The Nightwalker #5

The Reaper is ancient. Lost in lore and bedtime stories. But in his time, he was terror. 

Carrying night with him like a plague. He would torture a home for months before dragging a soul to hell. 

After the Nightwalkers of that time captured him, they separated the days in honor of the lost souls.

Now we have night and day. 

Somehow he has returned 

Image origin
We pulled old magic from these tales.

” Apparently if you anoint a mirror when he appears before a person. Catching his reflection with the light of a full moon, shattering the mirror will trap him inside its pieces for eternity. ”  Clayton was reading aloud to us. 

“Sounds like a plan. We only have a couple of hours. Let’s get a mirror.  

He didn’t appear like I thought he would. He was just there suddenly. 

Choking Clayton. Voices filling the room with chattering. Cabinets slamming in the kitchen. The voices of someone crying in the bathroom. It was absolute cold terror. 

I opened the window to let the moonlight in. It struck the mirror. He saw his reflection and I struck the back of the mirror. It slowly shattered, pieces falling to  the floor. 

Shining at first, and then blackening like they had been through fire. 

The Reaper had disappeared 

Falling into the floor in pieces after the mirror. 

The room lightened. 

Clayton looked over to me. 

“Gee, I don’t want to go through that again. ” he said.

“Me either.” I shook my head. 

Maybe there was something more to sleep than I thought after all. In any case. I wasn’t quite sure what I would tell people now.



Grandmother always closed the curtains when the moon was full. “The moon is awake.” She’d say with nervous hands. “It will talk to you all night.”  I would laugh as a child and ask her if it were true. And she would get serious with a stern face, “ will even sing if you listen real careful. The moon has power over the waters of the earth and the minds of man. When it’s full…men change …and if you let its light enter your home? It will have the power to manipulate you.” 

She believed this…so much so that while I was staying there one night Carol, our sister, got her period more heavily than usual. So of course it was the moon. 

“Don’t look at it through the mirror,Francis.” She’d say. “It can possess you. The mirror is the gateway to your soul.” 

Of course it was all nonsense. But it all became much worse with her after granddad died. And later shortly after. She died in her sleep. 

Which brought us here. 

Back home. To grandmas.For her funeral. 

I woke up in the middle of the night. To a faint sound coming from the mirror… 

The moonlight shining in through the window…

I walked over looking into it…

There was me..leaning in touching the mirror and the bed off to the side. The rocking chair behind me…the window…and the moon.

A black crow landed in the tree outside. 

And that’s when I saw it. 

The rocker started rocking in the mirror. But not in the room. And it remained empty. 

In the morning. I told Carol. She just shook her head… 

“Francis, you’re an idiot.”

This happened three nights in a row. Finally I stayed in bed. And listened for the rocker…

But I couldn’t hear it…only a tap tap tapping from the inside of the mirror. 

And someone walking upstairs… 

I grabbed the flashlight and ran to the attic…

It was cold 

But not like winter…

A different cold.

That’s when I saw it…

a human Skeleton chained 

To the bed by the window

Teeth bare 

With vampire fangs 
We were always told grandfather died by drowning…

Grandmother said he was shaving and the moon passed over the mirror.

The tapping grew louder on the mirror…

I walked downstairs 

The rocker started banging on the wall.. I leaned forward looking into the mirror And saw grandmother. 

Dressed in white…sitting in the rocker – grandfather beside her…and that’s when I saw it….I had no reflection. 


 (Photo origin unknown)

 More than anything,I remember our long talks. Sometimes Annie would be upset. And I would wake up in the middle of the night from her weeping in the hallway. She would always apologise and try to feel better. She was 24…I remember it was always her birthday on dec 24th and I would try to have her a card. She always forgot it though . But I would always have a card or a pink hair band waiting for me on my birthday. 
My parents always told me Annie was simply an imaginary friend and explained that she would eventually leave…probably after I got a girlfriend. Or just a little older. Eventually our discussions would fade to simply birthdays …but I always kept her cards in a cigar box..

On my 19th birthday I came home from college with my girlfriend Amy. I woke up around midnight. Hearing my name in the hallway. It was cold. I got up and walked quietly to the door. It was dark and all the lights were out. I assumed it was due  to the ice storm. 

Annie was standing in front of the open window,her nightgown moving with the air. Snow was all around her. She just looked at me. But differently this time. And I saw it. For the first time in the 9 years we had been talking. I saw the scars on her wrists and her throat. She looked at me. And then walked into Amy’s bedroom..

I followed her but the door was locked. 

Amy said she woke up. But couldn’t move,like in a sleep paralysis. Only there was this woman above her. Choking her. And trying to talk. But bleeding from the neck and wrists.

When I finally got the door open Amy was just sitting there staring.

I never told her about Annie. . .


The fire was rising higher
Licking the trees above us
The cold moving in
Around me
I looked to my right
As my cousin set the
Pillar ablaze
His eyes were glass…
Helena’s screams reached
Well beyond us …my heart was racing her face was disappearing
I couldn’t watch …
I looked away
Darion was dragging
Kicking with a busted mouth
to the third pillar
He tossed her
slamming his fist into her throat
“quiet fucking bitch!
bring me the rope
And sometime today dammit!”
I was sick
I couldn’t breathe
You could smell flesh
And hear it burning
Against the cold
Melissa was restrained
He leaned forward
” I’m gonna let you pray”
He placed a blade to her throat
As she started whispering
My eyes started burning again
My head hurting
I grew cold
Then all at once
I felt the blade
slit her throat
It was just enough
To keep her from screaming
He leaned forward
Staring into her eyes
As they glazed over
“God doesn’t talk to women…witch”
He dropped the torch

fog was moving through the valley
As we rode
To the next village
I looked over to the edge of the tree line
You could see the fog shifting
As men lined the water
I looked over to my cousin
“Who are they? ” I asked
He looked straight ahead
His face went grim
“We’ve awoke something evil”
something cold
Moved inside me
As we waited
You could hear a kind of
fish jumping in the water
And then Silence ….
As fog rose
And then I saw it

shadows moving
Slowly across
I grew colder
They moved with the air
And then disappeared
Falling against us silently
All I could see was blood
I stood there watching
As my eyes burned
Everything fell into a vortex
Blurred but
I heard
As men were reaching
Screaming again
I felt a hand touch me
I looked down
A shadowed figure
above my cousin
He pierced his chest
Gripping his
Heart crushing it

Slowly turning
To me
He rose
I tried to move
I tried to run
But everything was blurred
And cold
And my eyes were burning
And then I heard
Through the air around me
A voice
Like he was pacing me
In a circle

“You’re focused on the light
Look through the shadow.forget the light”

I looked up at the moon
It’s light fell across us
And then I saw the shadows
And I faded into it
Moving between the light
Nothing was blurred
Only vivid…

Origin unknown


The slow sound of dripping
Finally,she got up to check
The bathroom
She lived alone
In this house
She froze at the door
Her hand at the handle
water splashed
She could hear it
A chill moving through
The door
Opening slowly
The lights off
The water splashed again
She reached out for the light switch
Feeling the wall
The air was ice
The shower curtain was closed
Walking to the tub
She pulled the shower curtain back slowly
There was a thick
As she saw the tub was empty
But suddenly the water changed
to blood
Her throat closed she couldn’t scream
Trying to back out
Closing the door
Turning she saw
two kids
just standing
in the hall
Staring past Her
Hearing a chain rattle
And the familiar sound of water
She turned around
There hanging
Was a woman still wet
Then she saw her face
Like a reflection
Or photograph
It was herself
She was seeing herself

Little girls laughing

based on actual events
It follows you home

Image origin (unknown)

When I was little I used to see
This little girl
She looked just like my sister
In a blue dress
She would stand outside in the field
Just staring at the house
I asked my mother about her
But she just laughed
Until one day
Everyone was gone
home alone
I was doing laundry
When i heard
A little girl
I looked outside the window
And saw a girl dancing
And then run around the house
A blue dress flashing by
The door
I felt a nervous chill
Run through the house
I looked around
It was laying on the couch empty
My sisters dress

A few years
All of us girls got together
For drinks
When Jessica pulled out a Ouija board
She said she had found it
Marian was nervous
But we all thought nothing of it
It was just drinks and fun
Marian had just had her fourth
So when it spelled out her child’s name
We stopped
Looking at each-other
Jessica’s phone started ringing
It was Marian
I asked her
“What are you doing?”
She looked at me scared
Putting it on speaker phone
We listened
A child crying in the background
We ran out of the house
To the car where Marian left her phone
It was dead….

I haven’t had another experience
In a while
Until I was writing
The other night
Home alone
My keyboard started
Writing it’s own

I froze
Feeling chilled
I got up and turned off my light
laying down I turned over
To the face of the dead little girl
From my childhood.

Things Falling Apart (Karen part 3)

things falling apartIMG_4874-1.JPG
Origin: Antoine Cordet – acrylic and marker on canvas

I’m walking a hallway
It’s polished tiles
The air sanitized
Burning my nose
I’m looking for a number…

I don’t think anyone really remembers
The exact moment they went mad
They just wake up
Inside a nightmare
And they can’t make it stop
I think
time has a way
Of subtly changing things
On us and then suddenly
Everything is different

I wish I could tell you it was
But it wasn’t
It was only heartbreaking
And terrifying
Acting hysterical
If you walked in
Like you were pulling her out of a deep sleep
That she didn’t realize
Was sleep at all

the house
At night grew worse
With the feeling that something
Was staring at you from across the room
shadows of figures
On the staircase
And in the hallway
The messages in her phone
Whenever she tried to leave
But the worst
The worst
The sound of women screaming
Every night
At 3am

Moms new lover
We soon discovered
Died in 1992
After murdering his wife
And sister in law
And then hanging himself from the staircase

So here I am
I’m walking a hallway
looking for a number
I open the door
Mom is sitting at a window
Watching the ocean
Drawing her name
With her fingers
On the glass


A haunting

journal entry
October 15

Says she’s infested
From the inside
Like a virus
A tape worm
At her skin
Screaming about voices
In the walls

I think my Anna
Needs help
The Dr says she’s fine
She’s been acting strange
Staring …
Into blankness
While chopping vegetables
She was chopping into her fingers
Only to apologize numbly
Later I walked in on her
Clawing at the walls
Mumbling about scratching
And voices
I couldn’t get her to calm down

We slept together
It was like an acid trip
Her eyes were dead pools
Her fingernails clawing into my skin
She wasn’t there
I woke up
I woke up
I heard singing in the kitchen
I heard movement
I heard dishes
I walked in…
To her hanging from the ceiling

Woke up
Hearing Anna call him
I stopped him just outside my bedroom
“She’s calling me,mothers calling me”
I didn’t tell him I could hear her too

I can’t sleep
I hear footsteps
I see my Anna standing in the Corner
She doesn’t say anything

Oct 28

She’s hanging from the ceiling
She’s walking in the halls
I’m going behind her
Closing all the doors
There’s someone in the walls
I hear her calling out to Ronnie
I can’t stop him anymore
There’s a little girl
By the stairs
Playing with a kitten
Ronnie loves
Kittens …
She has dead pool eyes ….
I can’t help him …
I can’t help me…

I heard her calling him
I was going to get up
But Anna is standing by my bed …