an open letter to nora ephron 


 “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” -Nora Ephron

If I could have lunch with anyone 

It would be you 

That’s a little odd 

Mostly because I am in fact a man

And I should probably be more interested in like,I don’t know,Stalin,Lenin,Hitler,Reagan,Monroe…Carl Sagan…maybe that transformer…what was his name?? Optimus …atticuss…prime?  

But anyhow 

You wrote something once 

About how as we age 

We may consider ourselves one thing 

Today ….and five years from now 

Say…”hey,I’m not that.I’m this.” And that that was ok.

As I get older…I think I would rather laugh…

You’re probably the only person who 

Could write about being a journalist in the 60s and going to an all women’s prestigious college.

About emails …and internet…junk mail..and waste paper baskets…

About growing old….and death.

How Ayne Rand kind of seemed stuck on herself and her own empire ….

Christmas was fine as far as wrapping paper…but the people and all the hype on religion and it’s true meaning was getting really old…you’d rather have a drink instead.

As far as drinks…you had a lot to say…being a wallflower at the orgy…

Freaking out when someone died 

They were the glue  of holiday dinners… And now someone else had to put them together…

In essence 

It’s pretty great what you did 

For art 

And for journalism 

Not just for feminism 

But for women 

And our sisters and daughters 

I guess you wrote some pretty great films as well…even though you didn’t believe in fairy tales 

Which makes you even more impressive.

I don’t know exactly what I’m trying to say …

I guess that right now 

As opposed to …I don’t know …three or seven years ago…

If I could have lunch with anyone 

It would be one Nora Ephron 

And that I hope if my writing transcends any space of time Or barriers …it does it in your grace and style. 

Vintage 1889 casual dining

Fort Payne
At the big mill

Vintage just opened last week
And I have to say
It’s fan-tastic
Sandwiches and soup
Cakes and cheesecake
Live music
Beer and wine

A courtyard out back with strung lights across the alley
A water fountain
It makes it very calm and very relaxing
A good place for lunch
Or a date
Or just drinks with friends
If you’re ever in fort Payne Alabama
Do look into this place
You just have to see it
And taste it