Letters to a Nurse #21

Photo by Ethan Bethune

I wonder if anyone ever really escapes their origins?

Do we run continuously?

I think we are who we are

Never mind the what

So long as The Who in us overcomes,

Can we overcome?

I woke up and reached for you

But you’re not here

The bed is empty

I was afraid

What if years had passed

Would it be the same

Without you here?

I was afraid to look in the mirror and see

If I was older

Would I remember the taste of your lips?

The curve of your hips

Your eyes burning through me

I think my soul

Looks for you

In every room

No one else is you…

Letters to a Nurse #20

All of her hair, it’s always been red and her lips, they’ve always been red. Her temper, her passion, has always been red. Her fists have always been made.

And I’m lost, when she lets her hair down. When our eyes meet, it feels just like coming home. Touch for touch, a new star being born,

Meet me in the night, morning comes too early, we haven’t got time to wait, we can walk through the fire, I feel like I’m forgetting parts of you my lips need to touch.

Will another year pass? How many hours are in a day? Everything burns blue when she is away…and it rains every day.

Everything in this house burns red when she is near.


Letters to a Nurse #13

On nights like these

The first

And the fifth

I feel you

In every room in this house

When I wake up 

And you’re not here 

I want you to know 

I want to hold you closer

I want to love you longer

All we have is time

Kiss me

Feel me

Live it with me on fire

On nights like these

The first

The fifth

When I can’t hold you

I want to be as close

As my name on your lips

In that space 

Where all we have

Is the air that we share

Forget whatever else is out there

They say it’s the lie

That’s out for the truth

hunting it down

Out in the streets

And it’s harder just to believe

Even when you can see

But when it comes to you and to me…

The truth is…

You’re all that I need.


Letters to a Nurse #12

I like old things Cameras 

Used notebooks 


Hard sole shoes





I used to feel old 

I know this year 

Has not been normal

And I haven’t been able to write

about this week

Or last week 

Or next week

But I am filling notebooks

With letters 

And just having you 

With me 

Holding you 

Makes me believe 

We can rise above this 
And we can keep moving forward

Thank you 


Above everything else 

I love you 

More than all the lines I’ve read 


All the stories in my head

I love you

With just a candle in the room 

Watching you get ready for bed 

Just one more dance 

And one more kiss 

Hold me close 

Remind me 


Had a lot of you 

A lot more good …

Letters to a Nurse #10

My darling.

Without you 

It would just be 

A cold 


Gray winter 

Where all things go to sleep

You are the seasoning over my life

The butter

The coffee 

Warming my hands 

The blankets 



You are 

The smile before the laugh 

My life 


I cannot stop looking at you 

I love you. 

I love you.

I love you. 


Letters to a Nurse #8

I love our life together 

I wake up 

And walk through our home 

It’s easy enough to take this all for granted 

Just speed through the dream 

I want to remember us 

Like this 

Right here 

Getting ready 

The moments inbetween

The foreplay to a life of happiness 

Reading with you in bed 

We didn’t have to be together

We could’ve made it 

Just fine 

You don’t owe me anything 

But here we are 



Undressing you 

Taking all night 

To get to know you 

Like I’ve never been with you 

But it’s these

inbetween moments 

I’m taking pictures 

I don’t want to lose them 

The candles on the table 
To set the mood 

To guide the night 

That keeps us here inside

Like a chapter in a book we’ve never read.

Arm crossed lovers reading it together in bed. 



  -origin-Ethan Bethune 


Letters to a Nurse #7

You come to me

And the air 

Is getting thin 

The waters

Run still

But your waves 

Are crashing over me 

The weight 

Of who I am 

My body and these bones 

All of the clocks 

On these walls


We’ve written our names

In the face of the moon


it rains diamonds

On Jupiter 


But there still isn’t enough time 

For me to love 

You right


When words fade 

From this 


We will remain 


Surely you know,

You don’t have to change ,

Not here,

It rains fire …


I’m on fire …

When I’m with you 

And I am with you

Take my body

All that I am 


Breath for breath

See what you’ve done 

From  here to eternity…

I will be reading only you

And even then 

I will be learning 

How to love you. 


Letters to a Nurse #5

We can prepare for things
A car failing 
Running out of soaps 
Growing senile 
Forgetting why we even prepared 
The list goes on 
But how do you prepare for 
The person you’re going to dance in the kitchen with?
The person you’re going to laugh and cry with?
How do you prepare for being sick 
For being healthy?
For being the best you’ll ever be
And for growing old 
With this person

The openness 
To see you 

Rise into the woman you’re becoming

To be vulnerable 
And touched by you 
Built back by you 
And to love you
Discover you

And know you 

I couldn’t prepare 
And so 
I’m going to need a lifetime 

What else is there?