street signs 

  (Image origin unknown)

When the storms came 

And the water rose 

You said 

“It’s only summer.”


When our mothers died 

And I was 14 

You said 

“It’s only time passing by …”

When I left for school

I felt like such a fool 

And I was scared to death 

You said 

“It’s only moving.”
But I moved out to see you 

I left my jacket in the car 

You left your cigarettes 

On the table 

Your lips 

Tasted like smoke 

And from your lungs 

I breathed again 

“It’s not the rain I’ve been drowning from It’s just living” I said 

“Then this is just holding hands” you said 

And we put our hands Palm 

To Palm 

And closed our eyes 

we swayed 

In the street 

And we kissed 

“This is just living…”

You said 

And I smiled and laughed 

While the bombs fell 

“This is just loving.”