Alien civilizations 


So the Internet is the only place where you can say …

“I’ve been following you for sometime now and…” 

And nobody panics. They Actually Get excited.

You start a conversation with that in daily life…or in our parents generation? you get shot with a flare gun  or worse


They even made films about it. With creepy phone calls. Maybe those villains weren’t villains at all…maybe they just wanted to say thanks for all the great content. Or maybe we all grew up to be those people on the Internet they warned us about. God knows we’re never going to make a phone call. Today we would just be Texting creepy lines …or commenting on social media….but never a phone call. 

Either way. At the end of the day.It’s been free entertainment for years.Youtube Comments. Facebook. All of it. And watching people try to navigate it like everyday life is worth a bowl of popcorn.


 The Internet 

So…The Internet has been around a while now.Not only that.But so has Google. It’s old enough that people have started taking it serious.Not many of us remember a time before the Internet.This isn’t always a good thing, because, We start to assume people out there-smarter than us-are the ones running the Internet…now…we don’t know where they are…but they are there,posting articles…they have our best interest at heart. They’re looking out for your marriage.For your future. 

This of course is NOT the case. We forget that anyone,anywhere can put anything online.Like that person that knows everything about everything at your job…you know, the people that you want to punch in the throat on a daily basis. THOSE people.Only,it’s on the Internet like a bad it must be true.

For example. I’ve never noticed until lately. But. There are tons of articles JUST to help you catch your cheating partner… Not only that,they’re sending you emails about it…

“Is he cheating?”

“Is she cheating?”

” Catch them now”

“Why you shouldn’t tell her”

“Why you should tell her”

It’s paranoia out there…no wonder people don’t trust anyone…I mean,if we just took as much energy that we are expending on this…and just put it IN our relationships…imagine that.

But it makes you wonder what we did before the Internet…how did we know when someone was unhappy???

No Facebook status filled with passive aggression…no article to walk you through behaviours and patterns. 

Did the pioneers just come home to find their crops burned, the animals staked in the yard…hunting boots  filled with dirt …

one neighbour  looks at the other “don’t jump to conclusions or anything  …but I don’t think she’s too happy.”

And it’s not just relationships. It’s in everything. “I read it somewhere on the Internet.” Becomes more and more common place.which could be good…if we fact checked. But I don’t think that line is going to get you through finals.

The Internet.Going strong since the start of Google in ’98. In that same year the last sighting of Common Sense was reported.