is all we have

No matter how deep the hurt


They’re digging up the old graveyard

Trying out the old noose

But no body

Feels any pain

And no body

Feels anything


They’ve been spoon fed

A promise

And they shout

But no body

Hears anything

And they dance

But no body


And she cries tonight

And she breaks

And she fights

And tonight

I don’t see

I don’t feel

I don’t hear



This long time

Old soul


A long time ago

And this pain fills my chest

Just like ….

And it wrecks the street I live on

Just like…



I don’t see

I don’t feel

I don’t sleep

I don’t hear



In the winter of your youth

With the rains on your back

You’ve heard all the stories

You grew up with them

You’re not looking back


And it’s no use to sit and wonder why baby

These times

They’re our times

If you don’t know by now


She keeps petals in her pocket

To keep the winter from changing her

And it seems

She’s circled by the news

Gunshots in the distance

They’re bagging up the hope

For all the dreams

Out in the street


She’s out talking among the trees

In her bare feet

Feeling the dirt

To keep her fires burning


If you don’t know by now

These days are Olympian

These times are changing


And it seemed that knowledge was flooding the gates

Bloodied by the truth that waits

But time,though it froze

It did not hesitate

To cease the people crying

These days are our days now

Do what you will with them…

But history will not hesitate

To relate

What happened here

At the closing of that long dead year…


Strange things


She heals me


Maybe we’re soul mates

lovers in a different life

Born from the same star


I swear you can still see

Remnants burning there

In her eyes


And I swear

You can see her light

In the sky tonight

across the state lines…


You don’t have to know its name

The sun always

Shows up

The sun always shows up

Even through the rain

And I may not be what you want me to be

What I thought I’d be

And I may be pretentious

And a fool

But at least she shows up

At least we show up

Look how we grow

In the storm

Moons (2019)

Let go of all of your weights

You’re free

To forgive yourself

You’re free to

Live with yourself

You’re free

And this heart

Still beating on the butchers floor

And these lungs

Are still breathing

Under water

And you numbered all of my scars

But in case they didn’t tell you…

Too much perfection

Is just a mistake

(What would we do with it?)

(If we caught it)

Like the lines in the palms of her hands

Did you trace them?

The breaths she takes

Did you notice them?

The air

The light

Just as you break the surface of the water

The way she parts her lips

That first kiss

Did you taste it…

(The moon is down

I’m dissolving into her skin…)

Too much perfection …

What would we even do with it…

Don’t make lists against yourself …

Go gently

Like the moonlight over water…