In the morning 

When the morning comes 

And all is stripped away 

The earth is blank 

The tired hands of time 

Are finally done 

The Angels stand 

In silent awe of what you’ve done 

Your love for man 

As the final chapters will be read

And there will be silence across heaven

As we breathe our broken, Amen 

Because nothing compares

To your grace


I knew a girl named Grace
She lived inside the city
She couldn’t talk
She could say more
With her eyes
Than most of us
Say within a lifetime
Of words
Her laugh could make flowers grow
And was as spontaneous
As lightning

She preferred out
To in
Over land
Always rain

She was a painter
An artist
And with her colours
And a touch
Of magic
Her works
Were like windows
Of expression

She always painted barefoot
colour splashed
From elbow to heel
She played piano better than anyone else I knew
Even though her left side
Was always numb
From an accident when she was young

I remember she loved children
She never forgot a birthday
With a gentle pat and a kiss
On the forehead
She always had something
For them

People came from miles around
To buy her magic
These windows of expression
But still
They asked for words…


Seasons change

484365_570712316280781_257309613_n (1)

You breathe life  into a world so weary

Speak to the heart and lift the eyes

You bring light into a world of shadows

All nations bound by such affliction

Here is  hope for our condition crucified

What love is this?

What grace  is this my eyes cannot perceive

Broken and bruised

Bearing the weight of all darkness and shame

All heaven and earth are  changed

The scars  remain…Jesus

You cleanse our hearts

Jesus, you lift our souls

We are free from these chains