The Journalist

Kathryn stood in the garage
Looking at all the old books
In boxes
One bright yellow one caught her attention
Pulling it out …
National Geographic
She suddenly remembered
Sitting in the center
Of the classroom
Turning pages
Of old National Geographic’s
Dated 1910 or more …
This was her favorite part of the day
Miss Day allowed all her students
To look at any book in her room
And she took full advantage
Of every shelf lining the wall
Some books only had black and white pictures they were so old …
On her birthday
Miss Day gave her
A teacup
And told her she was the only student
Who ever read any of the books…

Now here she was
Working for an newspaper
And going through
Someone’s garage ….
She sat down and started turning
Pages …


The spot

Recently I wrote about some cool places in Mentone . Well, there is a cool new business here in my home town .

Called The Spot

It’s retro and fresh . Something we need . Every Friday they have live music. Sometimes karaoke ….and you can purchase local art here as well .
So if you’re ever in Fort Payne Alabama , former sock Capitol of the world ….And need a caffeine fix
This is it