vers de coeur

l'année se sent éternelle
le solitaire
résonne à travers le vide à l'intérieur d'un cœur
j'essaye de t'écrire
j'essaye de ne pas m'accrocher aux choses
pour combler le vide
mais juste être
être ici maintenant
peut-être que les saints étaient seuls
peut-être le martyr
peut-être qu'aucun de nous n'est parfait
peut-être que nous pouvons juste être bons ...
laisse moi être bon
et soulager la douleur quelque part
et laisser quelqu'un
personne ne ressent ce que je ressens ...
et saches
s'il vous plaît savoir
que quand mes yeux ou mes pensées te voient
ils ne voient que toi
pas une illusion
et il y a de la poésie ...

lettres de passion #3

Where does the sun Go to rest? It’s mid July And already Winter…

y a-t-il un mot
pour le souffle entre chaque baiser

(is there a word
for the breath between each kiss)

it’s an ocean of stars
Inside that moment

neige en juillet
(Snow in July)

Your eyes

This sky

Everything is fleeting


But you
We know these things
Every moment fleeting
Is eternal
We’re present
taste the fruit
The wine

Is there a word?
For that?
It’s unspoken
Only felt
In every embrace
Every kiss
Every time our hands touch

Lettres de guerre #end

Origin (unknown)

journal entry

I walk the city
I once knew
It fades
All around me
The people
The graves outside
I am hollowed
But I am looking
With anxious eyes
I can’t remember anything
Very clear
What is different ?
What’s the same ?
And then
At the end of the street

I see her
In the garden
Flowers in her hair
She brushes her
Stubborn strands out of
Her eyes
And my heart
Is beating
I’m not as callous
As I feared
It’s not as dark as I believed
She is standing
Over there
Right there
And I am running now…
I am
Forgetting to breathe
Afraid that I will wake up
Before I touch her
I feel the earth
I see the people fading
I see her right there
I see her
I reach out
Her arms
Her lips
Her eyes
The salt of
Her tears
Her finger tips
This is real.
We are here.


lettres de guerre #10

IMG_4986.JPGOrigin unknown

journal entry

It’s cold outside
We suffer quietly inside
Glass homes
Their eyes are watching …
We haven’t Slept in years
We suffer paper skin
And scars
Casualties of war
They occupied
Our city
Just long enough
To take us outside
Lining the street
And shoot the men
And leave us to weep

I watched the snow turn
A crimson red
I watched my breath turn to ice
I watched my brother
Die ….inside my arms
Who killed us
In this war?
The alternatives
Are hesitation marks
From me and you

Everything in time…
What else is there