Our destiny is made by our choices …
Our emotions are not reality
We are emotional creatures but our emotions are not reality they are only indications of where our attention is going and where we are headed …
Someone comes along and tells us we shouldn’t be happy
We should be terrified
The world is burning
Our future is in ruin
Our emotions latch on
We look around and we will find things to agree with that …
Suddenly we are in the ditch …
Why do I believe what I believe ?
Where am I headed?
Why can’t I ever find what I need?
I’m unorganised …
Fix it …
Be organised
Be intentional
Know yourself
Move forward
Be constant
Forge ahead
And adapt and learn
Be self aware and grow
What an opportunity
We’ve been here before
We know what to do
History repeats
Ask your grand parents
Ask the boomers
What else is there?