Beagle in The City #85

Simon: Oh boy! What a great walk!

Simon: We should do this walk everyday!

Simon: I’ve never smelled this before. I wonder what’s on the other side of that  hill? 

Ethan: You smell that every day. It’s the same walk we do every day…

Simon: I bet it’s a dinosaur graveyard! 

Ethan: You’ve never seen Jurassic Park have you. 

Simon: Oh come on dad. We have the best adventures. I would remember this. Now let’s go see some dinosaur bones. 

Fair Days and Fall Nights

Today we went to the Fair. We couldn’t bring Simon, unfortunately. I’m sure he would have felt like he went to doggy heaven with all the funnel cake and animal dung.

But, I did get some pictures (some are my sister – in law’s “JT” JTJTJT or SC 


Now Live: Fall Feeling Blog Party

I’m here. You’re here. Fall is here. There are so many awesome writers and bloggers and feeling of community.
Come check it out.
Hello October.

Welcome to Scale it Simple’s first ever blog party!

What better way to embrace the beautiful and cozy feelings of fall then to bundle up with your favorite fuzzy blanket, read some awesome blog posts and meet new blogging friends?

So grab your favorite hot beverage and let’s do this!

The rules are simple.

1. Choose one of your favorite blog posts from liveyour own blog, any and all kinds of posts are welcome. (Anything untasteful or inappropriate will be removed.) You can share up to three links, wait some time in between your posts for best results.

2. Paste the link in the comment section of this post and  write a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. Now grab your fuzzy socks, a cup of something warm and possibly pumpkin spiced and get ready to meet some new people and discover some new blogs! Read, comment, follow and share other bloggers…

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Beagle in The City #4

Color Fest

Hello Person! 

This week my pack set out for the mountains. 

To Color Fest !! 
There were lots of other dogs!

It’s all outdoors so you can walk through with your snoopy dog. 

We saw dogs in strollers,purses,big dogs small dogs. But not many dogs on the bluff….

Dad bought some Southern Girl Coffee  And a hand made Cutting Board because he’s the ‘Chopper’  

Mom bought some vintage Jewlery some candles ….and some books…

dad took pictures again…

And Firemen gave me some treats. 

Which was pretty cool. 

There was so much food And so much to smell.

And funnel cake! 

I don’t know what that is…

But it smells delicious. 

We lost those bags everyone’s always putting my crap in.

But then we found them so everything was OK. 

So bring your dog to festivals!.


  (I honestly don’t know where this photo originated from)

I love this time of year. 

The leaves are changing. You get flavored coffee creamer from now until Christmas. Hot chocolate even tastes better. Especially if you mix it with your coffee. 

Movies are better. Nora Ephron films especially. 

I don’t know,it’s just a good time of year. 

I was talking with a woman from …Florida I think…and she was telling me she moved here specifically for the leaves. 

“We don’t get that there. Yeah we have the beach. But we don’t get sweater weather or snow or the colours. The beach is great for vacation but not for a lifetime.So my husband and I moved. And then I found Mayfield Ice Cream and antique stores and retirement is where it’s at let me tell you.”

She said something like that.

But anyway 

I can tell you 

We (L and I ) went to the Christmas Place 


It’s a magical place where Christmas  is all year ’round. It smells like Christmas. It looks like Christmas. There are elves. There’s music. It’s phenomal. Were I a small child I would be asking for the adoption papers. “I want to be an elf”  I would say. 

And no one could change my mind. 

Because I wouldn’t let them. 

I used to believe in Santa. 

Like I used to believe those ring tones we recorded off the radio for our flip phones would last forever. 

But then  IPhone happened. 

So I used to believe in all of that until I was like 7 but hey,I still get excited. 

  You can always count on recipes to be a thing this time of year.
People give me recipes now.

Which is crazy. 

Because they actually make sense to me now. 

I used to burn Pop corn. 

I remember setting jiffy pop on fire 

With real flames 

Because I forgot about the card board. 

The other day I cooked lamb 

And made salad and the dressing for it. 

So Fall. 

And movies 

And food 

And holidays 

It’s about the stories 

I love the stories. 

People will tell you things.Because they love/hate their families. And they Love/hate holidays. And everyone loves to talk about themselves. Science tells us this.we love it more than we love food and money. 

I personally like money. And food?…meh…well I watched a lot of Hannibal …and I’m taking my time  because it only lasts 3 seasons. But I’m all about desserts and champagne.
I personally hope it snows a lot this year. So long as we are inside with power and food and Simon our dog.

So hello October, get ready for the holidays. 


Leave room 

To scare yourself a little. 

A little nightmare 

A little wine 

A little 

House on Haunted Hill 

(Vincent Price edition) 

Goes a long way 




Were I a realtor
And you Canadian
Lets just pretend ok?
I would bring you to
Alabama during the fall

Summer,I like it.
We’ve never hit it off well.
It’s too hot
And dry
too many
Like,some years
It’s clockwork
Every Friday
Like a ball game
Nature plays against us
It brings a whole new meaning
To “Roll Tide”
Believe me.

I have a friend
in Florida
We both share this crazy
Affection for the cooler months
How much so?
she spends most of
October thru December
In the kitchen baking
With 90s films
And lights
On everything
As in – everything is decorated.

It’s something September does
My birth month
You start listening to jazz more
And Frank Sinatra
Or chopin and Debussy
You just slow
Way down
And feel everything

Maybe it’s just me
Or because I haven’t
Lived in a winter state
Or maybe it’s because
I was born in September
But I like the fragile nature of it
The colours change in the mountains
As you drive day by day
everything becomes
A canvas for art
People move from up north
Just to experience it’s surreal

You can feel the heartbeat
Just before the holiday rush
Kicks in
The Ice
Mixing the air
It’s more intimate
And somewhat sad
But it’s a raw connection
With everything
Around you
Made vivid with
Image and colours
And it transitions us
Warm drinks
leaves on the ground

Autumn is perfect to me

I always think of Robert Frost
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
That’s how I feel about it

You can keep summer
I prefer this.