Dreams die quick in our sleep

Survival isn’t cheap


I’m going down

I’ve watched my castles burn to the ground

I’d fuck you in the ashes for a point of view

pour my dark blood on your positive cliché’s

God is dead

he died sometime ago

We get one shot at this

And I blew it

I failed

…if you want to pine away begging from your keepers store house

than go right ahead

but as for me

I’d rather be a thief in the night

than sell my soul like a whore just to have a bed to fuck in

That’s the difference

I see your misery

the cold hollow in your eyes

it doesn’t matter where we’re from

everyone clings to something

for fear of dying and being alone

but we all die

in the end

we’re all alone

the pain never leaves

no matter what we believe

Our time on the floor

your positive words

with friction come to a stop

As demons at night

Take you back where you belong