Writer’s Log #9

I’m trying to write more 

And read more 

And work out again 


Some people listen to AC/DC etc  

Stephen King does…


Workout playlist

NIN: Discipline, The Hand That Feeds, Closer, Sunspots. 

Gaga: Just Dance, Poker Face. 

Marilyn Manson: Leave A Scar.

Writing Playlist

Always subject to change. Who knows. . . 

Something good

Christmas music
Old Movies
Binge watching your favorite shows

All those charities that give you food
And clothing
(I was that kid many times growing up
So if you ever gave a dollar to the guy ringing the bell at Walmart
Thank you )

Cooking for more than yourself
Discovering gelato
It really is better than ice cream
Being with people you love
Doing absolutely nothing together
Going out
So you can come back in
And do more of nothing together

Trying a new wine
Book stores
Good morning texts
Late night kisses
And that’s just a few