Belle Reine

Hello darling

Remember how

amazing you are



It’s just another day

A handful of hours

Some minutes


But if no one tells you

You should know

You’re amazing

And you’re doing great

Belle Reine (beautiful Queen)

Beagle in the City#60

Simon: Wakey wakey, come on dad, it’s 10:33 time to get up and be a pack! 

Ethan: Mgph…no. I’m a loner. Leave me alone. 

Simon: Dad. I let you sleep in three whole minutes. Do you even know how long that is in dog time? 

Ethan: ((hides under covers)) go away, I’ll take you back to the shelter.

Simon: (singing while walking up the covers) bum bum bum bum I’m gonna cross the river Jordan bum bum I’m gonna watch the walls come down, Jericho !   

Simon: Morning dad.