My house is slightly terrifying right now…because..,it’s football season. 

Yes. It’s definitely that time of year. Oh wait,no.That is FB…

My home is terrifying because of Halloween…

What am I going to be? 

I have no idea…but I’m working on it…

I used to be terrified this time of year.Now I love it. My dog,Simon? He doesn’t know what to think. I’m pretty sure his memory resets every five minutes anyway. Every five minutes is a brand new day…it’s hilarious. 

But back to Halloween. 

I usually write short terrors this month or any month really. And it’s great. You can expect the same this year as well. 


Happy Haunting…

What are your plans? 


part one of three

Photo origin
giorgia napoletano

I walked through
lights strung up
And pink balloons
The party long over
I knew Ellen would be outside
She loved lights
Then I saw her
Coloring in her Frozen
coloring book

“Hey there, kid
what are you coloring?”

She looked at me and shook her head
“If you don’t know
Then I can’t tell you”

Hey i like your balloons and lights out here
Pretty cool party …
Happy birthday,by the way
I’m sorry mom couldn’t be here”

She didn’t miss a beat
Of coloring
And writing
Lines with an ink
Pen into the pictures
“I don’t like pink
And I’m 11
You can stop calling me
‘Kid’ now” She doesn’t talk to anyone
Not anymore
So it’s hard to miss her
You know?
you should have a dog
Since you moved
I bet you could get one
A big golden retriever”

I laughed and shook my head
Sitting down beside her in the grass
“Nah what would I do with a dog?
Besides I need a cat
They’re smaller
And have personality”

She glared at me
“You’re the dumbest..
I bet a girl made you
Like cats too
Didn’t you learn anything at college?”

She started coloring again
“I think mom is having an affair
She’s real happy after we all go to bed
Talking on the phone
And going on the computer…
She’s hysterical
Like the girls at school.”

I was shocked
How much she could pick up on

I tried to be sarcastic
But this was exactly why I came home
Dad had called last Friday
And asked me to for a weekend
“Just a weekend”
he’d said “to feel things out…I’m worried”

When I went back inside
I found mom fixing a plate
“Hey when did you get back?”
I asked

She looked tired
And older
“Just got in dear,I’m going to go lie down for a while.It was a long flight.”
She stopped and gave me a warm hug
“I’m glad you’re here,it’s good for Ellen.I don’t think she has many friends at her new school.”

I tried to smile
“I like the new house mom…I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

She waved her hand walking up the stairs …”ok dear”

Highway 11 (Annabel-dreams)

You know the feeling you get,when you’re driving late at night….and you think you see a figure
Standing on the side of the road…
It’s usually to the side of a road sign
Or just underneath it…

What if you continue to see it
What if it stays when you look again
What if you could hear it scream.

What about the feeling you get just after that…
The one where you feel like
There’s a body in the car with you
Emanating heat…
It’s just a shadow …
A presence …
Your hands grip the wheel
You look to the passenger seat…

They say, her name is Annabel
She appears to motorists
On the side of the road
Only at night
Midday if it’s raining
Or overcast
If you hear her scream
just as you’re shoulder to shoulder with her –
Her jaw dropping wide –
High pitched – screeching…
You feel it moving through time and space
More than hearing it..
You’ll never mention it to anyone.
And her eyes….
cold,solid white…
Sometimes black….

She was a student at the local
Community college
Dating a media journalist from outside of town.
Manic depressive
Very anxious
Family issues
Her mother left
Just after her father
Gifted her with a house

Annabel disappeared
On valentines day
Exactly 9 months later
Haunting of highway 11 began
It’s said
Her boyfriend
Angry,after another
Very common fight
drug her
To her mothers house –
That house she hated
Chaining her to the porch
During a storm
He left her there
Screaming into an anxiety meltdown
In the dark
With the abandoned house
Of every bad memory
And demon she feared
And hated

she walks the highway at night
You See her in your headlights
And even hear her screaming ..
You’ll tighten your grip
Feeling a presence
Look to the passenger seat
A pitch black presence beside you
As your stomach lurches

You’ll carry her home
She’s very patient
Until the night
When you hear her
In your halls
Step by step
The floor protesting
Her presence
Outside your bedroom door
She’s there with you.
Maybe you make it home…