Letters to a Nurse #5

We can prepare for things
A car failing 
Running out of soaps 
Growing senile 
Forgetting why we even prepared 
The list goes on 
But how do you prepare for 
The person you’re going to dance in the kitchen with?
The person you’re going to laugh and cry with?
How do you prepare for being sick 
For being healthy?
For being the best you’ll ever be
And for growing old 
With this person

The openness 
To see you 

Rise into the woman you’re becoming

To be vulnerable 
And touched by you 
Built back by you 
And to love you
Discover you

And know you 

I couldn’t prepare 
And so 
I’m going to need a lifetime 

What else is there? 


Letters to a Nurse #3

Last year I kissed you,looking out over the city. 

You were radiant 

I remember your lips…

They tasted like champagne 

I know all of the holidays 

Line the tiles at your feet 

Marked off 


Like the daylight where you sleep 


You still have to stand in line 

Waiting for coffee 

But the  clerk keeps commenting 

The media keeps pushing 

The unrest 

“We shouldn’t be working the holidays.” 




It’s how many pulses you will feel

Give or take 

Inside a year

All of these holidays 

You’ll fix us 

You’ll work them 

Rearrange them 

And your children will do just fine 

while the  rest of us 


And repeat 

The process 

We will meet you 

Without a thought 

Taking for granted 

what you give 


Thank you  


I will kiss you 

Overlooking every city 

I will meet you 

Inside any hour 

I will mark those moments 

As holidays