The Magnificent Seven

Perhaps I was just about to be seven and paying attention to sevens. Maybe it was because we lived in Georgia at the time and the ’96 Summer Olympics  were in Atlanta.

I felt they were really close.

Maybe it’s because of the terrorist pipe Bomb going off. 

There were a lot of things that really scared me and a lot of things that I just find I remember. 

 7 time Olympic medalist. Shannon Miller. Photo Origin

  Kerri Strug 

It was the summer of The Magnificent Seven.

The women’s team was poised to make history winning Gold. 

It’s the Olympics I remember over any. 
I remember this vault. 

Kerri Strug  on two torn ligaments…

She injured her ankle on the first Vault…but she had to land it on the second one…someone had fell on their set before her and this was the only way their team would secure Gold over Russia.


I just know I’ve always remembered.

Maybe some part of me took comfort in knowing the world was just as displaced 20 years ago…

It was ’96 and I was six about to be seven. Now it’s ’16 – I’m 26 and we’re all looking at seven’s again. 

I know it hurts.

Fear and not knowing…

This feeling of getting old. 

This place we are in.

Hurting is not losing,

Not getting up is. 

Look at your talent 

What you’ve achieved 

And your goal. 

And you can run towards it. 

You can face it. 

And you can land it. 

It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great. 

-Tom Hanks