The fall of the year

Look around
All the ghost in this room
Walking these streets
Where our hearts used to skip a beat
Catching a spark
Alone in a cold dark night
Trying to find
Trying to find
The shadow of a love I used to know
Hear all the letters I wrote burning under the floor
With the heart I cut out
Just in time
I don’t know, how to save myself,my money, my time…
Oh woman,oh woman,
We’ve been working…everyday since the world was reborn…
And they’ve been asleep, for so long, now the earth is split in two, those who stayed home and those who got used to the news, and worked anyway, even if it was minimum wage…
Now you hold your lip,
And all of the struggle
I can never forget
All of the ghost
All of the time…
We doubled our words
We cautioned our eyes to the light
I don’t even know you
You don’t even know
Oh my love
Oh my woman
Could you spare
My heart just this once…
We just spend time
Like dollars in a jar
But we never touch
There’s always pieces
Pieces we have to translate
Oh my love my love …
All the ghosts in this room
This town
I can’t save myself, my time, my money…my heart…
I see the things that I don’t even know…
We worked through summer
We worked
Now we smile
We smoke
We drink
And we are numb
To the pain
To the rain
To our touch
To your eyes
To your love
To your curse
To the weight of
You holding me
Through the night
We can’t even hide it
The scars and the mood
There on the floor
All of the darkness
It’s here to be bold
Let us be bold
We are not dead
We are complete .

Bleeding Ink 1,519

There’s a poem

That’s inbetween

The lines


It’s there

When she plays piano

Soft and low


And the world is burning down

And there’s all of this echo in the background

But she slows it down

And reminds me

There’s still gentle ways of touching things

There’s still good memory

There’s still lines between words

Between minutes

Between years

With miles left to go

For good memory


Don’t edit her

Don’t mark

Her body with red ink

Don’t tape her mouth shut

If she trusts you

Don’t edit her pages

And if she lets you in

Know this is an honor

It’s not a right

Love her slowly

Love her passionately

Love her Consistently

Take nothing for granted


Don’t edit yourself

Don’t restrict yourself

Move forward



This is how you grow

Like water over stone

Like trees reaching for water under the earth

It’s slow


Be gentle on yourself

Write your goals

And keep moving

This is how you arrive

By showing up

Every moment

Facing your life

Its love

Its pain

Its loss

Its wins

You’ll arrive
And you’ll be ok
You’ll be better
You’ll be stronger
You’ll be softer
Do not break you own wings
Trying to keep other people happy …
You were meant to fly.

Bleeding Ink 1,517

What’s in a name? Why are words important?

Look at us here in this time?

Why do I fight so hard for what I believe in?

Born a preemie. They did not think I was going to make it. I’ve been fighting just to be here. Ever since I was born.

I know life seems dark.
And confused right now.
But let me just say.
We can reach across these walls
We can look across our town
We can breathe
I can still see you
Oh I still see you
I think what it must be just to kiss you.
Just to pull you close and feel you breathe
What a revelation
Caught in the revolution
We didn’t think about anything else
But maybe two hearts are better than one
And we can still reach across these walls
We can try
And what a revelation
A heart can still break
And we can still be selfish
We can still be naive
We can still grow up
We have to keep the faith
We have to keep living
We’ve lived and died for degrees
War and peace
Isn’t it time
We picked ourselves ?
We give art
And passion
A chance?
I think my eyes would find you
Across any room
They say the days are dark
But they just haven’t reached across those walls

It’s time we know how it feels

Wrap your arms around me

You can rest in me tonight

2020 #34

Hey mister writer

Write a page for me

Tell me about these days

I have no words left to play

Her eyes leave me stumbling

Cut right through me

All I feel is hunger

We’re all just beggars in the street

Left wanting

And our lists are growing

But I see the sunset through the trees

I think I would be alright

With just one more drink tonight

If I could hear her laugh

And not to cry

If I could see those eyes

And open up my heart

Far past the smoke inside my mind

for this, her dagger…

Hey mister writer

Write a page for me

I’m left caught inside a muse

I’ll catch up to you

All I have is this hunger

The world is in its slumber

Maybe tomorrow will be kind ….

To the muse

To you

We will all have somewhere to go

In the sunset of my mind

The words will all align

And I’ll be there with you

Top shelf (loaded)

Old love

No love

Be love

Used love


I write to kill

I kill to write

I lay down these words

Like shots on paper

It’s loaded


Hold up

Back up

6ft from the dream

I know you’re fed up

Wore out


And abused

Stretched out

This year is a dead zone

This water’s hot and it’s getting even hotter

try to dream but it’s poison

Be on the right side of history

Everyday is new headline

And you’re stroking out

Stepping the line

It’s over


Refocus your vision

Adjust the antenna

You’ve got to feed and water your dream

Your vision

Get yourself back in this race

All we have is time

Enjoy it

But use it

Use it like top shelf

you can’t afford to waste

So when they get a shot of you

They’ll be willing to invest


I’m stepping back to the details

If you’re gonna be with me

You’re gonna see my dream

We shoulda been like the real Obama’s

Powerhouse couple

Details matter

Blow the roof off of this room

Look at the blood on these steps

I’ve been climbing for centuries

This isn’t rock bottom

It coulda been worse

Treat yourself better

You’re the first draft pick to your own dreams


She walks into the room like she just bought it

She knows what she wants and she gets it

She deals the cards like it’s the hand that she wanted

Here’s the secret

I don’t know an adult that has all the answers

We do the best that we can until we can do better

The whole world is faking

But when you get together

You don’t have to tear someone down to build yourself up better

Silence is power

Listen, words matter…

Hold yourself up

Treat yourself better

If she’s your queen she’ll treat you like her king.

They might say it’s improbable but you won’t hear it because you’ll be unstoppable.

It’s coming …

It’s almost here. Just in case you thought I forgot about it…I’ve been working on it all year. 

I’m talking about Haunted October.  All month long I post short horror stories and poems. I like summer just as much as the next person. But I am passionate about October. 

I also want to add. 

I have updated my About Me page. 

I know I write dark things humorously sometimes. But I want you to know, I care deeply about Mental and Emotional health. 

If you are ever here and you laugh from something you’ve read. I count this a success. I want to write things so you can relax and escape. The real world doesn’t always have to apply. You can do anything with fiction. You can make your own rules. Your own endings. Batman doesn’t have to face Superman. What if he faces Wolverine instead? 

If you’re ever on here and you’re struggling with anxiety,depression,thoughts of self harm or helplessness, It’s ok. There’s a link in my About Me page. and it’s always  There . 

Also…as you know, I write about my good friend Simon. If you want to look into adopting shelter pets. There’s always a Link for that too in my About Me page. 

Thank you all for your support and for sticking with me for these few years. 

You. Are. Awesome. And beautiful people. 

Take care. 

I’ll be seeing you.