My son…
Life is – building –
It’s habits countless routines …
Oh maybe
We inherit a windfall of perfection or finances …
Maybe a new house…
90 days in …
Look at it …
Your habits…
Your standards
What is acceptable to you …
They are in front of you…
The clutter or maybe debt …
Account balances …
My B…
She looked for reasons NOT to be with me…
I asked her more than once to date me and more than once to marry me…
My consistency paid off on all accounts.
But that’s very different from what people are used too…
We are told again and again
It’s good enough to just show up in life …
People and businesses will look for reasons NOT to pick you…
Limit those reasons make them as few as possible …
Create good habits …
Build other successful people …
This is your life your standards …
Adjust them…edit them…remake yourself …until you get it right …
You are building…
Oh but you don’t understand
We should take it easy
Someone will get us out
Someone else
Some hero
Some other election …
No one is coming to save you…
Take ownership…
Why do you never see the military in jeans ?
The marines standing beside Air Force one …in jeans and a t shirt?
Commitment to excellence …
A standard …
A unit, everyone rises and falls together …
We hold eachother accountable to excellence and success …
My B…
She will send me pictures of dust or dirt that I need to clean…
If I left an ink pen on the counter …
I know I’m getting a picture of it…
Everything has a place and a home …
Everything gets cleaned every day…
Hold each-other
And yourself accountable to success…
Build your life …
Build people up and help them succeed …
Shine your shoes …
Iron your shirts…
Save your money …
Shave with a safety razor …
Take the time…
Look right be right and do right.
You will be very successful in life and at home…
Build …
This is yours.
Take it and grow.

These issues we face (letters from the mountain)

I’ve been thinking of all my problems again, I’m a wicked person.

My problems, they’re minuscule…

someone, somewhere, is waking up to very real problems like increased rent by the hundreds of dollars, with hardly any notice and they will desire as well as need to navigate them. Especially the mothers and the workers, They live on the budget and $40 will make them or break them.

Life is strange…

It seems, just as soon as we get a handle on it, it changes the pitch.

I hope you’re ok, I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy…

I’m healthy,

Humans are complicated and layered and I don’t know any other way to explain it. We contradict ourselves and we are duped into ghost stories and snake oil and we hold tightly to things that hurt us.

Remember to check your heart. Check your motives, listen to your voice…the one inside of you. Is it yours? Or is it echoing another’s?

Trust yourself

And be careful of rabbit holes

If you’re looking for dog bites you will surely find the harvest is plenty…

Check yourself

And do the best you can

To tell the truth.

The world isn’t as dark as you think it is…

It only feels this way…

There’s beauty in overcast skies and winter mornings.

There’s good things in the world,

To see, to see each other, to be known, if only to cry and understand each other.

There always the good.


Log 2

Do you remember the house

On the mountain?

I’ve explored a planet

It reminds me of that solitude


Look at how many apps we have

To distract us

To keep us busy


I was never there

Not really

I was never with you


If I were with you



If, huh, I know that sounds like it’s too late ….


You’re like these stars and these moons

You’re my moon and all my stars

I couldn’t take my eyes off you….



Number the stars

It’s said
That Jupiter
Shields earth from asteroids
Without ever blocking it with its shadow ….
Think about that kind of love and rising…
To love like that…
And never make a big deal about it …
But I will love you …
And we will talk about everything and nothing
And I will number the stars in your skin
I will trace the scars
From your unspoken battles
And I will thank you
Without words
But with my lips
Until we eclipse
Until every star
Has fell from every sky
That’s how we will rise


We were sleepwalking

Passing each other

Like two ghosts haunting the same


New bedclothes

New furnishings


But no appetite

No desire


2020 on the forecast

Nothing we planned came to pass

We are frightened

By nothing

Flattened by morning


What is appetite?


Look me in the eye

Your skin

Your sin

Look me in the eyes

You’ll see my poetry

Waiting all night

To see you

It’s not masked by this year

It’s brought back

To the base value

The foundation

Remove the complexities

The trivial





Your skin

Your lips

We don’t have to move

Through time


For right moments

Perfect places

They don’t exist

Our bodies moving together

There are still some things

We can say

Without speaking

lettres de passion #3

Where does the sun Go to rest? It’s mid July And already Winter…

y a-t-il un mot
pour le souffle entre chaque baiser

(is there a word
for the breath between each kiss)

it’s an ocean of stars
Inside that moment

neige en juillet
(Snow in July)

Your eyes

This sky

Everything is fleeting


But you
We know these things
Every moment fleeting
Is eternal
We’re present
taste the fruit
The wine

Is there a word?
For that?
It’s unspoken
Only felt
In every embrace
Every kiss
Every time our hands touch

Bleeding Ink 1,604

There’s all these voices

I look around the room

I close my eyes

Some raise a glass

Expect me to just hate women

My phone blows up

“Look at this.”

“Go to therapy.”

“Take 4 years.”

Everyone has an opinion

I watch the room

I spent all those years

Doing what I thought was best

Buying flowers

Writing letters

Making dinner

Dances in the kitchen

I still didn’t do everything right, I guess

It’s not one persons fault

I won’t complain

I’m not going to cry in my beer

I’ve seen that

Too too many times

I watch the room

I feel nothing

I feel nothing at all

That’s the worst part

I don’t hurt

I’m not angry

I cannot possibly drink enough

And I feel nothing at all

“You know what you should do? You should go sniff and hit everything you can.”

But I feel nothing at all…

Only the blues

There’s an isolation inside

And I know

There’s going to be a morning

When the sun will rise

And I will only write

About that deep blue

That is her eyes

Just give it time

Even the sea is calm

At the darkest of the night

And I try to think

But the words can’t be found

And I try to drink

But there’s never enough

So I watch the room

And accept this too

This feeling – Nothing

Hoping I don’t become some kind of

Bitter southerner

That’s all

I don’t want to be hung up

I don’t want to be bitter

They expect me to just hate

But have you ever

Talked for hours with a woman

Danced without hesitation

Read until the morning

With her hand in your hand

And her head on your chest

There’s a thousand other intimacies

She gives you before you’re in her bed

I know this will pass

This feeling nothing