Beagle in the City #263

Ethan: Hey Buddy, how are my boys?

Francis: I’m starving…famished…look at me, I’m fading away! Hello! Hello! Can you see me! I’m still here! Anyone!

Ethan: Francis, you’re so fat, you couldn’t pull yourself up into the litter box, so you pooped in the floor.

Francis: I don’t know anything about that. When is second breakfast?

Simon: Hey dad!

Ethan: Hey man, we need to talk.

Simon: Ok!

Ethan: Listen, you remember when Garf died?

Simon: Yup yup.

Ethan: Well, I told you the truth then, and I want to tell you the truth now.

Oh boy, Sometimes… moms and dads love each other…but they just need time apart and it’s not a failure or your fault. It just is, like when Garf died, it’s a different kind of ending and beginning.

Simon: You mean, like when Francis punches me in the face and then hides for a while?

Ethan: I mean, without the punching, yes…

Simon: Or like when the pizza man doesn’t come around for a while even though I look out the window and hope really hard?

Ethan: Yes, I guess.

But we both still love you very very much no matter what happens.

Simon: Ok dad. Hey I got you a camera for Christmas!

Ethan: this is your toy…and it’s broke…

Simon: I may have practiced too hard.

Ethan: Hey, thanks for being my best friend.

Simon: Murray Chrissmus! Sweater buddies!


There’s no perfect life

There’s just life

I felt I was treading water

And nothing would ever break

Unless I shook the chains

It felt like I was drowning

I soon realized

Life is simply what you make of it

No more

No less

Extraordinary doesn’t show up in the mail

You have to reach for it

And create it

The universe is constantly expanding

Its living

And it’s dying


Pain is actually growth



And darkness

Are actually

Hollowed out

Bone on bone

Whittled away

Seasons gone

And there are years

That ask of us

And there are years

Filled with waiting

And there is life

And life only …

The street you live on

They’ve been spoon fed

A promise

They can not be sure of

But everyone keeps shouting

Which side are you on


Between these newsfeeds

These city streets

The potholes fill the road

It’s just a broken down soul

Can we still live here?


And she says love’s not worth it

But right now

Love is all we have

No matter how deep the hurt


They’re digging up the old graveyard

Trying out the old noose

But no body

Feels any pain

And no body

Feels anything


They’ve been spoon fed

A promise

And they shout

But no body

Hears anything

And they dance

But no body


And she cries tonight

And she breaks

And she fights

And tonight

I don’t see

I don’t feel

I don’t hear



This long time

Old soul


A long time ago

And this pain fills my chest

Just like ….

And it wrecks the street I live on

Just like…



I don’t see

I don’t feel

I don’t sleep

I don’t hear


The last dream you built

The last year inside the house you built

She said it’s ok if you can’t sleep

It’s just the sounds inside your head

All the stories you dread

It only takes some time

To get used to



The clown goes mad

The media’s on repeat

He can’t figure out

It’s all marketing

He’s selling the future

But he’s still standing there naked



And up the stairs

Dylan lights a match

Stops and laughs

Says he’s about to go electric

I stop typing

And hand him another cigarette


Down the street on the corner

Of lost and found

Seeking out some caffeine

Her eyes keep me at arms length

I reached in my pocket

Handed her a Honees

She smiled running her fingers through my hair

And kissed me


Hendrix walks in

Sighing, asked for some help with his lyric….


These times are all black and white

The youths ran away

With the color….

She cries

And says there’s no more room left to create in

I laughed

And said the sky is falling over

It’s only, the mirror…


In the winter of your youth

With the rains on your back

You’ve heard all the stories

You grew up with them

You’re not looking back


And it’s no use to sit and wonder why baby

These times

They’re our times

If you don’t know by now


She keeps petals in her pocket

To keep the winter from changing her

And it seems

She’s circled by the news

Gunshots in the distance

They’re bagging up the hope

For all the dreams

Out in the street


She’s out talking among the trees

In her bare feet

Feeling the dirt

To keep her fires burning


If you don’t know by now

These days are Olympian

These times are changing


And it seemed that knowledge was flooding the gates

Bloodied by the truth that waits

But time,though it froze

It did not hesitate

To cease the people crying

These days are our days now

Do what you will with them…

But history will not hesitate

To relate

What happened here

At the closing of that long dead year…


Strange things


She heals me


Maybe we’re soul mates

lovers in a different life

Born from the same star


I swear you can still see

Remnants burning there

In her eyes


And I swear

You can see her light

In the sky tonight

across the state lines…


You don’t have to know its name

The sun always

Shows up

The sun always shows up

Even through the rain

And I may not be what you want me to be

What I thought I’d be

And I may be pretentious

And a fool

But at least she shows up

At least we show up

Look how we grow

In the storm

Stories we tell

Come on

Youthful morning let your light

Come in

You know the rain keeps washing this

All down

It’s in the rivers-it’s in the roads


Tell me

What happened here

The crash

Of two hearts

They won’t survive the life


You have a beautiful soul, a beautiful mind…but you’re so cruel…

She said…


I keep watching this storm move over

I can feel it in the air

I reach out for you

But I know you-

Haven’t been there in a while


Maybe I’m just my father

Maybe it’s just a forgotten conversation

I put away…

Walking beside the train tonight

I remember the rain

I remember …

That night…


There’s nothing they can take from us
That we didn’t take ourselves


Everyone I used to know…

Nothing is permanent

We are constantly leaving….

Convinced we have more time

And we never talked about it

And we never prepared


I reach out for you

But I know you-

I know—