Beagle in the City #161

Simon:  My Mom is the best at naps. Sometimes, I try and beat her at it, but I get distracted a lot. She doesn’t even move when I touch her shoulder, like I do with dad. She must have practiced so hard. 

Every morning, she takes hair from my tail, and messes with dad. That’s when he slaps his face in his sleep. I try and fight her off. But then we fight the mighty snake dragon…with its five shiny heads. Just when I almost get it…it changes back to her hand. I think she’s a magician. 

She has the best dog friends, 

I’m so glad she got me from the shelter…

Little Bit: And that Vet, they wanted to give me the Senior Physical. Can you believe that, I’m just a puppy. How long have we known each other? Ten years? Seven years? Really,  I am astonished. And they call themselves professionals. Hey, Simon, look at that rabbit. Do you have those in the City? 

 I Don’t know why you got this little beagle. He’s so annoying  and he never listens. He doesn’t even chase rabbits. Just stands out there smelling flowers. 

Simon: Are you a flower? I’m a beagle.  

Little Bit: But I guess he’s ok. And your guy is ok too. He has a nice beard. And it’s nice when he sings to me.  As long as you’re happy. And remember, you’re always my girl. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Adopt don’t shop 

Beagle in the City#36

Ethan: …no I’m telling you,mom loves this sort of thing. 

Simon: How can you be sure? 

Ethan: Because I married her. 

Simon: How well do you really know a person? 


Ethan: You’re not even a year old,Balto. 

Simon: I don’t know…

Ethan: Say the thing.

Simon: Thank you for adopting me. I would adopt you and dad too. Happy Mother’s Day. Love,Simon. Like that?

Ethan: yeah,good job.

Adopt don’t shop. Learn more at the link. 

Mother’s Day

 Lena Headey as Sarah Connor

My mom left my dad

That’s what I’m most proud of her for

it enabled us to finally breathe and acknowledge that something wasn’t right

Before? it was like standing still in the dark pretending that the sun hasn’t set

knowing full well that it has

but no one is talking about it …so …what can you do

oh people are people and they talk I’m sure

In fact , I know …

but you didn’t see  the things that I saw

and if there is one thing I’ve learned??

never judge a family or a person

you don’t know what hell lies behind  doors


Mom taught me how to read , write and  appreciate the arts

she even taught me to dance

I have a lot of good stories about her

of all the children, I might even be the most like her, I don’t know

We both notice small things, are easily distracted and enjoy sitting in  diners watching people

for hours ( as long as hot chocolate and a book is close by )

She came to life after she left

Did she leave him for another man?


She did it for herself and the children

All the years I was growing up?

it was like she was in a box …

like Princess Belle if you will

present ..but emptied of everything that makes a person

I can’t tell you why she left..

That’s her story

What I can tell you is she’s a strong woman

it took a lot of courage

I was there

I helped her leave


Separations happen everyday

But we cast a judgmental eye

Never considering the possibility that separation or divorce is ok

Well I believe that it is


it’s deeper than merely sleeping with another person

I believe you’ve broken your marriage vows the minute you hit her

I believe you’ve broken them the minute you cut off affection and intimacy

the minute you start looking at her as an object , something beneath you

to control and manipulate

relationships are hard I get that

it’s two people with issues and desires and complications and love

But you won her heart ..  great…are you trying to keep it?

My mom was in a box

unable to be herself  to have a thought or word that was her own

and she had the courage to break free

So this Mother’s Day

Because I’m tired of all the cliche’s

I would like to say Happy Mother’s Day

to mom

I will always see her as the image above

because I’ve seen a strength and a courage that I never knew

My mom is a real Southern Lady

not a redneck

a lady

She taught me to dance to write and appreciate the arts…to read and enjoy life

but she also taught me how to pray

to always stand for right because it’s right

regardless of the opinion of the masses

Happy Mother’s Day

To all Mother’s Like My Mom