The problem with energy

If you’ve been with me for a while
You are more than aware
Of my inherent ability of
Epic fails
Such as
With cooking
Driving at night
Boiling water
Raising cactus
And reading labels
( read labels,son)
I’m doing cross fit
It’s really great
With exception of this
I took this drink
Before working out
Without reading it
I thought it was protein
Until the guy was like
” yeah, I don’t DO energy drinks”
I read the label
Oh snap
This is a problem for me
Mainly because
I’m allergic to caffeine
Like substantially low tolerance
My face is on fire
My skin is crawling
I think my favorite reaction
Would have to be the feeling of antz
And heart just exploding
It’s really exhilarating
Like Indiana jones in the temple of doom
Or sky diving over Mordor
Fighting in WWII
Successfully completing
Taking a chance on
That questionable milk in the fridge …

I’ve never drank so much water in all my life …..
Read labels
Just do it.