Beagle in the City #104

Simon: The decorations look great dad! Go up one more I’ll spot you. 

Ethan: Simon, if I fall on you, you die. 

Simon: Good point. I’ll get mom. 

Ethan: Don’t just leave me up here! Simon!

Simon: I didn’t want to tell you guys. But the spirit of Christmas has got to me. 

Ethan: is this a ghost story? Because I have to prepare myself…

Simon: I got you a present not a ghost. I know it’s early. But it’s round and it’s green and it definitely doesn’t bounce but it fits under the couch!

Ethan: ….

Simon: Ok it’s a ball! I got you a BALL!

Ethan: You’re not supposed to tell us what it is,man. 

Simon: I better show you how to use it, you can put it in your mouth and carry it around. Or throw it across the room…go ahead and try it.

Lights in the sky

Spontaneous as lightning
If you could see inside the hearts of men
Would you want to stay there ?

Do you feel that you could own it ?

We want to live
We want to see
We want to feel
To fly to dream

Light becomes dark
So we make a spark to see a flame

We make decisions that break us
But with every broken bone
We lived

We hate we cry
We live we die

We love
We dream

We remember


The way you smell like spring
That tilt of your head,crinkle of your nose as your smile breaks into a laugh .
Her hair falls like sunlight over her eyes.

She creates her own light

This is what we carry with us

But if you stay
If you should stay …..
That’s the question inside all of us .

We’re as spontaneous as lightning
And we dream the impossible dreams
It keeps us up at night
But you’re our light .

I swear that’s a good thing .
I swear people like you write our dreams .
I swear I knew nothing
And yet, so many something’s

So we are here
With the lightning
Lights in the sky

Lights In The Sky



a little  of God inside each of us


scattered  like stars in the night

the beating power of eternity  thunders inside  each of our chest

the creative life force of  heaven wrapped within  the confines of the imagination

the seedbed of destiny

what if we are stronger than we think?

what if there is no danger in the night?

no stalkers in the dark

what if this chaos , this empty – black pitch

is a canvas for the creative life force within each of us

a backdrop

to paint our destiny

what if we were made with a little bit of God inside of us

What a difference