Time (House of Mirrors) (2014)

We’ve got
A new revolution
We’ve got a world
Full of open minds
We’ve got stellar adds
“All you need is hand”
Standing on the edge of Time

I talked to God
About our new separation
Living off the edge
Of our vitality
It’s pushing through the roof
All of our energy

That frozen panic
We’re a house
Of mirrors
Out in the street
Covered with
With self help
Adds and pornography

I talked to Satan
About our new philosophy
He just looked at me

When was the last time
You touched the face of God
When you saw
The phases of the moon
In her eyes
Did you ever
Find her secrets
Did you ever take the time
When was the last time
You felt the colours of
The sunrise
Through her skin
And got intoxicated
From the edge of her lips
Have you felt the earth
Moving through her
Anchored souls
Moving with the tide
Have you ever left
Your body
Have you ever lost
Your mind



Consent is easy
It looks like
Me sending you texts all day
Tongue and two finger combos
what I wish I could do
Because I know you like them
It looks like me
Wearing a tie
Because I know
You like to take it off
And be blindfolded
Is both of us
Having fun
Both of us
Burning out together
Both of us
Coupled together
A spliced electrical wire
That’s consent
If it isn’t firing
If it isn’t equally enthusiastic
If you’re not in to it
Than I’m not having fun
We can do something different
There is no pressure to be anything

Other than who and what we are

Consent is easy


Restless hands

Out on the highway

Out there on the long way

Where the lights follow you close behind

There’s a bend in the road

Where only god knows

Where the lights go


She appears

Where he turned his back on her way back when…

Chased his restless flame


Her tears turned to rain

Rain flowed into rivers

Rivers into oceans

And oceans never fill….

We are beaten by the crashing waves

Only god knows

How to understand

How to hold

These restless hands


Father Time

Broke Mother Nature

And only God knows

How to understand ….


There’s something about grace

There’s something about the contradiction of the heart and mind

And these

Restless hands

Bleeding Ink 1,672 (gateways)

I had a dream

I was a writer,

I stumbled outside

I had been offline

I didn’t recognize the world …

The masks

We couldn’t wash our hands

The water

Wasn’t clean

I washed them in the rain…I was driving fast


My brother was sick

He couldn’t take the pain

And I felt the pain too

He hung himself from a bridge


She said it’s crazy love

It’s not a gateway love

But there’s mushrooms in her cup

And a needle on the night stand

Is it the poverty or is it the cancer killing me?

I wish that I was doing better

I wish that I was doing better

I wish that we were doing better ….

It’s not a gateway love

But it’s never gonna be enough

It’s raining


He had tears in his eyes

Tired from the pain

The train almost got my car

And when it passed

He was hanging from the sky

It’s not a gateway

But It’s never gonna be enough….

The Groom is still waiting

I’ll tell it to you

The best I can

You may not believe

But it’s the best as I can see


Everything seemed to go from bad to worse

Atleast that’s the way it seemed

We kept fighting

That’s just the way we came up

It didn’t matter how things went down

No body from Washington

Ever followed us anyhow

And no one could sing the blues

Like the working man

The women

From my mountain town


They talked

In their high places

Of promises

Gold and silver too

And see

Them communist

And see them fascist

They’re all just left and right

Different fists

Of the same beasts

Coming out of the ocean


Nobody ever follows us down

There’s a woman

By the river

She washes her children’s clothes

And there’s a man hanging from the tree

And you can hear the hymn she sings

No one can sing these truths

Like the eyes of those who will remember you…


Well god is on our side

So long as everything stays right

And power and greed

And corruptible seed

And dylan played it well


And we will rise

And work today

No matter who fell

We will rise

And we will die

And we will grieve

No one follows us down

No one follows us down


I set my e yes s toward the burning sun

And pray to God above

No one

Knows these truths

Like the working man

The hungry man

The woman

The mother

The wife

And no one

Ever follows us down

We will remember you well

Casting hope

Like light

Upon the water


On the Importance of being

Is poetry important right now?

Is it relevant?

Did the ’90s have it right?

Is God dead?

Why even bother?

How do I write or create and give proper representation to everyone…

Can it even be done?


Look at the Sistine chapel

The creation of Adam

What if we all stopped and froze

What if there were no German poets?

Because they halted their breath after WWII?

You have to speak

You have to be brave enough

To look at yourself

Look at the world you walk through

And make notes


And he took him a potsherd to scrape himself with; and he sat down among the ashes.

-Job 2:8

Job didn’t have a pastor, a minister, a doctor or a psychiatrist. He didn’t have anything, his family were dead, his livestock dead, his wife was unkind. She told him to curse God and die. in an effort to give him some relief. And ease his suffering.

But he said

“I can’t, I know too much, I’ve seen too much, I can’t go back…”

He scraped his boils with pottery…

To give some relief….


Art,poetry,creating is important because it is what we live for…

It’s the colours of living. It’s life…

You’re unique, you stand out, you view the world separately and differently, there is only one you.

We’re not supposed to fit in.

Or be like anyone else…

That’s why history has those few remnants, those that create.

They look at the world and they make notes and they write what they see.

Fb, apps, algorithms?

If you’re waiting for it to be safe…

To discern truth for you?

You’ll die waiting…

These things are not the truth tellers…

That’s me and you…

It’s up to us to discern what is truth…

I’ll say it again…

All of this fake and false and upsetting and black clouds and thunderstorms and the future is dead and god is dead and we have to remake everything so it’s perfect and there is no hurt hearts or shocked eyes?

It’s not real.

Too much perfection is a mistake

It’s up to us to discern truth

What we see and what we read

We Create

We speak

We build a better tomorrow

Because we live through and in today

All the algorithms

Will always be just that

An algorithm

A process

A highway

For Information

But it’s up to us

To drive it

And discern the navigation

Like a library


So yes




Is always in the now

Right here

Right now

It’s so important

It’s you

It’s our hearts

It’s vital

To our existence

So go



Be bold

If you make mistakes

It’s ok

That’s just life

We grow

We live

But do not stand in fear …

We can’t go back

We’ve seen too much

We’ve lived through too much

And this art

This art is for everyone

There’s room for every heart.


Phantom touch

Today is what would have been another wedding anniversary

And you feel a certain kind of way

You wake up with a pain in your gut

And it’s strange because

None of these things were supposed to matter


It was just a paper

It was just a license

Nothing would have been different


Everything is different

Your body has a phantom memory

Of presents hid away for this day

Of good small memories

Because it was a life that was tangled up together

And you’ve spent a year

Trying to untangle it


You finally pay the lawyer

And sign the paper

And sit at home

You don’t go out

You don’t get drunk

The crowds didn’t help

The distractions didn’t help

The fasting didn’t help

But you just know

That somehow

It’s going to be ok

At some point

You rearrange your furniture

You take some pictures down

You start playing guitar again

You walk your dog

You cook for you and the cat and the dog

You know better now

You are simply


Changing into something you’ve never been

You are becoming

And it hurts

But you know you will live….

You’ve moved

You’ve changed jobs

And this phantom memory

One day


Won’t hurt

Haunted October (ghost)

A stillness in the back of your voice

The weight of the words

All the images of me

Inside this violent heart


Is there room here?

For growth

Is there room here

For something more

Than this pain

The rooms with empty ghost

Of what we used to hold

Of what we used to….


I still recall …..


The shadows inside this heart


I still recall the way….


And everything changes

Everything rearranges

Is there room

For something else


I have no words

Only memory



She stands in the doorway

My ghostly past

She reminds me of my failures

And how soon we can recollect

Just to disassemble

Just to burn

She reminds me

Everywhere I look

I remember

I’m fading

And I’m





I am not mad at God

I simply am

Unsure what else could possibly be done

That has not been done ?

And whereas

They look at you like you’re beneath them


Unheard and unseen

And whereas

The odds are bet against you

And you are fading



Another breakdown

Before the storm

Another shutdown

Another hick town

Another resolution

Just before sunset


Another tough decision

No more food

Not even a pension

Whereas God

Do you ever think about us ?

Do you ever come through

We are just dust

And we fooled ourselves thinking we were more

And our strength is fading


All we have is less

And this empty room

Without enough language

For the pain

And the muscles broken and wore


The fall of the year

Look around
All the ghost in this room
Walking these streets
Where our hearts used to skip a beat
Catching a spark
Alone in a cold dark night
Trying to find
Trying to find
The shadow of a love I used to know
Hear all the letters I wrote burning under the floor
With the heart I cut out
Just in time
I don’t know, how to save myself,my money, my time…
Oh woman,oh woman,
We’ve been working…everyday since the world was reborn…
And they’ve been asleep, for so long, now the earth is split in two, those who stayed home and those who got used to the news, and worked anyway, even if it was minimum wage…
Now you hold your lip,
And all of the struggle
I can never forget
All of the ghost
All of the time…
We doubled our words
We cautioned our eyes to the light
I don’t even know you
You don’t even know
Oh my love
Oh my woman
Could you spare
My heart just this once…
We just spend time
Like dollars in a jar
But we never touch
There’s always pieces
Pieces we have to translate
Oh my love my love …
All the ghosts in this room
This town
I can’t save myself, my time, my money…my heart…
I see the things that I don’t even know…
We worked through summer
We worked
Now we smile
We smoke
We drink
And we are numb
To the pain
To the rain
To our touch
To your eyes
To your love
To your curse
To the weight of
You holding me
Through the night
We can’t even hide it
The scars and the mood
There on the floor
All of the darkness
It’s here to be bold
Let us be bold
We are not dead
We are complete .