Beagle in the City #196

Dear doggie journal. Today, was the strangest day. Mom and dad went shopping. At first I thought I would get to go. But like usual, I was wrong.

So I sat in my window.

Later they brought back a whole TREE.

I tried to tell dad. I kept saying. Ahh you’re gonna get iiiiit. We can’t bring sticks inside.

But nothing happened.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

They’ve brought the outside to the indoors.

I was afraid they were going crazy. So I did a test.

First I checked the tree for squirrels.

Then, I ripped up the trash in the bathroom. If I didn’t get in trouble I knew something would be up.

Well. I got in trouble. Now I’m under the table.

I guess I can’t have sticks inside. But they can have a whole tree.

At first I was mad. But then dad told me that it was MY tree.

I mean, that’s a pretty good present dad. All I got you was a slightly used chew toy.

Letters to a Nurse #3

Last year I kissed you,looking out over the city. 

You were radiant 

I remember your lips…

They tasted like champagne 

I know all of the holidays 

Line the tiles at your feet 

Marked off 


Like the daylight where you sleep 


You still have to stand in line 

Waiting for coffee 

But the  clerk keeps commenting 

The media keeps pushing 

The unrest 

“We shouldn’t be working the holidays.” 




It’s how many pulses you will feel

Give or take 

Inside a year

All of these holidays 

You’ll fix us 

You’ll work them 

Rearrange them 

And your children will do just fine 

while the  rest of us 


And repeat 

The process 

We will meet you 

Without a thought 

Taking for granted 

what you give 


Thank you  


I will kiss you 

Overlooking every city 

I will meet you 

Inside any hour 

I will mark those moments 

As holidays 


  (I honestly don’t know where this photo originated from)

I love this time of year. 

The leaves are changing. You get flavored coffee creamer from now until Christmas. Hot chocolate even tastes better. Especially if you mix it with your coffee. 

Movies are better. Nora Ephron films especially. 

I don’t know,it’s just a good time of year. 

I was talking with a woman from …Florida I think…and she was telling me she moved here specifically for the leaves. 

“We don’t get that there. Yeah we have the beach. But we don’t get sweater weather or snow or the colours. The beach is great for vacation but not for a lifetime.So my husband and I moved. And then I found Mayfield Ice Cream and antique stores and retirement is where it’s at let me tell you.”

She said something like that.

But anyway 

I can tell you 

We (L and I ) went to the Christmas Place 


It’s a magical place where Christmas  is all year ’round. It smells like Christmas. It looks like Christmas. There are elves. There’s music. It’s phenomal. Were I a small child I would be asking for the adoption papers. “I want to be an elf”  I would say. 

And no one could change my mind. 

Because I wouldn’t let them. 

I used to believe in Santa. 

Like I used to believe those ring tones we recorded off the radio for our flip phones would last forever. 

But then  IPhone happened. 

So I used to believe in all of that until I was like 7 but hey,I still get excited. 

  You can always count on recipes to be a thing this time of year.
People give me recipes now.

Which is crazy. 

Because they actually make sense to me now. 

I used to burn Pop corn. 

I remember setting jiffy pop on fire 

With real flames 

Because I forgot about the card board. 

The other day I cooked lamb 

And made salad and the dressing for it. 

So Fall. 

And movies 

And food 

And holidays 

It’s about the stories 

I love the stories. 

People will tell you things.Because they love/hate their families. And they Love/hate holidays. And everyone loves to talk about themselves. Science tells us this.we love it more than we love food and money. 

I personally like money. And food?…meh…well I watched a lot of Hannibal …and I’m taking my time  because it only lasts 3 seasons. But I’m all about desserts and champagne.
I personally hope it snows a lot this year. So long as we are inside with power and food and Simon our dog.

So hello October, get ready for the holidays. 


Leave room 

To scare yourself a little. 

A little nightmare 

A little wine 

A little 

House on Haunted Hill 

(Vincent Price edition) 

Goes a long way