Beagle in the City #209

Ethan: Hey Simon. I didn’t know you were sitting there.

Simon: Hey dad! Of course I’m sitting here.

Ethan: you’re a good writing buddy. You always show up.

Garf: Are you writing about breaking your golf club? That was a funny story.

Simon: Quiet old man. Dad has to concentrate…

Garf: Golf is hard!

Ethan: Thank you…but no…I was trying to forget about that.

Simon: Hey dad. So. Are you going to share those cookies or what…

Ethan: you bonehead…why would I share these with you?

Simon: Because we are buddies and also, I licked three. Those right there.

Beagle in the City #208

Simon: What are we doing? What’s that?

Ethan: It’s a golf club. I’m practicing my grip…

Simon: Grip? Well I can do that. If you want to grip it, just grab it like this, and pin it to the ground, and shaaaake it.

Ethan: Give me that. Not that kind of grip. Now. I’m going to hit this ball.

Simon: BALL!

Ethan: Stay. No, stay, do you want me to knock your brains out by accident? Stay – right there.

Simon: I’m a good boy. I’ll stay right here, and then I’ll go get the – BALL!!

Simon: where did it go?

Ethan: It’s out there. Go get it.

Simon: Where?

Ethan: use your nose.

Simon: Oh yeah!

Simon: I godt it. Bleh. It’s kind of wet. Let’s do it again.