The Proposal

I was going to write something long and detailed. I’m sure I will at some point. There were 70 candles after all…that takes a while to light…And because it’s me-there is definitely a story in there worth telling. 

But – There are no words for this.

I’m on the moon…

She’s the love of my life 

My best friend

My biggest fan

And she said yes.

Living with Crohn’s

I’ve gained
15 lbs
In one month
That puts me at
Now I’ve
been at this for three months
It feels like
This working out thing
Isn’t working out
But I feel great
So that’s something
And I’m hungry
All the tiiiime

But I will tell you this
Everyone tells you
‘eat what you want You’re young’
This is a lie
You are what you eat
I almost died
because of what I was eating
The American diet
Will kill you
I had no energy
I was depressed
And no appetite
But I am finally enjoying
I feel great
If I could tell you one thing
It would be
Surround yourself
With people who believe in you
We need human contact
Isolation will not help you
“These are the days that must happen to you” -Whitman
Use them to make memories
Live your life
You only get one

iPhones and a Blue Moon


I have been looking for my iPhone charger for three days …
I looked in my car
I looked in my pockets
I looked in the washer and dryer
I looked in all the rooms
I looked in the laundry
I don’t know what I did with it
I can’t remember
My mind burned that file apparently
But tonite I gave up my search
And while eating my peanut butter sandwich with triscuits
And a summer honey blend of Blue Moon ( because I’m poor,don’t judge me)
I looked to the left and
There it was
In the wall
My charger
The same charger I charged my phone with on Sunday
Just before I lost it

In truth

In truth
The scars
Will capture you like the universe
The shadows
Like the moon
And you will love more than you thought possible
You will try to find words for the sentences she says when she purses her lips thinking
For the way she rests her forehead against you when she needs to be held
But that’s the thing …
There’s no words for her in your arms …
Not that kind of energy
For her eyes falling on you
as she crosses the room
Her laugh,messing up her eyeliner
Her voice, as she falls asleep
She carries the universe with her
And that’s what it feels like
That’s what you feel move through you.