Francis Cash 27

Francis: Whoas, What are you doing home?
Ethan: I’m having a flare up…
Francis: fireworks in your tummy? The 4th of July! It’s Americas!
Ethan: Sure, we can go with that, Wait, what are you doing?
Francis: watching Julia Child and the Frenchy Chef channel…today is Roast Duck.
Ethan: Let me get my electric blanket.

Francis Cash #20

Francis: Good luck at the job today…I know what it’s like in the City….Covid and the weather…

Ethan: Would you look at this wise guy, Simon? I’ve been working every day for a year and he knows what it’s like out there…

Francis: I wish I could go with you.

Ethan: I tell you what, I’ll stay here and you can go to the job.

Francis: cough cough …I don’t think my pet deposit covers that. . .

Francis Cash 16

Ethan: Hey, Francis. What time is it?

Francis: let me check my watch…it’s two hundred and thirty two am.

Ethan: ….

Francis: what?

Ethan: that’s not how you tell time

Francis: That’s what it says!

Ethan: Never mind, it’s fine, I’ll just burn my watches and alarms and phone and finally finish my novels and ….

Francis: Oof, Not before two hundred and thirty two AMS

Ethan: …..

Francis Cash #9

Ethan: Look at this video,it’s Bob Dylan asking for an E harmonica and you can hear them hit the stage…you wouldn’t see that now, with COVID? Heck no,no one is sharing a harmonica!

Francis: Yeah, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t see that now, because it’s 2020. Why would you use a hobmonica?

Ethan: It’s Har-harmonica.

Francis Cash #8

Francis: oh hey, I’m just taking my bath…
Ethan: is this your annual fake bath…
France: I don’t know what you are referring to…
Ethan: You do this all the time so I won’t give you a real bath…
Francis: I see you have upped your skin care…it’s better late than never…
Ethan: oof…
Francis: see, no water, no need, I’m all cleaneded.
Ethan: ok I’ll see you next month. It’s always great chatting.

Francis Cash #5

Francis: it is now day 10 of my hooman not being here. I think he must have gotten killded…

Ethan: France, what are you talking about? I’m right here. We took a nap together just today…

France: Was that today?

Ethan: Yeah man.

France: I’ve heard some things about Garmex, so I have made us masks out of underwear…

Ethan: I’m not wearing that. It’s not even clean and it’s germ ex or sanitizers.

France: you can’t clean clothes right now there’s no soaps!

Ethan: there’s plenty of detergent…and unsweetened tea.

France: there is!?

Ethan: so you should prob not make decisions while panicked… lets go take a bath.

Francis Cash #4

Ethan: Hey France! How was your day?

Francis: I took a nap, and ate breakfast, and then another nap…

Ethan: I slept in, and then you woke me up, to make sure I was going to work today…but it was my off day…

Francis: snacks dad. I have to have snacks.

Ethan: anyway, so I finished writing that story…

Francis: Oh my gosh, is there tacos at the end of this story? If not I’m going to have to …Oh man…look at the time…

Francis Cash #2

Francis: So, how’s the Gym?

Ethan: It’s good. You know, it’s another weight to carry. (Laughs) I crack myself up.

Francis: Yeah, yeah, What’s for suppers?

Ethan: I was thinking we could try this steamed salad…and wait for the kicker, pomegranate juice…

Francis: Mmm Well that sounds healthy and nutritiously delicious.

Ethan: Francis! Put that down!

Francis: What? Do we not eat desserts first?

Francis Cash #1

Francis: Oh hey, don’t mind me, I’m just taking my bath…

Ethan: What?

Francis: Yeah just like last time, remember? Remember how that went?

Oh look, no water…

But I’m all clean…

Ethan: I feel like I’m getting threatened, should I call someone?

Francis: Look at this dirt…disgusting… good thing I’m all clean now.